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  1. Lightweight clothing makes sense, thx
  2. My wife and I are taking a Med cruise next summer on the Viking Sea. We did a Viking river boat cruise a couple of years ago and enjoyed it and we have cruised many times over the years but this will be our first Viking ocean cruise. The ship looks awesome and I like to workout and some of the deck games and so day time attire will be workout and very casual for the most part. I usually wear slacks and a button down shirt for dinner and night time and do not plan on bringing a suite or sport jacket. Does anyone wear nice jeans at night or is that too casual?
  3. IDL

    Mr Sanchos this Wednesday

    I believe they took the roll call down which they should leave up throughout the cruise since there is no way to communicate directly with other members.
  4. If anyone currently the Equinox is interested in sharing a taxi to Mr. Sanchos tommow, Wednesday, Feb 13 please let me know. - IDL
  5. Thanks we are actually cruising on the Equinox next month so we shall see. I also want to request an extension cord so hopefully we will have a cooperative steward.
  6. Will Celebrity allow the mini-bar to be emptied by the cabin steward so it can be used as refrigerator?
  7. Garbo's is unfortunately closed on Sunday when our ship will be in port.
  8. Not complaining simply making an observation how the cruise line's revenue streams are enhanced via these ancillary revenue streams and charging what the market will bear without regard to the underlying cost. Enjoy you Muppet tats.
  9. All you state is true Sesame Street person but the point is the Specialty restaurants charge is beyond the scope of what any cruiser paid for their cruise and if you already paid an upcharge via Aqua Class for access to the Blu dining room than the additional (i.e. incremental) upcharge should be proportionally less than a passenger who has not paid for the Blu upgrade. If the cruise line monitored a lower Aqua Class take rate for Specialty restaurants they may consider this as a way to squeeze more money out of those passengers like a casino offering slots machines at decreasing dollar (change) values to increase their odds at milking more money out of your pocket.
  10. This is aligned with my initial premise that the upcharge should factor in what you are already paying for as a component of your cruise fare. As others have noted though this is purely a profit center driven by supply and demand and not a cost plus economic model as the cruise line is looking to build their ancillary revenue stream from all sources above and beyond the cruise fare (akin to airlines- have a captive audience and figure out what else you can charge for).
  11. No concern on what anyone chooses to spend, just what I spend. I normally travel Aqua Class so already paying a premium via Blu and have therefor I don't have a compelling reason to utilize the Specialty restaurants.
  12. Obviously this is a profit center for the cruise lines that has no direct correlation to their incremental cost of providing the meal. To the extent the profit from this and other ancillary revenue sources keeps the general cruise price reasonable it is what it is. I also crack up when cruise line use the expression that all their varies and sundry upcharges are "nominal;"- obviously that term is very subjective.
  13. What is the Cruise line's rationale for Specialty Restaurant upcharges of $50 or higher per guest, per meal? As the "base" price of a meal is already included in the cruise price the upcharge should theoretically be the difference between the meal already paid for and the value of the upgraded meal. Also there there should be no additional tip as that too has been accounted for. At one time the Cruise line of "defense" was the upcharge was for an additional tip (though that did not stop the practice of asking for an additional gratuity at the end of the meal anyway) though that rationale makes no sense at the $50 price level.
  14. Is that 3 drinks per passenger per night?
  15. We are Elite status and will be cruising on Celibrity in Feb ‘19. Does that status still entitle us to the complimentary happy hour in the Captain’s Cocktail Lounge? Also Celebrity used to offer 90 free WiFi minutes but I did not see that anymore.
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