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  1. Answer: As quickly as possible by charging as much as possible.
  2. I second that. But are the Ice Rinks on the Voyage & classes regulation curling length? It can replace Johnny Rockets! Double bonus.
  3. A woman can pose for pictures and give a speech just as well as a man, no matter the nationality.
  4. I think @Tree_skier stayed in a Aft balcony on Liberty. He wrote a review back in Oct 2018 if you want to search for it. I don't recall him having any issues with the cabin. And to tack on to what Bob said- I did an aft balcony once on the much smaller Serenade , deck 7, and only felt vibration & noise when pulling up to/away from the dock. Nothing so severe that stuff fell off the counter but it will def wake you up.
  5. It's more like: We spent a bucket-load of money "upgrading" this island, now we need to recoup the cost.
  6. Hopefully people will continue to pay those prices which help keep down the price of the ship cabins, drinks, etc. @Ocean Boy - that one is for you. 😎😉
  7. I have no idea if that is true, but its the best explanation I've heard. Still whomever programmed the parameters must be insane. I just assumed that most of Royals pricing - cabins, excursions, "sale" pricing on drink/dining packages, etc - is dynamic and AI-based. Just like airline tickets It doesn't surprise me that they do the same with Cabanas. Once the new cabana smell fades, price will come down from outer space to the upper stratosphere.
  8. I take it you are doing MTD? Just wondering you are seated in different sections each night? The first couple of times we did MTD, we had a different table/waiter each night. But we did walk-up (no reservations). Last 2 cruises however, we had the same table/waiter for the duration of the cruise even though our dining times were all over the map. The only difference was that we reserved our dining times prior to the cruise and more-or-less stuck to them. Just wondering if make the reservations was key to getting the same table.
  9. I highly recommend Giovanni's and Samba (if you love meat). I always wanted to try Sabor. It was never more than half-full every time I went by so that's not a good sign.....and I heard it will be replaced on all ships that have it as they get remodeled. Chops gets mixed reviews from me. I've been there 3 times and it's been great the first time, average the second and disappointing the third time. At $40+ PP, it's not worth the chance anymore. Note: you can get a Chops streak in the MDR for $16.95. Granted, it's only one entree, not the full Chops menu, and you don't get ambiance but it's still a heck of a savings, especially of the rest of your group orders off the regular MDR menu. If you can get the drink package for under $50 pp/pn, that would be a deal! Even if it's in the low $50 range, its not bad. I always get the drink package. Not so much for the cost factor as I usually breakeven give or take $30 each way but for the convenience of getting what I want, when I want, wherever I want. Keep in mind that bottles of water ($2-$3 ea) are included as well a specialty coffee, soda, smoothie, juices, etc. so your breakeven point on adult beverages will be much lower, probably around 3 - 4. Specialty drinks alone can be $13 each. Beer is $7-$8 and regular cocktail/well drinks around $10. We'll stock up on water in the cabin and port days and yes, you can get a drink and a bottle of water at the same time. Also, if you stop at one of Royal private beaches (Labadee, CoCo Cay), the drink package can be used onshore.
  10. There is no code.... Just a suggestion! 👍 🙃 I was going to write "suggested dress code". But that's too many letters. I'm a casual typer. 😃
  11. Yep, Liberty was the ship I was on. The week after you. In fact, I read your live review to get into the cruising frame of mind.
  12. This makes perfect sense. Plus, the older clientele that sails from Baltimore will love the smaller, easy-to-navigate "traditional" ship without all those newfangled bells and whistles. 😉
  13. .....in your opinion. BTW..."very disgusting"??? Gotta love Cruise Critic! LOL, I was thinking the same thing. I've seen nicer legs on men wearing shorts than I've seen on women wearing short dresses.
