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  1. I am sailing on the Solstice. I am considering booking Sushi on Five (non-package). The checkout shows $0 as it is a la carte pricing. I noticed that Celebrity terms include a $20 credit for securing your reservation. Does this mean a $20 credit will be applied to our bill just for making the reservation through the cruise planner? Can anyone verify this was the case for them? Thanks. We are happy to secure your reservation and apply a $20 credit to your bill, excluding all beverage items and gratuities.
  2. You will get a 15% BCC discount on the drinks package by ordering through them. Possibly on the other stuff too. I didn't order dining or wifi. Were you able to get an all inclusive add on? If so, at what price?
  3. Try filling out your email form with his name, Captains Club number, and remove your BCC number. That worked for me. When BCC responded with the confirmed cruise for him, they recommended he sign up to receive promos. So, he qualified for one, but he did not get the email because he wasn't signed up for it.
  4. Try signing up here: https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/casino And here for communications from BCC: https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/casino/blue-chip-club
  5. Call and ask if you can change to that offer. Someone posted they were successful with the changeover request.
  6. So true. I've had excellent customer service from Angela and Emma. Both of them moved me to a cabin of my choice on both of my booked cruises. Both were friendly, helpful, and a joy to work with. I had called last weekend and a gentleman told me I could not move my cabin to a Sunset Veranda. He was kind of rude about it. Snarked that I had a complimentary cabin. I was insistent that it is allowed (I was told this on my other booking) and asked him to check with his supervisor. He put me on hold and then said he would call me back. Never did. I called again yesterday and made the cabin change with no issue. Not only that, Emma was super helpful pricing out All inclusive and al a carte on drinks, tips, etc. A world of difference in customer service. She reminded me I get a 15% BCC discount on drink packages and to call when I was ready to book the package for my Feb cruise.
  7. You won't get a 1099. They have a basic charge for the cruise and then a discount. My cruise fare was $70pp then discounted $70pp. My husband's cruise offer fare was $1pp then discounted.
  8. I upgraded for the red wine and Evian. UGH. I hope it is not a problem on our Solstice class. The last time we were on Solstice (2019, Alaska) the wine included on the Classic package was awful! I paid extra to get better wine.
  9. No sparkling water on the Classic non-alcohol package? I know San Pellegrino and Perrier are on the Premium non-alcohol package. Is there not a non-premium sparkling water? I ask because my husband does not drink alcohol but he does drink sparkling water. The $7 more per day for the premium non-alcohol package seems excessive just for sparkling water.
  10. I have seen this before too. I believe it is a shortage of 3/4 person capacity cabins. Try moving up to OV or balcony and see if that helps with the rate.
  11. You would think the pool attendant would notice that the sun bed went unused all day! Saving chairs at the pool is my biggest pet peeve. I once removed stuff (a towel and a hat tied to the chair) from a couple of chairs and put them on the ground. TWO HOURS later a woman started yelling at me that they were her chairs. I calmly told her to take it up with the pool attendant. She was irate.
  12. The representative told me she will call me on Friday and let me know if the offer is replenished. Possibly you could call and ask a rep to add you to a waitlist for the offer.
  13. Probably not. But I have cruised on: Celebrity Oceania Royal Caribbean NCL HAL Costa MSC Stena Ferries
  14. Try again. The BCC rep I spoke with said they sometimes replenish the offer.
  15. I called Blue Chip this morning inquiring about upgrading to Aqua Class. I spoke with the most helpful representative, Angie. She was great! She answered all of my questions and was patient with my requests. Angie said the cost to upgrade to AquaClass was $140pp for the week. Unfortunately, BCC had no availability right now for the upgrade offer. She told me she would call me back Friday if any availability opened up. There are lots of Aqua class cabins available on my sailing, so we will see. In the meantime, she was able to upgrade me to a large slant balcony cabin for no charge. She also got me a 15% blue chip discount on the drink packages. It was cheaper than booking the discounted rate on Celebrity's cruiseplanner. Is upgrading to AquaClass worth it for Blu vs MDR? Is BLU a crowded venue?
  16. Where does one upload the Vax cards? I did not see that on my Celebrity check in.
  17. You can use the camera on your computer, I did. I took a picture of my husband's passport photo and upload that for his photo.
  18. Years ago, we were fortunate to sail on Horizon twice. One of our all time favorite ships. Small, quaint, outstanding food and service.
  19. Does any one know if the King beds in Aqua Class on the Solstice can be converted to two beds?
  20. I'm on the 9/24 MR sailing and ours is still showing not ready too.
  21. Thanks! I forgot you could make reservations for MDR in advance. 🙂
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