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  1. The Civitavecchia Express that are advertised specifically for cruisers do not go to Termini but the regularily scheduled Regionale and Regionale Veloce trains go there frequently (with multiple stops along the way) and the Intercity and Frecce trains do as well (with no or one stop). In the morning, there are non-stop Freccebianca trains to Termini at 9:16 am and 11:16 am and significantly more Regionale departures. If you search for trips on the Trenitalia website you can see the various schedules. If you want to include the bus shuttle from the cruise port to the train station, use "CIVITIAVECCHIA PORTO" as your departure station .
  2. I just purchased The Key for my upcoming Greek Isles cruise on Jewel. It was still selling for $19.99 three weeks out so I expect that they are not getting great uptake on my sailing. Only really wanted to ensure priority tender access in our ports, but will obviously use the embarkation lunch and internet packages as well. Still not sure I see the value but will give it a shot and report back in a few weeks time.
  3. I try to avoid Air Canada Rouge consistently - went as far as adding a layover in Zurich on my last trip to Europe in order to avoid it. Really the only airline I viscerally dislike.
  4. I'm just disappointed because I saw the title and assumed this was a new class of staterooms!
  5. Bumping this to see if anyone has additional comments... just booked for my upcoming cruise but tour is dependent on reaching minimum number of bookings, so may not happen.
  6. Looking at that link again, don't know why it says anything about a bus. Pretty sure you will not be getting on one at any point but I could be wrong. When Terminal 1 was built a decade or so ago, all connections from US to Canadian flights had to go through full customs and baggage retrieval, so I know implementing a more streamlined transfer process while dealing with existing physical constrants has been a bit of a challenge.
  7. You can see the specific transfer details here: https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/fly/at-the-airport/airport-information/toronto-pearson-international-airport/int-ca.html If you are arriving on Air Canada and departing on Air Canada, you do not need to retrieve your bags at customs - just clear and go back through security to get to the domestic gates. This won't apply to you, but in case someone else finds this thread, if you arrive or depart Toronto on another airline, you may still need to retrieve your bags at customs and recheck them.
  8. At one point they were different, but NEXUS kiosks no longer exist to enter the United States as that aspect of the program was combined with Global Entry. NEXUS cardholders travelling by air use a NEXUS kiosk (with card and retina scan) to enter Canada and a Global Entry kiosk (with passport and fingerprints) to enter the United States. The only distinction is that Global Entry kiosks in Canadian pre-clearance facilities will accept a NEXUS card instead of a passport, but Global Entry kiosks elsewhere will not.
  9. If the full day doesn't work out I was thinking about possibly doing the half day and having them leave me behind in Athens - and then get back to the ship later on my own.
  10. Gave up many years ago about getting the shoreside staff to respect the preference, so I now start with a cash account and add the credit card at Guest Services a few days into the cruise. I tell them I want to add it as a "Non-DCC" credit card and they generally understand. The other way to check they've handled your preference correctly, if you have access to your credit card's online banking while you are travelling - if you are opted out of currency conversion the periodic authorizations taken by the ship will show as "RCL [SHIPNAME] NON DCC" - if you are opted in to currency conversion it'll show something else but I can't remember exactly what.
  11. I prepay when my reservation is in Canadian Dollars and the exchange rate offered by RCCL pre-cruise is better than the prevailing market rate. Otherwise, I don't see the point.
  12. €7.50 ticket is the round trip fare (€15) I assume if you are only going one way it won't let you purchase the €7.50 one.
  13. you know what, come to think of it i'm mixing up the two classes. I think all the elevators on the one side do go up on the Voyageur/Freedom classes.
  14. Correct - inside bank on port side only. Separate up button to use if you are going to 13 or 14 from a lower deck.
  15. I believe you can't combine this with a discounted Intercity or Freccia fare though - so in that case better off just buying the bus ticket upon arrival, no?
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