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  1. I'll be visiting Mykonos in October and want to go to Delos. There is of course a ship's tour but I wondered about DIY. Is it an easy place to "re-imagine" with a guidebook or does the guide really help bring it to life. Anyone know if there are any podcasts or audio-tours available for download?

  2. It is my understanding that if you have the Classic alcohol package you will be able to order the premium coffee drinks as long as the cost is less than $8.


    The OP listed her coffee and Bailey's as costing $10 so it's a "Premium" drink that is more than $8. I was wondering if it would be possible to get it through the Classic package by ordering the two ingredients separately (coffee and liqueur) since individually they would cost less than $8 each.

  3. Hi luvtacruise27,


    A PREMIUM COFFEE is one that isn't a regular coffee or decaf... but rather something like a Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte or Macchiato


    A SPECIALTY COFFEE (common used terminology in the Bar Business)... is a coffee based drink that includes Alcohol... such as an Irish Coffee (Irish Whiskey)... although there are many many others... one can almost add any liquer of one's choice (Bailey's - Amaretto - Tia Maria etc... are all popular)




    So do I have this right? With a Classic package I get to order a latte but if I want a shot of Bailey's in it I have to have the Premium "Specialty" coffee package? Can I pay an upcharge to add the Bailey's or will I be charged for the full cost of the drink? Can I order a separate "Classic" shot of Bailey's on the side to add to my "Classic" latte and avoid a "Premium" drink by pouring it into the coffee myself??

  4. Are the drink packages now well undrestood by all staff and hassle-free? I ask because I bought my one and only on Summit soon after they were introduced and was forever being charged and then I had to point out that I had the package which resulted in more paper to be signed to reverse the charges...even a few calls to customer service. It all balanced out in the end but it was a real headache.

  5. Last Tuesday there was a great deal for the Constellation 3/12-26/11. The single supplement was 150%. I checked to day and even with a residency rate the fare would be another $600.


    There are some excellent 150% deals on Celebrity for next Tuesday as well including a 14 night Constellation on 3/26, an 11 night Equinox leaving 3/19 and a 14 night Panama canal cruise on Infinity leaving 3/13 among others.

  6. Cheffip--The only ferry that runs in October is Coop Sant"Andrea. I do not know yet if we dock nearby that pier or can get to it.


    Hmmm...Looks like the only option may be the Celebrity excursion. Has anyone taken it? Reviews?

    Does the cruise line "rent" a hydrofoil for the day for its excursion passengers to get to Capri and back?

    Any idea how long the trip is between Salerno and Capri and what to expect in terms of rough seas in October?

  7. I'm also researching post-cruise at Sheraton OSJ. Hotwire has a 3* (which looks like the Sheraton) for $92 for 2/14-17. Is that a good price?:confused:


    For pre-cruise I bid resort up to $91 and was declined. As my above post says I'm not sure if I should bid Ponce.


    The Sheraton is a 3* on Hotwire so if the icons show casino and tennis (but no reference to a beach) then that's the Sheraton. I think $92 is a very good price though you could try bidding for it (as a 3 1/2*) on Priceline in the low $80's.

  8. Hi Phil:)hope you are doing well. I love Priceline and use it all the time

    but to be totally honest with you, there is no guarantee you will get

    a certain property. You can read what other folks get, what zone they bid on and what stars they choose but

    that is why if a person is in the category of "must know" where there are staying beforehand are not good candidates

    for Priceline or Hotwire.


    Hi Lois:)

    I used Priceline for the Sheraton OSJ last January and got it for only $70. But Galaxy was the only ship departing the next day and this year there is another large one as well as Summit so that may explain why I'm having trouble getting it or something equally nice. I see you nabbed a resort for your pre-Summit stay? Way to go!!! Guess I'll just keep trying...still have some time to play!


  9. quote:

    "I was able to get a 10 night Caribbean

    cruise with a window for a total of 918.00...that includes all the fees

    and going solo:D....and that was booked directly through the

    cruiseline. ../ Now, I don't

    know how the prices are now but even for a solo its very good;)


    I got a similar deal to Lois', also booking directly with Celebrity during their post-Thanksgiving sales event for the Jan 30 Galaxy cruise. This will be my second solo cruise after trying out solo cruising with Century last winter. Can't wait!!:D

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