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  1. 2 hours ago, Jim_Iain said:

    No -  you open the App and search for the airport.    You then have to check the terminals.    In Atlanta it was only available at one Restaurant and only one place was listed.   


    In December they had a sign posted that Priority Pass was not available for American Express members -  not sure what that was about.


    We had plenty of time so no problem.


    When in Toronto they had a Lounge Open to Priority Pass Members in the Cross Boarder Terminal

    Missed this post.   


    AMEX Platinum card members get Priority Pass with their cards.  Are you saying the ATL Delta sky lounge or Centurion lounge was not allowing the use of Priority Passes for AMEX holders?

  2. On 9/23/2023 at 1:23 PM, Jim_Iain said:


    I hadn't used it at the restaurants either before.     In Denver you show your card at the reception person and she scanned our QR Code and asked what flight number we were on.   She then gave us a little receipt that you present to the waiter when you receive your bill.   He then told us we didn't owe anything since it was under $56.  We gave him a nice tip.


    In Atlanta there was no reception so I just asked waiter how it worked and said it covers the first $56 dollar (1 member plus 1 guest).    When we got the bill he scanned our QR code and said it was fully covered so I personally handed him a tip and thanked him.

    We don't usually fly out of ATL.   But, we will be flying ATL to Cape Town in December.   Which restaurant did you go to in ATL airport?     Is the QR code on the Priority Pass card? 



  3. I added the shore excursions but did not pay for them.   Azamara said they would credit the OBC towards the shore excursions.   My account showed paid in full after a couple of days.



  4. On 9/19/2023 at 12:46 AM, Grandma Cruising said:

    Anyone in a Veranda Plus cabin also gets a free meal in each speciality restaurant per cruise week.


    We booked a Veranda Plus cabin for a 12-day cruise.   Will we get to dine in both restaurants once or twice?

  5. 12 minutes ago, Marylebone37 said:

    And speaking of sales, another new one today and the offers are getting sweeter.  I brought this up early on in the thread as something to watch out for.  Warning, Warning! Danger Will Robinson!  (Some humor for those fans of Lost in Space… loved that program!)


    Dear Carol, is there any update on the status of the issues and expected resolution timeline?  Total silence from management for a LONG time. Surely you can spare a few minutes to update your loyal clientele.  Although, maybe management just doesn't care at this point and are ready to jettison all of us and move on to a new and younger population of cruisers.   Thanks so much for any update you can provide.  We truly would appreciate it.







    Yes.  Azamara is a sinking ship.   Everyone overboard!  LOL


    Give it a chance.  Let's hope it's growing pains.    

  6. We booked the City Lodge Hotel Victoria And Alfred Waterfront for the night for cheap ($67).   We won't stay the night, as our flight leaves at 11pm the day we return from the cruise.   The hotel gets good reviews, is in a great location, and it will be a rest stop and a luggage hold for us, for the day.   


    Drop off your luggage and book the HOHO (hop on hop off).    Head over to Simon's Town for penguin viewing or Camp's Bay for lunch and street performers.  Or both!   Have fun!

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  7. 1 hour ago, tgg said:

    With copious amounts of OBC, we booked a bunch of shore excursions for our Dec. 12 cruise. We knew we would have lots of money left to spend onboard. SURPRISE! An updated invoice says that we owe another $400+.  To add insult to injury, our B2B credit has also disappeared.


    Is the IT situation getting worse? It sure is.

    Does your OBC show under "ADD ONS" at the bottom of your "billing/receipt"?   My OBC was applied to the booked excursions but my husband's OBC was not.   My TA called and said it would be worked out and I would be sent a link to pay the remaining amount due.   The link did not work.   


    I called Azamara and the agent said my husband's OBC was not applied because he had TWO Azamara loyalty accounts and it was applied to the wrong one.    Last week, she said it should be straightened out in a few days.  I just added another shore excursion.  It is still not updated.   I will call them tomorrow.

  8. If they aren't paying the port charges, why wouldn't they refund them?   


    I received a $50pp shipboard credit on a previous cruise for a missed port.   I don't remember which cruise line it was, but I think it was Celebrity.


    EDIT:  I sent an email to Azamara asking about refund of port charges.   I will update if/when I hear back from them.

