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  1. My November cruise shows me stopping in Grand Cayman; don’t put too much stock in what is showing online or in the app.
  2. Suite lounge drinks are benefits for being in a suite, no correlation to your Diamond benefits at all.
  3. You can not book it online that way, you have to call CS and have it done
  4. I found this flow chart interesting. I hope the screenshot uploads well.
  5. I have found the AT&T “pay as you go”international plans, and VOOM surf and stream to be a better fiscal choice than the AT&T cruise plan.
  6. The cold fruit soups have not appeared on any of my trips in several years.
  7. Of course the CEO is the logical next step for cabin selection <sarcasm>
  8. CDC recommends 3rd shot for immuno-compromised as soon as 28 days after second dose. CDC recommended today that anyone over 65 get a booster
  9. Book 2 rooms side by side without the connecting door and use the balcony as your connector. That’s what we did, the premium upcharge for the connecting door on some sailings is crazy
  10. The law also does not make exceptions for airlines, however they are not being threatened for asking VAX status for flight to a destination that requires it. The stay that NCL was granted is exclusive to their ships, no other companies ships can jump on that ruling.
  11. You just log onto the testing website at your convenience 24/7, couldn’t be easier.
  12. The corkage fee has nothing to do with the actual act of opening the bottle, it’s to recoup money lost on not selling that bottle. That said, I often take a bottle to the MDR and can not remember ever being charged.
  13. As long as dose 1 and dose 2 are the same manufacturer, there is no limit on time between doses.
  14. Seems to be about 50/50 based on reports posted, appears to be heavily ship dependent
  15. contrary to the beliefs of some, it's quite simple math that does not require a doctoral level dissertation on the word "double"
  16. no, not a problem. Customer service will issue you key cards with no ID attached and without charging privileges for whatever rooms necessary
  17. 42 is correct normal solo in a suite is 3 points per night, doubled to 6 per night
  18. Then I stand corrected, and am glad they don't enforce the dress code in the suite lounge
  19. So, because you don't like the way some people are dressed, then that must mean that they are not enforcing "said" code.
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