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  1. Missing here too. For a minute I thought I was on the naughty list and wasn't allowed to like anything anymore.
  2. emoorehead

    St. Thomas Sea Lion Swim question

    Thanks for the information. I am really looking forward to this. When the excursions for my cruise dropped I saw this and I knew my son would want to do it. He is 17, so the angsty teenager in him is keeping him from getting excited about the cruise, but when he saw this excursion he practically jumped out of his seat. We ended up snagging the last 2 spots for it on our cruise. I was reading that the pictures are available on a thumb drive or CD (I don't remember which it said). Is that accurate, or is it actual paper photos that we would take with us when we leave?
  3. emoorehead

    What is a Mixology Class in the Alchemy Bar?

    I would be interested in this as well. Following.
  4. Has anyone been on the Sea Lion Swim at Coral World in St. Thomas? I will be doing that excursion in April and I am wondering if I need to take water shoes along or if wearing my sneakers and going in the water barefoot would work. Thanks for any information.
  5. emoorehead

    Carnival Magic DJ troubles

    Yes.....this exactly.......lol Seriously though, there is no possible way for every single person in the world to NOT be offended all at the same time. There will always be someone out there who is offended by something. But everyone also needs to remember that everyone else has the right to their own opinion and to participate in activities that they enjoy. Yes, there are lines to what is appropriate and what is not and people need to understand that certain activities/media/music/etc are appropriate in certain venues. R Kelly music in a nightclub is totally appropriate for that venue. In the kids club, not so much. Each of us is responsible for making our own choices. When you choose to go to a venue in which something that is offensive to you is deemed appropriate, then that is on you. Go find another activity to enjoy....that is your right. But you can't go to a restaurant and complain that people are eating, or to a bar and complain that people are drinking, or sit in the smoking section and complain about the smoke.
  6. emoorehead

    Steakhouse attire first night...

    So their attire would have been appropriate if they were thin? I didn't realize that dress codes only applied to fat people. Good to know.
  7. emoorehead

    Horizon Boarding Time

    Maybe it has to do with the port from which you are leaving. It is my understanding that some ports have different times, but I may be incorrect about that (someone please correct me if I am wrong). Sorry about your late check in time. That is a bummer. Hope you have a great cruise!
  8. I agree!! Nail clippers are only a dollar.....lol
  9. But those hairstyles....... I already had my Aqua Net packed!!!
  10. I do a lot of things alone. Movies, restaurants, shopping, etc. Not so much by choice, just my schedule and tastes are a little different than those in my circle. Plus my son spends half his time with his dad, so I am used to flying solo.
  11. emoorehead

    Fun Shop Gratuities

    Sorry....mistyped about gratuity.
  12. emoorehead

    Ecstasy April 26 Itinerary Change

    Flexibility is the rule of the day, I suppose. My mom is stressing out about our shore excursions, but the change only affects the one my son and I are going on without them, and I already checked my booking and everything is updated and looks fine. I think she just likes to stress.....lol
  13. emoorehead

    Ecstasy April 26 Itinerary Change

    That's what I was thinking, being that it is only an hour difference. I still want to know why.....lol Hope you have a fantastic cruise!!
  14. emoorehead

    Fun Shop Gratuities

    Tax, gratuities, and a delivery fee are all added. You should be able to do a mock purchase and see the final price before you finalize it.
  15. emoorehead

    How many days until your next Carnival Cruise?

    71 days. I live in Charleston and will be sailing out of here. Every couple of weeks I will catch sight of the Ecstasy docked at the port. Not sure if that makes it better or worse.....lol.