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  1. Put one adult in each cabin. This can actually be a blessing in disguise when it comes time to buy Deluxe Beverage package, if only on adult wants it. Once on board, they don't care where everyone sleeps.
  2. While I do enjoy visiting new ports, I wouldn’t take 2 teenagers on Majesty for a week (especially after they have come to know a Freedom Class Ship), I don’t think they would enjoy themselves, and subsequently neither will Mom and Dad
  3. And unlike Oasis class, Freedom class can sit the entire passenger count in 2 seatings.
  4. The “non smoking” side of the casino is like saying the “non peeing” side of the pool.
  5. First of all this itinerary is on Royal Caribbean not NCL, and I NEVER said anything about booking a 3rd passenger in a 2 passenger room. You can have 10 people sleeping in an interior room if you want (uncomfortable yes) but the cruise line doesn’t give 2 hoots about how many people are sleeping in a room regardless of the category. Having taken MANY multi generational trips over the years, the sleeping arrangements are always like a game of musical chairs once everyone is on board and muster drill is completed. Heck, many of the grand kids sleep in a different spot every night. NO ONE CARES
  6. Happens all the time, people sleep wherever; no one cares. After Muster drill, the muster stations don’t matter.
  7. They never said the room was rated for 2, only that it was cheaper to book it this way.
  8. On Freedom this summer we had 4 balcony cabins in a row, none connecting, and had the partitions opened between all of them. It was fantastic!!!
  9. Just have the daughter sleep in your room on the fold out couch regardless of what room she is assigned in.
  10. Similar situation here, every ship we go on with a Bionic Bar it is very popular; subsequently those remaining Champagne Bars are a good place to take a nap usually.
  11. I don’t need the cruise line to monitor the chair hogs, I can do it myself. It’s very simple to do, just move the towel to the side and take the chair. When (more like IF) someone returns I just say, “sorry, there was nothing on this chair when I sat down an hour ago!”
  12. I am sure there are preservatives in many of the foods onboard, as the items used are the same as what are used in land based restaurants
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