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  1. Yeah - our Alaskan cruise was cancelled this morning. 😞 This was our 3rd cancellation. Stupid COVID. Now back to searching for a cruise that isn't ridiculously priced (despite the 30% and All Free!). Really kicking ourselves for not just taking the refund when the first cruise cancelled back in early 2020.
  2. <sad little sigh> When I booked this Alaskan cruise as my 'third time's a charm' after two previous cancellations, I was sooooo hopeful. I wasn't sure that the Alaskan season would open this year - but, as they say, hope springs eternal. Then Canada issued their ruling. Again, I was holding out hope that they would change their position and somehow through vaccines or herd immunity sailings would resume by late summer/early fall. But my booking is now showing "Default Itinerary Name" which was the precursor to the cancellations. Again. <sad little sigh> So how many of you are kicking yourselves for taking that FCC when first offered? I know that we are.
  3. If you are sailing on one of the larger ships with The Waterfront, check out the "Club Balcony Suites with Larger Balcony" on deck 8 (M6). These balconies are HUGE! Granted, part of the balcony is open and viewable from above...but since we never sit out there naked, it doesn't bother me LOL. The normal balconies on NCL are small - barely room for two chairs and a small table. These balconies have 2 chaise loungers with a small square table plus 2 normal chairs and a table. On Encore's deck 10, there are two M6 cabins with aft views (my favorite view on any ship), but those are wheelchair accessible rooms. One day, my DH and I will splurge for a Haven room...one day...
  4. Last night we booked an Alaskan cruise on Encore 9/26 - 10/3/2021. We were booked to Alaska in April 2020 (cancelled) and then a TransAtlantic in April 2021 (also cancelled). We are crossing our fingers that we will be able to get the vaccines by late summer (we are in FL...under 65 but with some of those health risks) and that this ship will sail.
  5. I am pretty sure that that those dates are when you need to book the cruise by - not actually sail. So if you want to combine both (because we all want to do that), you need to book your next cruise by 6/30/2021. 🙂
  6. Just checked and ours has been issued. It is showing as a "100% Future Cruise Credit" and a "25% Single Use FCC Bonus Credit" (from the first cancellation last April). Both are showing a 6/30/2021 expiration date. For illustrative purposes, let's say that my DH and I have a total of these two credits as $1,250 plus I have two $250 CRUISENEXT credits. So does that mean we would have $1,750 (total) to spend on a cruise? So let's assume I found a cruise that costs $1,000 total for the two of us (Ha!)...could I pay the deposits with the $500 CRUISENEXT credits and then $500 using the new FCC certificates (leaving $750 in FCC). Could that remaining FCC balance be applied towards excursions or the spa? Does it have to be applied before sailing? Thanks for any insights!
  7. For those who booked their recently cancelled cruise using FCC from a previously cancelled cruise, have your FCCs been deposited in your account yet? All that has shown up in our accounts is the 10% discounts - not the FCC. Curious how long it's taking for these to be posted?
  8. That's what I was thinking...it's 30% off their higher prices so the net cost is still significantly higher. I think I can take the amount I paid for a Club Balcony room and buy an Inside. Lovely.
  9. I have a chat window opened on NCL's site to ask about the stacking of the 30% offers. I suspect I will learn that there is only one 30% offer and it's on their higher base fares. I'll let you know what I learn.
  10. Is the 30% in addition to the current 30% off on their website? I assumed it was talking about the same thing (only one 30% discount)? If we could get 30% off on top of the 30% off plus the 10% I'd be a happy girl.
  11. Yeah - that's the problem I keep having. Everything is just waaaaaaay higher. The 30% off plus 5 'free' sounds great - but the price is not. 😞
  12. NCL is giving FCC if the cancelled cruise was paid using a FCC (ours was - we booked the TransAtlantic after our 2020 Alaskan cruise was cancelled). From the NCL website: "...Guests who had an active reservation on a suspended cruise in April 2021 will automatically receive a refund of their cruise fare in the original form of payment for the amount paid by February 22, 2021. Additionally, a 10% off coupon will be automatically added to the guest's account by January 20 which is valid for one year from date of issue, and can be used for any Norwegian Cruise Line voyage embarking through 2022 and is combinable with any Future Cruise Credits and all future promotions at time of booking. For affected reservations paid via a previously issued Future Cruise Credit, the full value of the FCC used will be re-applied to the guest’s Latitudes account within 7 days. This is done automatically, and no further action is required on the guest or travel advisor’s part..."
  13. Does anyone know how long the FCCs will be issued for? I'm thinking 6 months - one of my friends had her March 2021 cruise cancelled in December and she has until June to rebook.
  14. We've never pre-ordered alcohol for our cabin. We always get the beverage package and find it works well for us. My hubby likes to keep beer in the cabin as he likes to sit on the balcony with a beer and enjoy doing 'nothing' for a while. If we're planning to be in the cabin for a while, we'll ask for drinks without ice and add it when we're ready for them. We've cruised with family and friends and frequently get cabins side-by-side. It has been a looooong time since we had adjoining balconies that actually opened. The Escape is a fabulous ship! We did her from NYC to Bermuda and loved her. I've also been on her sister ships - the Breakaway and Getaway. The thing to remember with NCL vs Carnival is that you will need to make reservations for dinners and shows. They typically open up 120 days before sailing - so just set a reminder to do it. It's easy to do online and you can make reservations for more than just your cabin. I think you can reserve up to a party of 8 under one dining reservation. That was great because we wanted to sit with our sailing friends - and NCL doesn't do the 'early' or 'late' seating for dinner. There are 2 main dining rooms on board (Taste and Savor) and they - and the Manhattan Room - all have serve the same menu on the same nights. You'll also want to make reservations for the shows - as those waiting for stand-by seating don't always get in. I think our favorite evening activity is the Howl at the Moon dueling pianos/sing along in the comedy club. I hope you enjoy the Escape as much as we do! 🙂
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