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  1. Kim, nice to hear from you. Was beginning to wonder if something happened with your leg or corona since been 2 months from last post but glad your back and look forward to another land review. The Ump John
  2. Kim & Family Sorry for your loss. I know it is hard for everyone and I will keep all your family in my prayers. John The Ump
  3. Kim you said the Paparrott fish were bigger in Bermuda but didn't expect this lol
  4. not that I am planning on using a credit card but always like to have one authorized when traveling. Does places in Bermuda except American Express? The Ump John
  5. Charles, My DW and I are traveling with PXY CDA on this cruise, Can't wait. We arrive on Oct 16th and we have thought about a glow worm cruise on Ana Luna that night or if there is some where that can see them from land. John
  6. Many years ago while I was in Walmart I got a phone call from my TA asking if I had canceled my cruise. I said no way but somehow she had gotten notified by RCCL I had canceled and wanted to check. She took care of it and we were glad she called because it would have been a big shock if we had gotten to the port and found out someone at falsely canceled our cruise. Never did figure out who or how it happened. The Ump John
  7. Looks like a tour through the rain forest I would have like about 20 to 30 years ago. LOL Looked fun but don't think could do it now. Know better half would have cared for it. Also like you not my kind of snorkeling. We are heading to Bermuda in October and not sure about snorkeling there but will probably still take gear in case I change my mind. I am like you doing my own thing in the water and find everyone gone or I am off the beaten path checking things out. The Ump John
  8. Question is if both ships headed to Miami and all passengers getting off for prep to next cruise how are they going to get on and pack all there stuff and get it off the ship?
  9. Looking at possible sunset cruise that also includes glow worms that would run from 6 to approx 8:30 that leaves from Grotto Bay. Question is if cruise returns at 8:30 would we still be able to catch the last ferry from Hamilton to the dockyard or would we need to get a taxi?
  10. Also saw you guys went on cruise right before Christmas. Well we must have past each other while sailing. We went on Majesty of the Seas Christmas week. We left Ft Lauderdale on December 22. Hope you all enjoy the spring break cruise and look forward to the review. The Ump John
  11. Kim, hope you see this before your cruise. I remember when you were in San Juan and was going to check out the church but realize your plane was that day. If you get a chance to see it this time go, it is nice. Just a couple pics.
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