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  1. Elbows pads are needed it seems like. Sorry this happened to you and thanks for the warning. So with all this skin scraping going down - is this thing cleaned at some point?
  2. I'm a coffee drinker - I'll be using my Starbucks card on my cruise in Nov. I like lattes, frapps, iced and hot coffee drinks.
  3. You are a great storyteller and I loved your review and pictures.
  4. Thank you - I guess I wasn’t clear it’s on sale for $20.99 for 2 devices - there will be me and my son traveling - so do only one of us purchase it?
  5. When you purchase the voom surf and stream package for 2 devices - does that mean only one person buy it but the other guest can use it?
  6. Good info - my son and I will be driving to Miami from NC in November for our cruise and will be using the Port parking.
  7. So it's part of the cruise price? I just want to make sure I won't be charged to eat there. Thank you.
  8. I see Solarium Bistro now on my cruise planner at $0.00 - is this a specialty restaurant or free?
  9. I'm new to cruising, I have a cruise scheduled in Nov. on Symphony. How does this work online - as far as reserving dining time options. I have purchased the 3 night dining package.
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