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  1. Thanks so much! You will have such a fantastic experience. 🙌 I want to go back!
  2. Terrific! So glad to hear that you found it helpful - thats my intent. 🙂
  3. Thank you so much. 😁 Oh man, I know we were blessed! I was expecting and fully prepared for maybe 2-3 days of sunnier skies and couldn't believe our timing. 🙏
  4. That's great to hear! I love your profile photo - Bumble is one of my all time favorite characters from childhood! LOL
  5. You will have a blast! I have a friend who just returned from your same trip this, said it was amazing! They got pretty shook up on the Drake Passage ( I got lucky with calm water) but his photos and the weather were fab!
  6. Jpalbny - and the quality for large prints, there is no comparison. Our home is covered with large metal prints of my husbands work - some of them are huge (38x58 or larger) and the detail is super clear. THAT wouldn't be the case for most my photos - although a few turned out fairly well. They are great for blogs and social media for the most part. But the ones done on the Canon would do okay in lager print, up to a certain size, especially if I used a tripod. Oh, my husband uses a Nikon too, DSLR ( I think), shoots raw and edits used Lightroom
  7. tgh, thank you so much. That means a lot to me, as I really do want to put quality content out there. Swindy, As for camera type - don't laugh - but its a combo of a simple Canon Powershot (I edit lighting sometimes using Picassa), it takes great photos, even on 'auto mode' in this type lighting ( somewhat filtered light or sunny days). Also , some of the photos in the blog were ....gasp...using my Iphone. No lie. Crazy, huh? My husband is the Pro photographer in the family (www.stoverphoto.com) but he didn't do this trip with me as he had family issues that prevented him from going. So I had to represent the 'fam' and take the best shots I could.
  8. Svalbard is definately in my sight and although i have been to South American several times by land, the concept of a 'foodie' cruise from G to V is intriguing...
  9. You are going to LOVE South Georgia - its a wonderland! What other Silversea Itineraries do you recommend?
  10. Hi there, this is to supplement my CC review on the Silver Explorer to Antartica, the Falklands and South Georgia. Thanks Laura for letting me post my blog link here. 😁 I am a travel blogger (hobby) and love to pass on information to fellow travelers. Since my review of this fabulous cruise experience was very comprehensive, it was to much for me to copy & paste it all into the CC format, especially with all the amazing photos I had. LOL. So if you want to know more about what I feel this brand and particular ship has to offer, go to https://www.paradoxtravels.com/single-post/Silversea-Cruise-Line-Review Thanks! And I hope you go for it and have the same amazing experience that I did!
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