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  1. 3 hours ago, Jodidawn said:

    As of December 19,2022 Celebrity I’d forcing you to do it.

    I guess my December 18 cruise just squeaked in.


    I am not happy with the new change.   Especially given the really high cost of the alcohol packages now.


    I guess I will be bringing wine onboard.  

  2. 22 minutes ago, Jim_Iain said:


    Interesting.. they seem to be playing a game with my reservation --  They give a decent rate for ES but then add on about 2X the tax and fees as on my reservation which brings me almost back to what I'm currently paying.



    That's weird.  I wonder why the taxes and fees are so high.   I recently used them and did not notice any elevated fees. 

  3. 15 hours ago, Jim_Iain said:

    We are just on the cusp of Spring break and the rates show it.


    Love the suggestions but geezeeeeee the rates are over the top -   We currently have a reservation at Hilton Embassy Suite for April 13 - 15 with a free cancellation until 5 days of arrival for $354 per night (2 nights including Tax $953).   I was hoping it would drop but seems to be climbing.


    I just checked Hilton Marina and the are at $573 -  $1,363 including Taxes and fees for 2 days.


    I guess I will be happy with Embassy Suites for now.

    Take a look at super travel.   They have much better rates for some hotels than other sites.  Embassy suites is $329 for your dates.   You may be interested in the Pelican Grand, if you like Ocean front room with living room and a balcony, the seaside suites are only $311 + tax.    

  4. 12 hours ago, jelayne said:

    Specialty coffees are included as is soda, juices, teas, mocktails, and non premium bottled water. 


    I believe mocktails are only included on Premium non-alcohol and the new Zero package.

    The bartender on Reflection (Dec.) was emphatic that mocktails are not included in the Classic non alcohol package.   My husband ordered a mint lemonade drink and was admonished. The bartender said he would give it him, but would charge for it in the future.   He had no problem ordering them on the Solstice in Sept. 



  5. 1 minute ago, Cruzinforpeace*** said:

    Ok.  What are some improvements or benefits that have been added?  I and many others only see things being taken away.  I noticed a big difference on my last cruise with Royal (Celebrity’s Mama) in November.  The food was terrible (even in one of the specialty restaurants), less food choices and super long wait times for everything (staff shortages).  We were also charged for room service.  I was on the same ship pre pandemic and it was a big change from that cruise.  I’m hearing a lot of the same from recent X cruisers.

    Just shut up and enjoy your cruise or don't go. 





    j/k   😄    I feel your pain.   There have been a lot of not so good changes.

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  6. 42 minutes ago, C4HCG said:

    Fair enough, think we are on the same wavelength. We love Celebrity and mostly enjoy almost everything on it. I do think people on here are looking for the perfection that as you say, doesn’t exist. Sometimes I think this forum should celebrate what Celebrity do well rather than continually criticising it.  Can’t wait for our Equinox cruise in September and we are looking at booking our 2024 one too, again on Celebrity.

    Constructive criticism benefits the business and the consumer.    I don't see the majority of complaints being about perfection.    It appears to me as if most of the complaints center around product changes since booking (addt'l fees), value for $, and frustration with Celebrity's product decline (esp dining).   


    Celebrity loyalists want to see Celebrity remain the semi-premium line that they have known and loved.  It seems newcomers are ok with the new mass market business model.    Celebrity is at a crossroads.  I guess we will all see what happens. 



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  7. On 1/3/2023 at 8:22 PM, RichYak said:

    Is this a joke? Why agree to pay more than what you already contracted to pay?


    True there have been no damages yet, only offers (and one threat) from Celebrity. It remains to be seen how Celebrity handles those who ignore/decline the offers. Will they terminate the bookings or not? If they do, that could be breach of contract. But I’m not a lawyer, so what do I know. 

    I guess there could be damages if one purchase non-refundable airline tickets and/or a non-refundable hotel pre/post cruise.

  8. Both people in the cabin do NOT have to purchase the alcohol package.  On our last two cruises (Sept Solstice and Dec Reflection) my husband had the classic non-alcohol package and I had the premium alcohol package.   He doesn't drink alcohol and doesn't mind drinking water out of an aluminum container.

  9. 1 hour ago, Wakepatrol said:

    I heard Celebrity is thinking of running a test pilot program for room service.

    if you receive room service and leave the tray in your cabin there’s no charge.

    if you leave your half eaten gross tray outside your door you will be charged $59.95. It’s called a Raised By Wolves fee

    I am always careful to slide the tray down a few doors so my neighbors look like the troglodyte and not me.  😁

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  10. 22 minutes ago, jagoffee said:

    Not us.  We so disliked fixed dining and the lack of balconies.