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  9. 56 minutes ago, The Salties said:

    Hello Anna, well ,well as they say "it's a small world". I lived in a small village outside Farnham and went to school there in the 50's/60's. There are fish&chip shops in Cape Town but there is not one in the V&A. They normally do hake 'n chips rather than cod or haddock. Mitchells do it as do many other places, including a fish chain called Ocean Basket. Even here in England not every chip shop does it perfect but you should be ok in the V&A, if not have extra mushy peas to help the taste.


    It is a small world.  🙂


    It is really impossible for him to replicate the wonderful fish & chips experience of Farnham.   Food and memories combined are my theory.  We lived on West Street, by the library.   My daughter attended preschool at the Maltings.  As a family, we would often stop to pick up fish & chip takeaway (perfectly crisp and wrapped in newspaper) on our way home from school and enjoy it in the park.   Very fond memories.


    He won't eat mushy peas.   I love them!   


    He will be happy if we can find some great fresh fish dishes.   



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  10. 5 hours ago, The Salties said:

    Your best bet in Camps Bay is to walk along the front and see what takes your fancy. It is a very short walk, over the years have eaten at many of them, some have changed ownership. Up to now never had a bad meal, and hope that continues for you. If you like fish there is a good choice available and of course the steaks and ribs are always a good standby, if fish is not your thing. We go down on Pursuit and are spending Christmas at Moullie Point a short walk from the V&A. We often eat at the Mozambik which is not one of the high end restaurants in the V&A but we have always enjoyed it as have friends we have taken. It is very popular and you normally need to book especially for dinner. If you like pub grub Mitchells brewery just along from the Big Wheel has always satisfied, be aware the portions are certainly not small. The City Lodge is fine for what you are doing, in fact, would be ok for 2or3 days, it is not high end but when I have used them, they have always been clean and comfortable.

    My husband and I lived in Farnham, Surrey County and he misses great fish & chips.  Do you know if there is a good British-style fish & chip shop in Capetown?  

  11. Thanks everyone for the advice on hotels, excursions, location, and safety.   The A & V Waterfront area provides for an excellent base and was a great recommendation. We have traveled extensively and lived abroad a couple of times.   I feel comfortable in new cities, as we follow good practices for safety and sensitivity.  


    Here is what I have booked so far:




    *Pre-cruise hotel: PortsWood Hotel for 4 nights.

    *Post-cruise: City Lodge Hotel (V&A Waterfront) for one day.   Our flight leaves at 11pm.   This hotel is cheap and its sole purpose is to provide a day place for our luggage and rest.


    *Gold Restaurant reservations for African dinner, drumming, and entertainment.



    Plan to Book:

    HOHO 3 days

    Lunch at Camps Bay  - Recommendations???

    Three Vineyards Winetour  

    Penguins/Marine life


    Considering Aquila Private Reserve.  Has anyone done this excursion?




    Booked Pumba Game Reserve (cruise ship excursion)



    Plan to look into Woodley's suggestion for Heritage tour safari, wet safari, and beach.  Is this tour similar to Azamara's Wildlife snorkel safari?


    How about Thula Thula Game Reserve?  Opinions?




    Considering Gonubie Beach for whales, dolphins, etc.    Has anyone done this tour?  Any opinions?



    I have no clue.  Nothing is standing out.   Any suggestions?




    Undecided.  Any suggestions?












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  12. 14 hours ago, Host Jazzbeau said:

    We found the V&A area quite lovely as a base.  Lots of restaurants to choose from and sights to see.  For more info, here's my blog of our trip [Cape Town comes at the beginning]:



    Wow!  Thank you for sharing.  Lots of useful information.  🙂

    Your flight experience is my worst nightmare!


    I booked the PortsWood Hotel.   It was very reasonable.   

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  13. 37 minutes ago, Host Jazzbeau said:

    For our AMA river safari in 2018, AMA put us up at the Cape Grace Hotel (very pricey but great location at V&A waterfront).  We flew in early, and on our own dime chose to stay at the PortsWood Hotel (near the Cape Grace and much less expensive).  My comparative review was that the PortsWood was better value and actually quite as good as the Cape Grace.

    Thanks.  I was looking at that hotel too.   It is a great price.


    My husband really wants to stay in the downtown area at the Taj.   Is the area really that bad?   I got a couple of recommendations for the Taj.

