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  1. Exactly. I can't believe Momma Rene thinks she "deserves" to have a revolutionized ship. You can cancel your trip if you don't want to sail on the ship as is. After everything this country has been thru in the last few months, I'm happy to take Connie as is. I need a vacation. Once again, its free will. No one is forcing you to take this trip.
  2. We're on the sailing right after you( 12-23). I will not cancel until X cancels as not to lose any deposit, etc. We're in a suite, so I'm not worried about NO buffet( I can't imagine a buffet going until there is a vaccine).
  3. I'm still looking at your posts/meals with longing in my heart. I want someone to cook for me( and serve me) and then do the dishes and clean up the kitchen. LOL. We've only ever cruised in Aqua Class, we get a canape plate daily. On the first day, I ask the room attendant for cheese/crackers daily. I also mention we don't like blue cheese. I was surprised on the last cruise we were given saltine crackers. Next time, I'll bring my own. They took away the cracker variety from the buffet as well( our last cruise was Sept 2019 on Equinox).
  4. This!!! Its amazing what we'll settle for when our choices are taken away. I normally only eat organic eggs, however when the ONLY eggs that were available in the grocery store were regular eggs, you bet your bottom dollar that I bought them. Same with Toilet paper. I like Cottenelle. I had to "settle" for the store brand( at least it was soft). I'll take any ship that X has to offer. I almost said " I'll take any cruise", however, that is not true. I'll never cruise on Carnival.
  5. FYI. I just checked on our Dec 23, 2020 cruise and Suites are sold out. It says " The Retreat" vs. Suites.
  6. You are correct. Just like how things changed after 9/11. We all adapted to it and now going thru security, no liquids, etc are all second nature to us.
  7. I'm looking at all your meals with Envy in my heart. After cooking 3 meals a day for the last 3 weeks, I'd love to be served. : ) Btw, do you bring your own laundry detergent( pods) or do you let the ship use theirs? There was a really long thread I read about how hard the ships laundry is on clothes.
  8. Thanks for doing this review. I like your writing style, its like mine, right to the point!! My wife is like Scott, she has quite the t-shirt collection too. We always end up bringing a lot of t-shirts back with us. We also are not light packers : ) Who won the poker game at the end of the cabin crawl? Was the ship a lot less crowded than normal? Our next cruise( fingers crossed) is in December. Our first suite experience. I'll really, really need it after all this craziness we're all dealing with.
  9. We go down to Marco 1x a year and will be retiring in Naples in a few years. You'll be happy to know that Little Bar is still there!!
  10. We're booked for December 23, 2020 in a Suite. Was looking forward to the revolutionized ship, but if its doesn't go thru, we'll still go. I'm going to NEED a cruise after this crazy sh@t is over with.
  11. I have to say, I'm 53, and I have an auto-immune disease( psoriatic arthritis). I'd really think twice about cruising( right now), not only for my health, but for the possibility of quarantine, being stuck in a room away from my dogs for weeks at a time. The quarantine would be the worst part for me. I'm glad our next cruise isn't until Dec 2020.
  12. Exactly, my wife is 2 years away from 60 and is a police Sgt with LAPD. Hardly elderly. LOL.
  13. You need to find another dr. My dr would sign my form. You need a dr. who you have a "relationship" with. If you went to an urgent care, call the clinic manager. Thats ridiculous.
  14. I'm assuming you received a vegan menu? I don't eat beef and salmon, my wife doesn't eat seafood. I wonder if they would be receptive to those requests? We are on an Edge cruise in 2022( a long ways away!!)
  15. My spouse wore shorts to Blu almost every night. She was never turned away. She did not pack anything other than shorts because we didn't realize there was a dress code.
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