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  1. If only we could get the flourless chocolate cake like they used to serve. Yum! You can get creme brulee in the MDR. It is a part of their every day menu.
  2. No can do. I drink my water straight up 😄
  3. You would be wrong. The issue wasn't about respect of a position. The issue is that it was stated a lowly CC poster's opinions would be of no value to Celebrity because they are merely "Joe-from-Schenectady." I beg to differ. My post was never about respect for a person due to their position. Funny, you tried to make yours about it.
  4. Exactly. Roger Smith and GM is a good read for anyone interested in the perils of drastic cost cutting.
  5. It wasn't available any where on the ship. At least, that is what I was told. Premium water was my motivation for purchasing the premium package. I am not a big drinker. Maybe 2 or 3 glasses of wine. They substituted Vellamo for Evian.
  6. Good to know. Available in all venues? I could only get it in the MDR.
  7. Vellamo. It was good. Not great. Much better than the canned water. I can't/won't drink the canned water.
  8. I would argue there are some very astute cruisers who are quite likely decision-makers in their professional job. So, who is to say Joe-from-Schenectady is not Joe-CFO-Fortune500? Not all management teams are good and/or effective. There are corporate turn around specialists for a reason.
  9. I guess they saved the Evian for the suites.
  10. I was able to get it in the MDR on my September Solstice cruise. Dino, the awesome sommelier had it ready for me. 🙂
  11. Probably 2-3 days depending on menu, port, etc. Sometimes, we just want a quick, small, and simple meal.
  12. I bought a couple of large Vellamo water bottles to my stateroom (SV cabin on December Reflection cruise). I discarded the empty bottles in the trash can. My stateroom attendant told me he was going to charge me for the water. I told him I brought the bottles back to the room. He again said he has to charge me. I lightened it up and joked with him not to charge me since I brought them to the room. Thankfully, he did not charge me. I got the Tart Cherry Pinot a couple of times then there was no availability for the rest of the cruise.
  13. After reading this review, I am seriously considering cancelling my Feb Solstice cruise (BCC). I will have to cancel my airfare and hotel before it is too late. My husband and I were on the Reflection in December. The food in the MDR was not very good. We usually order an app or salad and an entree. The shrimp cocktail was four tiny shrimp on lettuce. The Branzino was so overcooked we couldn't eat it. I HATE to waste food, but the fish was inedible. We left and got a hamburger at the buffet. I rarely eat hamburgers, but it was good. We ended up eating in the buffet or sushi restaurant most of the week. Sushi on Five was excellent (as usual). Cafe al Baccio was excellent. I hope they don't cost cut there.
  14. Shortages on premium wines (esp Decoy and Conundrum). They pushed the Celebrity branded Elegance wine, if available. If not, often it was a classic package wine. No evian water. No acqua panna water. They substituted Vellamo. Mostly they try to give you canned water when you ask for water. Be specific if it matters to you. I don't like drinking out of a can. I drink a lot of water and I am a little picky about water taste. Vellamo is ok. I prefer evian or acqua panna.
  15. I received several more BCC offers and I did not book them. Airfare, hotel, drink packages, taxis, etc add up to quite a bit and I no longer see the value with all of the cuts. I hope Celebrity puts the brakes on the new changes since January.
  16. A shared table is still offered. Ask the hostess when you arrive at the MDR.
  17. I have! I have had no issues. Great service via email, text, and chat. I haven't used their phone customer service option. They used to be snap travel.
  18. I'm going to skip the alcohol package all together. I don't drink enough to justify the current rates. I liked the convenience but not enough at these rates.
  19. One is enough for me. On our September cruise, the waiter brought out a second lobster tail for my husband because the tails were so small. My husband did not ask for it. He is 6'3" and 172 lbs. He would have been a little hungry with just one tiny tail.
  20. Can I get OBC if I don't order the appetizer and the dessert?
  21. And being pist about it because you have a $500 store credit. Hahaha
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