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  1. If you have a problem getting through to them via phone, you could forward the email to them and ask them to fix the issue. Be sure to include your original documentation. bluechipclub@celebrity.com
  2. The Godfrey is a great hotel. Clean, friendly, great beds and linens, and of course, great location. Enjoy!
  3. If you are traveling light and up for walking, it is really easy (and cheap) to take the T subway to/from the airport. As suggested above, take the blue line and get off at the aquarium. Boston is such a walkable city. It's easy to get around using the T (MBTA).
  4. Someone previously posted there was a mistake in Celebrity's system and people were given duplicate OBC. Celebrity sent emails collecting the erroneous OBC usages. Some people argued they were supposed to have the duplicate OBC as it was included in their booking. Did you go through a TA? Do you have a confirmation of the OBC? I would start there.
  5. I will point out that when I returned a glass of wine due to taste the waiter was upset and became slightly argumentative; insisting there was nothing wrong with the wine. I made no accusation of it being watered down. I said the taste was off. And it was. My husband's glass of wine (Decoy) tasted veery different than mine. We were served at the same time. It was the only glass of wine I complained about.
  6. ???? I ordered the wine from a different place on the ship. I did not ask for a new glass of wine nor complain about the one I had. That glass of wine seemed fine. I know what wine tastes like. I am simply relaying my experience.
  7. I would normally agree, however, I can only attest to my experience. It tasted watered down. My husband thought so too. Not even the slightest buzz from drinking it. EDITED to add: I won't name names or occupation, but a cruise ship employee took the almost full glass of wine I had and said "don't drink that, I will open a bottle for you." There was another experience at the bar that was very odd too.
  8. Decoy was available on Solstice Sept 24 cruise. I did have to insist on it a couple of times. They routinely pushed Celebrity Elegance red wine. Sometimes, the pour I got was definitely NOT Decoy. There were a few times that the wine tasted watered down. UGH. Evian water was not available. Vellamo was the replacement.
  9. Priceline Express deal. It usually isn't too hard to figure out which hotel you will get when you isolate the areas. On some deals you can make a bed choice. We only use the deals that offer the choice of two beds. Priceline VIP deals can be very cheap. I just got the Pelican grand 40% off for mid-December. It is refundable too until a couple of days before. They also offer cheap insurance.
  10. Well...just a thought....it would be in Celebrity's best interest to work with their local ports to assure a smooth flow of transport for their passengers. I am sure they have some type of business arrangements with local businesses.
  11. Thanks. I will give them a call. In addition to free cruises, I have gotten hugely discounted quotes on fares.
  12. Is the Tahiti to Sydney cruise a free cruise or discounted cruise through BCC? I would book that cruise! We have 3 booked through BCC. I did not see an offer on Tahiti or New Zealand. My offers were Mexican Riviera and Caribbean cruises.
  13. Are you staying in a local hotel prior to the cruise? You may want to ask the concierge if you can store your luggage at the hotel for the day for a small fee. If possible, they may accommodate you.
  14. I had already edited it to say 15% on drink package. You sure discounts are only for drink packages? The rep told me there were discounts on dining and shore excursions too and to call back when I was ready to book them.
  15. You can get a minimum 15% BCC discount on drink packages.
  16. Call the Blue Chip Club. They give at least a 15% discount. We got a premium alcohol package for our cruise for 28% off (BCC rep said it was 15% but it ended up being 28% when I did the math.) The online planner discount was 9%. I am calling today for my specialty restaurant resy.
  17. We booked the Pelican Grand Beach Resort for two days pre-cruise in mid-December. I have a few questions: 1. Has anyone stayed at this resort? Good? Bad? Worth the cost? 2. Is Uber/Lyft the best way to get there from FLL? Same for cruiseport? 3. Any local place (walkable, a mile or two is fine) you would recommend to pick up a couple of bottles of wine? 4. Any local restaurant recommendations? Prefer casual for lunch and dinner. Thanks! 🙂
  18. BCC offers 34 & 35 day inside cabins for $200 each???!!!! What do you pay for the upgrade? What level BCC are you?
  19. Aqua Class cabins include the perks now. I wouldn't have switched either.
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