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  1. I did a search on the sticky and found some conflicting info so thought I would ask here :)

    I have a chance to upgrade to 9192 on Silhouette which is an angled forward looking cabin with the slightly larger balcony that comes with the angle.


    Is wind an issue on this or similar forward facing hump cabins?

    How about noise with the proximity to the elevators and staircase?

  2. Many of you are likely aware that Celebrity offers a $100 pp credit/discount if you book a back to back.

    We ended up with a back to back on Silhouette in the fall, but used two different travel agencies because of the better prices and perks each agency offered for the different segments.

    Anyone had a similar experience and managed to get the $100 credit? Was wondering if Captains Club might sort it out?

  3. We have an overnight in Ashdod on our Celebrity cruise next September. We are looking at options but wondered about staying overnight in Jerusalem. I understand the feel of the city is quite different after the day-trippers leave.


    Would appreciate hearing pros and cons of doing this - an obvious con being the added cost of a hotel, dinner and breakfast!


    OTOH, although we travel often, this is likely to be our only visit there.

  4. Usually budget dictates that we travel in an inside (which I actually don't mind) but we got a good deal on a 1c on Silhouette, starboard side a few cabins back of the rear elevators.

    Any nasties to be aware of on this deck that I'm missing, e.g. window cleaning gear etc.? We're hoping of course that it's a nice view :)

  5. We are in Hong Kong now for a few days before doing Celebrity to Singaore via Vietnam and Bangkok. A couple more days in Singapore then Siem Reap. As well as choosing Angkor Wat to be the grand finale, we wanted to start with weather that isn't as hot and humid as Siem Reap to make adapting a little easier. But you could equally argue the reverse...I'm sure there's no right answer. Have a great trip!

  6. jmlh- Which cruise are you on in February with the millennium, Feb 14 or 28 and how did you find out which port the ship docks in? We are travelling on the Millennium on Feb 28 and I need to find out the dock/port for Hue if its Danang or Chan May.... any help would be appreciated, also from Ontario...Elaine


    The port for Feb. 28 Millennium is Chan May.

  7. When overnighting on the ship in Singapore, what's the process with customs and immigration? Are there security scans etc.?

    And same question for disembarking...we'll be staying on a couple of nights in a downtown hotel before flying out.

  8. I think part of the issue is that these days few know what RMS Olympic was, along with the SS United States et al.


    Well I'm a fan of the classic liners of the past and have a number of books on them. Since the feedback here on the dining experience in Olympic is positive, sounds like we should definitely go.

  9. We've received a specialty restaurant dining credit from Celebrity (through a regional sales rep). A nice gesture but the catch is it's only worth enough to cover the regular cost of a meal for one person at the Olympic Dining room. It could also be used to reduce the costs of dining at Qsine as well. Since it has been set up specifically as a specialty restaurant dining credit, it can't be used at bars or for room service etc.

    What are the experiences and opinions of those of you who have dined in either venue recently?

    Would you go for the equivalent of buy-one, get-one-free?

  10. We have a day and overnight docked in Singapore and then disembarkation is the next day.

    Day 1 will be tours (either as individuals or groups) and day 2 will be people either spending more time in Singapore or going to the airport.

    I am curious on how the Singapore officials handle the immigration and customs formalities for both day-tours and those disembarking?

  11. Thanks so much for your detailed review and all the great photographs. Also for the balanced review of the ship, food, service etc. We are doing this itinerary in February (though in the other direction) so found your review and photos really valuable. Also, our "grand finale" post-cruise is Angkor Wat so I'm very glad you thought that was a highlight.

    Question: did you have any issues with street people or kids bugging you for a hand-out in any of your destinations? And how did you handle that if you did?

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