  14. 21 minutes ago, mdeegooden said:

    Congrats, "AnnaNicole"!  I'm sure you and DH will have an amazing vacation seeing some unique and memorable sights.  We found this itinerary and our stay energizing and refreshing.  I can't wait to do another one similar!  As far as hotels go, if you can't get into the AC Marriott, I would recommend you check out the Radisson RED V&A Waterfront.  It's in an excellent location easily walkable to the ship and the rest of the V&A.  The location is safe and comfortable for any kind of walking you wish to do.  I would be leary of choosing a downtown location or someplace other than in the V&A if you intended to do most of your Cape Town exploring on foot.  Best of luck to you and happy sailing!

    Thanks for the hotel recommendation.   I will take a look at it.  🙂

  15. Here's an update.  We booked the Dec 9 cruise.   I was able to change our flights to arrive on Dec 5 (cheaper fare too!).  We now have 4 precruise nights in Capetown.


    The AC Marriott has no availability for Dec 8.   I booked a refundable room at the Taj Hotel to give us some flexibility while I am trying to sort out our plans.   Has anyone stayed at this hotel?  It is located in the Downtown/City Bowl area.   Is it easily walkable (and safe) to the V&A waterfront?  






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  16. Just now, Werangels said:

    Hi.  We are on this cruise.  We arrive 2 days ahead and are then spending time at Victoria Falls, the Chobe River and a final 5 nights in Camps Bay.  

    We have booked Thula Thula direct and have also booked the high tea at the Oyster Box in Durban direct; both for a fraction of the cost.  We have booked Pumba through the ship and will book the markets in Durban but it isn’t showing online at the moment.  Not sure on Maputo as yet, considering a pool pass at the Polana Serena or doing the ship tour which includes lunch at this hotel.  


    Thanks!   Thula Thula is on my list.   I was just looking at their website.   Did you arrange with them transport from the cruise pier?

  17. Mdeegooden, Thank you!  So far, I booked the Pumba Private Reserve.  I am going to go over the shore excursions with my husband tonight.  


    We originally planned to do an Azamara Antarctic cruise, but it did not end up working out with DH's schedule.  I am really excited about this cruise and am really appreciative of you sharing all of this great information!


    How did you book the Azamazing evening?  I don't see that as being available.    Azamara's site is not very user-friendly!   


    EDIT:  Ok, I see on AzAmazing evening that it is not available to book yet.   Here is the info if anyone wants to check their specific cruise date.


    https://www.azamara.com/static-assets/files/AzAmazing Celebrations.pdf





  18. A couple of other questions for you kind people.


    We have passports and COVID vacs cards.  I understand we do not need a Visa; except for the Maputo, Mozambique stop.   


    Does Azamara get the Visa for you, for a fee of $50pp?   


    Do we need any travel vaccines?   

    (Admittedly, I am a little confused reading government sites as to what we need to do.) 

  19. Thanks, everyone!  I appreciate your insights on excursions and where to stay.   🙂


    I would love, love. love to extend the trip to include more time in Capetown and a safari, but the flights are not working out for me.   Too expensive, too many stops, etc.  


    We booked a Delta itinerary with a quick flight into ATL and then nonstop to CPT.  Same on the way home.  The flights are more expensive than the cruise.   LOL


    I have my flights and cruise on a 24-hour hold.   Do you think the 12 day cruise and one pre and post-day are enough?  Or should I hold off on booking this cruise and wait until I can book a longer stay in Capetown?  


    Mdeegooden - thanks for sharing your review and excursion recommendations.   Did you have any problem booking excursions through the ship?  We have about $800 OBC and plan to use it for excursions.  


    What are your favorite or must-see things in each port?


    How is the weather in December (I read it is warm and mild)?  






  20. Hello all.   I am considering booking a Christmas South Africa Intensive cruise  RT Capetown.   I may be able to score some reasonable business-class flights, so I may need to make a quicker decision than I normally would.   I have been on about 30+ cruises (mostly Celebrity, RCCL, Norwegian, and a couple of Oceania).


    -  Anyone who has done this itinerary - how was it?  Good options for safari?  What were your favorite excursions?  Easy to book shore excursions?


    - Opinions on Pursuit?   We will book a balcony cabin.   Any opinions on booking one category over another?  Advantage? Cabins to avoid?


    - We plan on arriving a day early.   Any favorite place to stay in Capetown?  We will probably just rest after long flights, so reasonable cost.


    -  Anyone, have experience with SkyLuxe for airfare?  Reliable?  (The reviews are great)



    How's the food? service? activities?   


    Thanks for any and all opinions and suggestions!   🙂







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