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  1. We did enjoy the rooftop garden the food was like an upscale BBQ which we enjoyed the service was good and the staff very friendly and looked after us well. It is a bit open and could be a problem if windy although they may have changed the layout as we were on the Edge in March.
  2. Hi Thank you Nancy we haven’t cruised with Crystal before other cruise lines we have been on do charge.
  3. Hi We have booked a cruise on the Serenity do you have access to a sauna on board I like to go there after a work out in the gym. or is access to the sauna classed as an extra charge.
  4. We like a wine but are not experts but will look to the Sommelier for guidance , we tried to upgrade to premium plus but were told it was not available as we were in there YC, had an e mail discussion with MSC booking management but were adamant that we could not upgrade before the cruise , but I dare say on the cruise you can and pay the 15% extra seems that the UK end can't progress the upgrade but other areas of booking can.
  5. Thats great info will pack our cases accordingly.
  6. Thanks for the tips will keep that in mind , is there any dress code for the Gala Nights.
  7. Hi Going on the Bellisima in the YC area in November 2019 We like a bit of Champagne now and again , I take it as the Nicolas F is not listed on the YC list you will need to ask for it , also on reading the forum they do not have an extensive wine list , we like Reisling and Shiraz along with our meal so looks like will need to see if the Top Sail has anything. We have never been in the YC before more used to Celebrity.
  8. Hi I have had a brief conversation with my TA I think the cruise has changed again to a 9 night one from Sydney , the only one I can see similar is on the Solstice Im waiting on word back from my TA and I have E mailed Celebrity for clarification.
  9. Hi VT cruising Thanks for your thoughts , have looked at an Azamara cruise from Cape Town as a possible back up fro Feb 2021 but hope we can get the Eclipse one sorted , was looking forward to the upgrade to the Eclipse. We were on the Edge earlier in the year and we did enjoy the new ship.
  10. Hi I only found out about this change through Cruise Critic its great to be part of the site and informed as I have had no formal notification . I contacted my TA as our cruise was booked with departing from Melbourne in Feb 2021 and taking in New Zealand now its going to Singapore with added dates they are still under the impression that that cruise still exists as Celebrity has not contacted them , Im still waiting on a reply from them. I then checked my Celebrity Account and found that the cruise was now the one ending in Singapore , I will now have to they and re gig my Annual Leave as we are required to have it requested by this month , but with additional dates it might not be authorised complete lack of communication from Celebrity and TA . Thanks to cruise critic members that it has came to light.
  11. Maybe after Brexit we will be able to get a Premium + package 😂😂😂
  12. Hi Beamafar Thanks for your information I am still in conversation with them but don’t hold out much hope. Have a great cruise and I’m sure we will get a great feedback from you.🙂
  13. Hi We booked our cruise with TA in UK for a YC experience on the MSC Bellissima in November this year. Contacted the TA see if package could be upgraded to Premium Plus , they contacted MSC who could not upgrade the package. Took information from Beamafar re management contact E mail address sent several E mails re possible upgrade they are being quite adamant that the YC package via the UK can’t be upgraded . Didnt answer the question when asked if the package could be upgraded on board , but that’s a route we wouldn’t take re the additional service charge. Sailed with Celebrity several times and had no problem upgrading the drinks package when required.
  14. Hi Thanks for your help used a different web site and managed to book the items enjoy your cruises 😊
  15. Hi I have been logging into the MSC Bellisima web site under manage my booking for our cruise in November 2019 , I keep trying to book a paddle boarding trip and a floating mat day but when adding to cart , I do not get any feed back to say that they are booked and the option to pay for them. I can do this on the Celebrity Web when I cruise with them . Has anyone else experienced this problem 😯
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