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  1. When one of the passengers is quoted on an international interview “they (NCL) were too strict in the enforcement of their guidelines”; I consider that blame
  2. I will agree, I liked the a la carté packaging better than the current offering.
  3. Well, much like the “new ship” pricing structure at Royal; Edge class over at X demands a premium. My 8 day Reflection sailing saw a drop of about $350 between the 3 perk and 2 perk packages.
  4. No, I liked that move; it lowered the cost of the AI packages considerably
  5. Middle name does not come into play. as for the capital D, I have no experience with this one; but I can’t imagine it matters
  6. If only!!! unfortunately, I believe the RU system had been partially responsible for the increases in fares. The big system has shown them exactly what people are willing to spend.
  7. They also solicit bids, if for no other reason, than data collection regarding what people are willing to pay for cabins
  8. Agreed, love Maya Chan. We have gotten to be good friends with the owners (Americans). The big issue is they are closed a large portion of the peak season.
  9. I have been booking exclusively with travel agents and group reservations for several years now, I have never had any problem checking in online. That being said, I have on occasion throughout the years received these weird emails like @Ocean Boy has , but it’s never amounted to anything
  10. But it is still relatively easy. Tens of millions of people do it every year
  11. You are quite confused. You should stop posting on this topic
  12. I would not rely on the staff to abide by your schedule of events as far as decorating the room or providing any additional accouterment. Congratulations, and enjoy this special cruise.
  13. It may be easier to ask what particular brands you are looking for
  14. Bridge design and construction had little to do with the collapse. The lack of adequate barricades around the support structures was the downfall.
  15. I think this sums it up perfectly. With the online check-in, all paperwork done personally before arriving at the terminal, facial recognition, roving iPads, the check-in and boarding process is easily 10 times faster than it used to be. Anybody can go from curb to Promenade in 15 minutes or so.
  16. I just pay full balance at booking and forget about it until it is time to head to the ship
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