    On our honeymoon in 1980 we had early fixed dining.  We were assigned a 7:30 AM breakfast time, which was never used.

    Balconies are great.  We always get a balcony.   But I do miss the promenade deck.  


    I never had a fixed breakfast time so I cannot comment on that.   I would order room service if I was assigned a 7:30am breakfast time.  

  11. 11 minutes ago, Spif Barwunkel said:

    I totally agree, NMT. I also agree with AnnaNicole in post #112. I referenced several threads together rather than try to address each one individually in order to make my point. Because my cruising dollars are still comfortably spent on X only signifies that I am still comfortable with the product, nothing more nothing less. So, your savvy and my savvy are different. Perhaps. You need more, and me, not so much. As to information, experiences and expectations, we've all got 'em and it's all good. From that, we decide when it's time to make a change...or not.   

    It isn't a more or less thing, it is a value for my money thing.    The value for my money has been depreciating with my Celebrity cruise experiences.   Others are expressing the same feeling.   


    I tend to be a quality over quantity person.  The little details added up to a more quality experience, for me.   A lot has changed in cruising in the past two decades.   Exceptional to great to good to just ok.   IMO, the scale has tipped too much to the downside.   I do not like to be nickle and dimed on vacation.   The (almost) all inclusive was the one thing that I really liked about cruising.   The new X model does not agree with me...room service charges, MDR dining charges, etc.





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  12. 3 minutes ago, NMTraveller said:

    I think that people are starting to figure out that for the price that X is charging they can move up to a premium/luxury line and have the experience that X used to have plus more.



    Perspective.   Some see these posters as savvy consumers and others see them as petty complainers.   


    I chose to be a savvy consumer and appreciate the posts for what they are....a sharing of information, experience, and expectations.  🙂

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  13. 17 hours ago, D. B. said:

    I miss All the things on your List except the Midnight Buffets! We would go and Look but were still too full from Dinner to do more than that........

     Loved the Parade in the MDR of the wait staff singing "It's a Small Word" while waying a napkin and all the guests singing along and clapping......

     Your list brings back great memories!

    I am not a big eater so I skipped the midnight buffet, but they were a treat to look at.


    Cruising was just so different back then.  I miss it.

  14. On 1/10/2023 at 3:20 PM, Candy Apple 12 said:

    @Bruin Steve Thank you so much! I know that the greater LA area is huge, and I want to stay away from the sketchy areas. I really appreciate hearing from a local that Santa Monica is the place recommended for tourists. I will definitely start looking at hotels in the area. If I might indulge you a little bit more, do you know how the drive from Santa Monica to Palmdale generally is? It looks like part of the drive is through a mountain range. I have an aunt and uncle that live in Palmdale, whom I haven’t seen in years. I would love to go visit them. I have two full days before the cruise, and I was thinking of taking a day trip to go see them. Do you think this would be feasible? I would be making this trip on either a Friday or a Saturday because the cruise leaves on Sunday. 

    Take a look at the Seashore Motel on Main St in Santa Monica.  It is a family owned motel.  You can sometimes get better rates when booking direct on their site.  It's nothing fancy, but it is a great location and very inexpensive for the area.   It is walkable to restaurants, beach, etc.    There is a coffee shop right there and they have free parking.


    My niece and sister live a couple of blocks away and we always stay there when we visit. 



  15. 11 minutes ago, talljules1 said:

    Totally agree with you, Hank. Indeed, X are pricing themselves out of their own market for the retreat. We love X, but retreat prices have become crazy - so much so that we've booked a 2 week MSC YC cruise this week for about the same price as a 1 week sky suite cruise, and we're actively looking at Azamara, Silversea etc for cruises for 2024+. If the price of a suite in the retreat starts to cost as much as a cruise on a luxury line, it makes sense to try the luxury line.


    For our MSC cruise we will likely stay within YC - but the room is same size as a sky suite, there is a YC restaurant (like luminae), lounge  and sundeck - and they are bigger and better appointed.



    I've been looking at Azamara too.   There is a good promotion out right now with $800 OBC.   

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  16. On 1/5/2023 at 9:24 PM, MillerThyme said:

    Upcoming Reflection Eastern Caribbean March 19, 2023. Anyone going?

    Also would appreciate a casino review from anyone recently sailing on Reflection. 

    The slot machines are all penny or $1 machines.   No quarter machines like they have on Solstice.  

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