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  1. It would seem to me, that the common sense answer is: if the same dose manufacturer dictated interval was not adhered to, then the dose does not meet the requirements of the EUA; therefore not an acceptable situation. Of course, common sense isn’t very common these days.
  2. If you think royal is going to give you that data I have some nice oceanfront property in Dallas for sale you may be interested in
  3. I don't believe this statement is anywhere near accurate.
  4. It's a good question, and I am pretty sure the cruise line would view a positive test as a positive test, regardless of the story behind it and boarding would most assuredly be denied.
  5. But the cruiseline will have no idea of this potential breakthrough case, because an asymptomatic vaccinated individual would never be tested (not on a US embarkation anyway)
  6. Good for you. We discovered the same thing a couple years ago, I was really surprised at the affordability of the annual policies, plus it takes one less “action item” off of the “to do” list with each booking; we already know we are covered
  7. Just a little PSA; if you have bought 7 trip policies lately, you may want to investigate an annual policy, I am pretty confident you will be saving money.
  8. I agree with your entire post with the exception of the final paragraph. Asymptomatic transmission from a fully vaccinated individual is virtually impossible.
  9. Is there an airline or cruiseline out there that issues travel credits in any other way than in the name of the traveler. I just always assumed this was standard procedure as it has always been the way I have experienced it.
  10. Royal has not had a ship embark a CDC controlled port with full vaccination requirement
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