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  1. We too are on this cruise. I think it was a fair question. It hadn’t crossed my mind tbh as we don’t tend to bother with bonfire night. Looking at the replies, it will just be a normal day at sea.
  2. Just realised that we are on the first cruise after this work. A cheeky 3 night Bruges Christmas market job
  3. Toying with getting this on our 10 day Atlantic adventure next April but as above not sure how good value we will get out of it. Got the wine package for the Canaries in November so will peruse the menus to see what is less than $11 when onboard then.
  4. Is that possible? I know when we were on the QV in the Voyagers office , Chris told us they had different promotions, offers and terms and conditions for each market and were strict about residency requirements etc when it came to accessing them. Not sure how that applies to booking through a TA though.
  5. I agree and would be interested if they did. Wonder if it’s swings and roundabouts though with the overall cruise cost being higher if you get free drinks?
  6. Thanks for the answers. Looks like I’ve got a couple of tour company names to go to to avoid what I imagine are the eye watering Cunard excursion prices. Think we are going to book it on Tuesday.
  7. Really fancied the Med but the price hike for balcony prices has put me off. Anyway, I’ve got a £50 enhanced OBS job burning a hole in my pocket and the June 2021 Baltic one appears favourite for me to book when the window opens next week. Firstly an odd question but are the QE and QV identical regarding cabin numbering and exact tender/lifeboat position and configuration? Reason for asking is we had a partially obscured deck 5 balcony on the QE recently and it was brilliant with no supporting structure in the way. Wonder if the same cabin on the QV would have the same view. Secondly, what’s the overnight stay in St Petersburg like? Is the ship dead or functioning as normal. Would probably do a shore trip on the first day there. thanks in advance.
  8. My wife is currently having her head turned by Celebrity and wants to see how their Med 2021 from Southampton price up. We have one of the £50 advance deposit jobs to book by August 2020 but may just use it on a short cruise and foresake the extra onboard spends.
  9. The Med cruise I had my eye on looks quite expensive. May have to consider Baltic.
  10. I was going to suggest Uber. They were super efficient on our last cruise and cost half the price of a normal taxi (£6 instead of £12 which includes tips).
  11. My parents now have the new brochure and the itineraries above are spot on. Apparently prices announced 17th September with booking opening up on 24th September. Personally I’ve got my eye on the QV June 2021 Med cruise.
  12. A couple of observations. Having sailed on all 3 Cunard ships, the muster station drill on the QM2 seems far more tense than on the other 2 ships with us being shoehorned into a small area for it with standing room only. Is this due to the higher passenger count on the QM2? Also on our August cruise on the QE we didn’t have to take life jackets to the drill and demonstrate putting them on. My parents have just boarded the QV today and said they’ve also been told no life jackets needed at muster drill. Is this new policy from Cunard?
  13. We’ve never felt like second class citizens being in standard Britannia dining and the grills areas are barely noticeable. I’ve seen fans of other cruise lines including Disney criticise Cunard for this perceived system when ironically a Disney cruise costs about the same as a grills cruise on Cunard so they are paying for it anyway.
  14. I must admit to in the past not being a fan of dressing up on holiday but sat in the Commodore club for pre dinner drinks with dinner suit and bow tie with the lovely ambience in there was a definite high point of the cruise.
  15. I’ve just had a chat with my mum who has been cruising with Cunard for years. She can see where the OP is coming from but says it’s not enough to annoy her at the moment. On the subject of petit fours she said something about strawberries used to be offered? If they dilute the dress code it will be a hard pill for her and my dad to swallow as they enjoy that aspect.
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