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  1. On 12/11/2023 at 6:04 AM, Bimmer babe said:

    What is your impression of the hotel?  I will be there the end of January.  How did you get there from the airport?  I'm looking into their shuttle price.

    We ended up staying at The Table Bay Hotel.   We were very happy with the hotel and the location.   The Ports Wood is very close (walkable) to the V&A Waterfront.


    We booked a room at the City Lodge Hotel for disembarkation day.   Our flight left at 11:00pm.   The hotel was inexpensive, clean, and provided respite during our busy day.   We dropped off our luggage around 9am and our room was available around noon.    We did not stay overnight.   The nice thing about this hotel is it is next to a boardwalk that connects the Canal district to the Waterfront.   It is a safe 10-15 minute walk along the canal or the main road.   


    We used John Farthing @ Kestrel Executive Services.  He was recommended to us by another cruisecritic member.  His rates were very reasonable!



    John was wonderful.  He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and an all-around great guy.   He gave us great recommendations and enhanced our trip tremendously. We did several private tours with John.  He also transported us to/from the airport.   

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  2. 3 hours ago, laurieb said:

    I am really, really happy with the new Air program!  Consolidator pricing for business class seats for our May 2024 cruises, and easy to pick our own flights and times.  Since the flights are flexible, no need to pay for them until final payment on the cruises, and they can easily be changed.  

    Would you mind sharing the cost and flight route from US?

  3. 41 minutes ago, zitsky said:

    I would cancel our SS cruise if I hadn’t chosen a NR deposit back when I was told I had a butler.


    Is this the worst thing in the world?  No.  Going to the dentist is the worst thing in the world.


    You can make fun of us in SS but let’s wait until something you care about is taken away.  Without a refund.

    People are giving you a hard time, but I understand your POV.  It is not about the butler.  


    I am not okay with contracting with a business for certain goods and services and then having them taken away at a later time.   I expect to get what I pay for.  Nothing more and nothing less.   


    Some things are included and paid for in the cruise rate that I do not partake in.   I am ok with subsidizing those things or experiences for other cruisers.   The big difference is that I make those choices.  


    We cruised with Celebrity three times over the past year.   Twice on Solstice and once on Reflection.   The product is not the same.    I am a low-maintenance person and I was very disappointed in the changes.


    After 20 years of cruising with Celebrity, I don't think we will be returning any time soon.   


    We booked our upcoming December cruise with Azamara.  


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  4. 10 minutes ago, SoBaycruiser said:

    That’s what worries me… “probably” doesn’t work when you have a flight booked that requires early departure from the ship.   This is the Australia intensive cruise so the entire cruise is in the same country.  i would that would make it easier.  I’d rather email and get their answer in writing but I could only find a phone number for US passengers.

    Here is a link to the contact form:  https://www.azamara.com/about-azamara/contact-us

    Also, try support@azamara.com

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  5. 2 hours ago, ECCruise said:

    Not sure why you got that.  We are on the same sailing, got the same notification and there is nothing about being able to change to a different itinerary.  Our TA got the same notification as us.  Not a word about ability to change.


    Maybe because you were rerouted to UK CS where rules may be different?

    I got it because I sent an email to Azamara customer service asking if we were going to be credited port fees for the dropped ports.  I expressed disappointment at Azamara dropping two ports immediately after final payment.   My original email was not to the UK CS.  It was sent through the US website "contact us" support page.   The form asks which country you are from.   I think the UK email was an error on the response email.   I called US CS and was told I could rebook if I wanted to.   


    The email came from support@azamara.com

  6. You will probably be offered the opportunity to rebook your cruise.


    I am on a December Pursuit South Africa sailing.   Azamara canceled two of six ports right after the final payment was due.  Of course, the price of the cruise dropped.  I emailed Azamara inquiring whether we would receive a refund of port fees (No).   Here is their response:

    (Note:  I am not sure why it is routed to UK customer service.)



    Thank you for contacting Azamara.


    I hope this email finds you in good health. In our continuous commitment to enhancing the cruise experience, we have taken into consideration feedback received from the previous Africa season. Based on these valuable insights, we have decided to make some adjustments to the itinerary in order to offer a more enriching and immersive South African adventure. I am sorry for your disappointment with the itinerary change during your sailing.


    We will be removing East London and Maputo from this itinerary and instead give additional time in the captivating port of Richards Bay. Although this change may alter the original plans, we firmly believe that the new direction of the itinerary will provide an even more captivating experience and unforgettable memories.


    Reservations can be changed to a new ship and sail date and Azamara will waive the major change fees, cancellations are not available. 
    If you would like to pursue this matter further please contact; azamaracustomerserviceuk@azamara.com
    *Azamara reserves the right to change the itinerary
    Many thanks,



  7. 23 minutes ago, NewSalty said:

    I'm currently in the same situation - have 3 or 4 unpaid excursions sitting in "the system" for the last month or so.  However, I have no assurances that these spots are actually reserved, and that when I do go to pay for them, the system will tell me that there are no spots left.


    Has anybody had this happen to them since the website changeover?

