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  1. Panorama had Orange, Grapefruit, and Lime last week. Always in stock at the coffee shop and hit or miss at the other bars in my experience.
  2. Best part of cruising out of Long Beach is trying to make a lap of the street circuit before heading to the ship 🙂
  3. They have Schweppes Ginger Ale on the ships that have switched - not listed above as they (like Dr. Pepper) are not Pepsi products, though in many markets are distributed by Pepsi.
  4. Why on earth would they not change the time the night before Cabo to match up with local time if they're just going to make the change the next night anyways??? I get only wanting to change time once and I get not wanting Puerto Vallarta to be 2 hours off ship time, but not this. Maybe they just want people to get confused on time and get back to the tender line early.
  5. FTTF was showing available last night for me for Feb 1 panorama. Not showing up now but wasn't planning to buy it anyways.
  6. Your interpretation is correct, but it would seem there was some confusion about some of the products included in Cheers and even in Bubbles for that matter - things like Bubly for example.
  7. Mariner barely lasted a year out west. So the market just didn't work for Royal last time. Though I do love the itinerary as an alternative to the same few ports in the Caribbean. Interested to see how long Panorama lasts in Long Beach for Carnival - if they can consistently fill a ship of that size. Look forward to trying it out next month.
  8. To each their own, but the loyalty program on Royal is a big reason why I keep coming back. Having access to the Diamond Lounge for me means not buying a drink package or a substantially lower bar tab, which is a significant savings. Carnival's loyalty program doesn't even come close in that regard, even at the higher tier levels. Doesn't preclude me from going on other lines from time to time but probably a 4-1 or 5-1 ratio. And on that front, it's nice Royal gives reciprocal status on Celebrity - something else that would be nice for Carnival Corp's many lines to figure out.
  9. I am Diamond on RCCL, I have cruised once on Carnival in 2015 (Breeze) and am cruising Carnival again in 2020 (Panorama). They're more similar than they are different, especially comparing new ships to new ships. Royal is better at nickel and diming you, more upcharge activites/venues, drink prices are more expensive. Slight edge to Royal for MDR, but big edge for Carnival for fast casual/buffet like Guy's, Blue Iguana, etc which Royal doesn't come close to (they are trying though with the AMP'D ships) Public spaces are somewhat larger and better utilized on Royal (though this rapidly changing for the worse as they cram more cabins into ships at drydocks), whereas the staterooms themselves are generally better equipped and more reasonably sized on Carnival. Royal's production shows are better, Carnival's comedy club is better but going back to my last point re venues, often the venue is too small to comfortably sit everyone who is interested - would be nice to see Carnival put comedy in a larger venue. I appreciate Carnival tends to spread pools, hot tubs, etc around the ship as opposed to Royal concentrating everything in one place, but then again Royal has pools in the Solariums while only one Carnival ship has a pool on the Serenity deck.
  10. When we got off the tender there were boats selling transfer from the pier to another pier closer to Oia - doing that you avoid the cable car line. If we ever go back that's what I'll do.
  11. Just to clarify - the CSP bus and the PortLink bus are one in the same thing.
  12. Disembarked from the Jewel on Sunday - we used SharedShuttle.it and they were waiting just outside the exit of the terminal (to the right) with our name on a sign. 60 euro for two of us.
  13. I was on the same sailing as ElmwoodPark - we got in the cable car line on the way back around 8:30-8:40pm and ended up on the last tender back to the ship an hour later along with the ship officers who were monitoring the line. Nobody was left behind.
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