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  1. Once again, you need to stop trying to decipher the American tort system, and stop making ridiculous statements about casinos, sporting events and the like. Poodle and microwave?? I suggest you research the McDonalds hot coffee lawsuit
  2. I never insinuated a cruiseline accessing a medical database. I was replying to someone posting about fraudulent or counterfeit records. An official database could provide a verifiable record to an individual- kind of like the birth certificates some travel with instead of a passport.
  3. Part of the “shopping” process is finding a guy that will write the prescription to a different individual; this is the most exploited loophole in the controlled substances registries. However you are right, it’s much more difficult for them to pull it off than in the past.
  4. Excellent point Imagine the uproar when the J&J candidate comes up soon, everyone will be screaming for the single shot as opposed to the 2 injection candidates!!
  5. I think you are 100% correct-other vaccines are currently distributed this way
  6. I have no idea how it works in the UK, but most (of not all) states in the USA have vaccine databases that physicians must report vaccinations to. I can’t imagine the UK doesn’t have something similar since it is a single payer platform.
  7. I would love to know any information you could easily provide on your topper.
  8. You are 100% correct, "recommend" would have been a better term for me to use, however with regards to the CDC and cruise ships it will be a mandate in the beginning.
  9. I never said kids should cost more, simply that there is a tremendous amount of evidence why they don’t cost less. It is simple economics. They don’t invest billions in laser tag, trampoline pads, and water slides for adults. RCG spent millions every year for DreamWorks characters; again, not for adults. Anyone that has been seated near a toddler at dinner can attest to the extra cleaning that needs to be done to the floor after they eat. Unlike you I have never seen anyone throw up in the buffet after 31 cruises. The lack of onboard spending goes beyond the c
  10. Regardless of how things work in America vs the UK, the governmental agencies in both countries will distribute the vaccine as they deem best serves the greater good. Until this initial distribution is complete, it does not matter how much money you care to spend; if it is not your groups turn, you won't be getting an inoculation.
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