  14. Demise... such drama! Each generation thinks the one after it ruin this or that. It's just not being able to let go, and understand that they (generation) are no longer setting the trends/traditions. It's sad really! Much more fun to enjoy the ride, as life is too short. I think I read somewhere that the decline and fall of the Roman empire was caused by men wearing casual toga's and sandals and not their formal toga's. 😀
  15. Maybe on THAT specific cruise...but we've seen the opposite scenario on cruises as well ( virtually no one wearing shorts in the MDR). That last point is interesting...perhaps you might be on the "nobody cares" or "anything goes" ship/port/itinerary (including the crew). Unfortunate. My 2 cruises out of the NY/NJ metro area probably had the lowest % of people following the dress code. Could be timing as well as both were in late May/early June after a very long, cool, wet spring and people were bustin to wear summer clothing. Surprisingly, my cruise out of Galveston, TX last fall probably had the highest % of people following the dress code, especially on formal nights. I say "surprisingly" since Texas has a more casual attitude towards dress code (from all the ship reviews I've read) while NY is a fashionista capital. Go figure.
  16. It seems like Royal has several IT systems that don't talk to each other, hence are not synchronized which lead to the discrepancies. Billing/Invoicing are basic money transactions that any 1960's/70's era computer system(s) should be able to handle flawlessly. Such ongoing problems in the 21st century is unacceptable. I guess as long as there is not a high volume of customer complaints, and Royal is not losing money, then there is no reason to spend the $$$ to correct. To put a positive spin on this, the less money spend on "back office" technology leaves more money to continuously improve the product for the customer...ships, excursions, dining....everything expect the website. 😄
  17. It has been years since I've read that Royal follows CruiseCritic. Usually it's whenever there is a post about "scamming the system" (i.e. Diamonds sharing HH drink coupons with non-diamond members or how to smuggle more than 2 bottles of wine on board) that people howl about how RC reads and reacts to what it sees on CC and will take away these benefits. But when topics such as lousy IT, subpar corporate Customer Service, chair hogs, diminishing C&A benefits......it's crickets.
  18. I put my vote in for Oasis as well. It will have all the features (and more) of the newer Oasis class ships (Harmony/Symphony) at a much cheaper "older ship" price. 🙂. Plus, the March 28th sailing will be stopping at Royals private beach at Labadee, which I would prefer over Perfect Day at CoCoCay. I like the tropical beach island feel over the built-up Bahama island. As for Cats, it's a free show and I never turn down anything free but if you have strong feelings about it (it appears many do), there is plenty of other shows to see so you won't miss it or go bored.
  19. The Solarium Bistro (free for breakfast and lunch) turns into a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner ($$) in the evening. Allure is the only ship that offer this so make sure to go there at least once. Central Park is probably the most unique feature so go there for Park Cafe for breakfast and lunch (free). Also, the Trellis Bar is a nice, qiet place to have a drink in the evening. Skip the Rising Tide bar if it's crowded. Schooner Bar is a nice place to hang out if there is a good piano player. Same with the English pub (guitar player) If you can only do one show, make sure it's the Aqua show.
  20. It wouldn't be CC without snarky remarks. I often think of CC as a training ground to practice snarky remarks. I often come here to stock my mental Rolodex with some snappy replies that are well-received.😁 And to answer the OP question honestly, I usually adhere to the suggested dress code but have worn shorts to the MDR a handful of times in the past....usually first or last night of the cruise when the bags are packed or on a rare occasion, if we have a event after dinner where I may be working up a sweat (think dancing, 70's party or Quest) and I don't have time to go back to the room to change. Nobody has ever given me a second glance. Depending on the age of your son, nobody will probably give him a 2nd glance either,
  21. I've seen that as well and it is heartbreaking, especially when it involves kids. Years ago, I saw another passenger take a plate of food over to the fence and security politely asked them not to do that. I guess they did not want to encourage more people to beg from the other side of the fence. Last time I was there, parts of the fence seemed to be more of a wall so you could not see to the other side, nor pass food.
  22. Some people don't like newness and innovation. They like same-old and the comfort of predictability. You see that here all the time whenever there is a C&A or RCI rule change. Go with an open mind and you'll enjoy your cruise.
  23. I'm one of the few that thought the final episode was good and the characters ended up appropriately. Yeah, I'm sure we can nit-pit some plot lines holes but none of the people that I talked to that hated the ending have yet to come up with a better one
  24. Maybe a couple of Boardwalk "Panoramic View" (no balcony) staterooms? 😁
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