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  1. My husband and I only take carry-ons for all of our travels; domestic and international. We have been doing it for years. Rolling clothes and choosing carefully helps a lot.
  2. I haven't cruised on Celebrity since COVID. I like to drink 2 or 3 glasses of wine, a few cappucinos, and quite a few bottled water per day. My husband does not drink alcohol at all. He drinks cappuccinos and some bottled water. No hard liquor, mixed drinks, soda or juice for either of us. Does Celebrity still require everyone in the stateroom to purchase the same beverage package? I am trying to decide the best package configuration for us. If I get the wine by the bottle package instead of the classic or premium package - can I choose only red wine bottles and have it delivered to our stateroom? Can we bring a bottle or two of wine on board with us? They used to allow it. Thanks!
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