    Customer service assured me that my excursions would not be dropped before the OBC was applied.   After my OBC was properly applied, I was able to pay the balance. 

  8. 21 minutes ago, westcoasttech said:

    If I go to Categories, I get “no categories found…” message.  I did book as a guarantee category, but now have a cabin number assigned… 


    I’m not complaining … I’m very happy with the price I paid and any OBC is just added cherries on top of the Azamara sundae!!!

    Glad you got it almost worked out.   Lots of OBC is always a good thing.   🙂

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  9. 19 hours ago, westcoasttech said:

    I guess I will have to … they are closed today.  I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t something that is well known to previous Azamara pax! 

    You can find out which package you are booked under in your reservation.   Log on to your reservation and go to the categories section where it lists your cabin information.  On the lower right hand corner you will see Price From .  Click on it.   Your booking special with pop up.    


  10. 6 hours ago, Grandma Cruising said:

    I have been able to book excursions with out paying for them yet. I just added them, then when it came to paying I clicked cancel. They have stayed on my booking for weeks.



    You can book shore excursions in advance.   


    We had an issue where my husband's OBC was added to our account but not applied to our shore excursions.   I just called and the rep applied it and I paid the difference.    The rep said she would send the paid invoice to my TA.  She sent me my edocs, confirming my shore excursions.   I sail in December.    


    If your invoice shows your OBC is not applied then call Azamara.   I was on hold for several minutes.  The rep was fantastic.   She was friendly and helpful.

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  11. 10 hours ago, wrk2cruise said:


    I believe the Amex Priority Pass doesn't include the Restaurant benefit.  That may be only for Chase cards.

    Here are the cards that qualify for the food credit for anyone who is interested (cut and paste from the points guy):

  12. 1 hour ago, RichYak said:

    I'm not sure if they're actively chasing that type of customer, or if they're just cutting way back on food costs and that's just the type of customer who remains satisfied.

    It is possible.  IDK.  My husband is very easygoing and he is done with Celebrity.   The cutbacks were very palpable.   We are not the type who like to be fawned over.  Our needs are simple.  Good food.  Good selection.  Good entertainment.   

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  13. 1 hour ago, Barwick Cruiser said:

    It’s too bad you didn’t receive good service on your cruises. While the food quality/selection  mentioned by some recent cruisers leaves a lot to be desired we’ve personally only ever had wonderful service from the hard working crew. So many went out of their way to please us and that’s what we truly remember from our holidays. Hopefully this never changes for us as that would be the proverbial straw. 

    I think they were understaffed on our cruises or maybe just a Solstice issue.   We gave our stateroom attendants a break and only had our room cleaned a couple of times.   We also gave them an extra big tip.  The dining room service was very slow and hectic.   The crew were doing their best.   I don't blame them.    Maybe things have changed since my last cruise in March.   


    We had excellent service in the specialty dining restaurants.  



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  14. 8 minutes ago, denatravels said:

    I will try that!  thanks

    If the OBC is not applied, call Azamara.   They are really helpful.   I had an issue with my husband's OBC not being applied.   Apparently, he had two Azamara club numbers and the OBC was added to the wrong account.  

  15. 16 minutes ago, denatravels said:

    I do not see an option for "book"



    Not a TA. 


    If you book the shore excursions and do not pay them at the time of booking, you will receive a new invoice in your email.  The invoice should show the OBC applied and any other payments made on the reservation and if there is a remaining balance due.  Sometimes, I can access the invoice online.  Other times, I cannot.   It is wonky.    


    Cut and paste from my invoice (redacted):


    Payments Payment Type Date Amount

    CREDIT CARD 10 Aug 2023 $ XXXXX
    CREDIT CARD 24 Aug 2023 $ XXXXX
    $300 OBC SHOREX 25 Aug 2023 $ 300.00
    OBC COUPON 25 Aug 2023 $ 75.00

    $300 OBC SHOREX 25 Aug 2023 $ 300.00

    OBC COUPON 25 Aug 2023 $ 75.00


    The invoice will be several pages long and show everything about the reservation.   All of your shore excursions, payments made, add-ons (ex: OBC), dining preference, etc.  



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  16. Alaska is beautiful.   We cruised Solstice to Alaska in 2019.   It was wonderful.   The itinerary, the ship, crew, food, etc.


    We were on Solstice three times in the past year or so.   The food was not good.  Worsening each cruise.  On the last cruise, we left in the middle of dinner one night due to the inedible fish.   It was a rare exception for me not to finish a meat dish.  I feel it is insensitive to the animal to be wasteful.   


    We are not big eaters, but we do appreciate good quality food.  It seems only available at the specialty restaurants now.  Celebrity has changed a lot.   Unfortunately. 


    I believe Celebrity is chasing a new type of customer.   Those who do not know or do not care about food or service.   Our next cruise is on Azamara.   It is all-inclusive with the exception of shore excursions.  We have a lot of OBC which will cover most of our excursions.


    I haven't been on NCL for a while but we enjoyed our cruises with them when cruising with our young daughter.  


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