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  1. I am fully aware. My exercise was to compare the retail cost to the package cost and evaluate HAL's upcharge. The wines just weren't worth it. We ended up going to Total Wine and bringing 10 bottles on board. HAL ran out of stickers on us. We were unpleasantly surprised to find that the majority of the JS90 wines are all over 15 a glass, putting them out of reach of even the EBP.
  2. I started looking at the retail cost for the bottles on #1 package, and they were running between US$11 and US$15. I stopped at that point because I determined for us it was not a good value considering the overall cost of the package and our view of the wines offered.
  3. from ship services, october 2019 HAL_Cabanas_AP17997_lo.pdf
  4. the attached PDF was received from HAL in October 2019 - you can call or email Ship Services to reserve for the week, before your cruise. HAL_Cabanas_AP17997_lo.pdf
  5. You can also do this now through your PCC, TA, or Ship Services. We have a group of 10 on 4 different bookings, and we were able to arrange for all of us to sit together for dinner. We just provided all the booking numbers so they could be linked.
  6. Holland America could be an option, but also Viking ocean or river depending on budget.
  7. Wondering if anyone has recent experience with this -- we are a group of 10 traveling together on the Zuiderdam next month. We've been going back and forth with our PCC trying to arrange early fixed dining for our group. First we had a table of 10, then we were switched to a table of 6 and 4 (!!!), and now we have "Early, Table of A on request". I have a call in to our PCC to clarify, but in the meantime maybe someone here has experience with this. Thank you.
  8. Want Wang looks like another version of Long Island Iced Tea....DEADLY
  9. +1 for Briggs and Riley. I have several, in various sizes, and they all hold up really well (lots of international trips).
  10. Thanks, everyone. We’re really looking forward to this experience.
  11. Rosethorn, thanks for your detailed reply.
  12. This is for anyone who's rented a Retreat Cabana for a week - would you give me an idea of what you tipped for the week? TIA
  13. really curious which cabin this was. we'll be in an aft wrap on the Zuiderdam in Feb.
  14. You can also try g3visas dot com. they can rush for you, and can help you with the applications. pricey but accurate and we've never had an issue.
  15. My mother and aunts were on a cruise where they had several nights of no AC, and wrote letters when they returned home. They were given nice discounts on future cruises. Even if you don’t intend right now to return, perhaps when you are home you might want to send that letter and see what happens.
  16. i got the attached PDF from HAL in October this year, coincidentally asking about Zuiderdam specifically HAL_Cabanas_AP17997_lo.pdf
  17. Hi Petronillus - I wrote to HAL, and that's the PDF they sent me. I couldn't locate those details on the website 😉 We have a group of 10 traveling, and we were considering multiples, but have decided to hang on our aft veranda instead, if we want a bit of a retreat.
  18. Call Ship Services HAL_Cabanas_AP17997_lo.pdf
  19. If search the HAL website’s FAQ’s you can find the plan description.
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