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  1. Kevin-- 808-205-4555. It's a mom and pop taxi service with new Toyota minivans. We use them mainly point to point from the airport but they do hourly for hire. Clean, new cars and always super reliable. For more spontaneous stuff we just use Uber that, while definitely not as good as it was pre-pandemic, still works reasonably well if you give yourself some extra time. We use it for shorter rides where it wouldn't make sense to call Kevin or it would be faster using the ride share app because it's last minute.
  2. Agree on both points-- I was more saying that overall the rooms at the resort, whether in the Mailani Tower or the historic building, are generally on the smaller side. It must have been in January of 2019 now-- feels like forever ago. When we visit family in Maui we used to fly Hawaiian from JFK nonstop to/from Honolulu and we would make a 2 night mini vacation on Waikiki on the way home. This year past year we flew direct Maui from Seattle when we went in Oct and January so haven't been back to Honolulu in a while. We had gotten a complimentary upgrade to the Mai
  3. This is admittedly nitpicking but I've always found the rooms in the main hotel to be much more atmospheric than the Mailani Tower. The free breakfast in the tower's lounge is nice as are some of the club floor perks and balconies, but overall the rooms in the tower feel very bland and generic. . The tower rooms are very white and the fittings don't seem like they are as high of quality as the decorations in the main hotel. The rooms in the main hotel even feel a bit more spacious with the much higher ceilings (although a good majority of the rooms at this hotel, in the original building or th
  4. I'm not 100% sure but will report back-- looking at booking one of the Crystal trips coming up. I'm sure they will let me know before pulling the trigger on it. My guess is there will be some testing that happens prior to arrival and of course showing proof of vaccination. Will report back once I get that info. Looked into the Viking trips but I just can't bring myself to do one-- if I'm going to fly to and from and spend that much time there I would rather just be in a hotel ashore. The sea days and departing/arriving close to home without having to fly are the attraction with Cry
  5. A lot of the time we will pick a hotel for breakfast or an early lunch that has a nice restaurant and the hotel is able to store bags for the day. As long as you patronize them in some way-- breakfast, lunch, or even drinks any upscale hotel with bellman service will be willing to do this. In New Orleans we have done this at The Roosevelt, Ritz Carlton, and Monteleone before without any issue and there is no charge aside from what you tip the porters.
  6. Assuming you are talking about Honolulu. If so, just Uber. Rental cars in Hawaii are at a premium right now and parking costs in Honolulu and especially Waikiki are extremely high even in normal times. You won't need a car unless you plan to drive up to the North Shore or something like that. In terms of 4 star or better its tough to do better than Halekulani. Its expensive but very nice-- truly a 5 star hotel. It has extremely nice food and beverage options including a fantastic jazz lounge as well as the House Without a Key which has great Hawaiian music most nights complete wit
  7. Frankly it's a smart move by Crystal. It's going to expose two major markets to their ships on trips that are short enough to court younger professionals. Their usual voyages tend to be longer and require a lot of flying.
  8. Heard this also from our family that live on Maui. They are possibly looking at restricting the number of cars allowed along Hana Highway through a lottery or timed ticket system to not only limit the number of cars but how spread out they are at any given time. Frankly I think they are just going to limit the number of rental cars too going forward and just make them a super luxury item when visiting Maui at astronomical prices.
  9. You'll want to check out the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in addition to the Museum of Fine Arts-- they are very close to each other. All or some of the Freedom Trail is highly worthwhile. While some of it is touristy it gives you a great overview of the city of Boston. If they cover multiple places you plan on visiting then it might be worth it. Typically we don't use them that often when we visit cities unless there is a really compelling reason. You'll need to rent a car and you are about 1.5-2 hours from most beaches in Cape Cod. If being
  10. The Helumoa is really the pool complex at the Sheraton and it is much more tightly policed for non-guests than the very small Malulani pool at the Royal Hawaiian proper. Royal Hawaiian guests can use the Sheraton facilities but Sheraton guests cannot use the Royal Hawaiian facilities.
  11. The Royal Hawaiian has a roped off guest area of a few rows of loungers, set up in twos with umbrellas, immediately adjacent to the hotel property at the back of the beach. These can only be rented by hotel guests. They usually also have loungers closer to the water in a non-roped off area, but these too are only for hotel guests. All beaches in Hawaii are public so you can intermingle at will-- aside from the roped off parts there isn't any part of the beach you cant access. The Mai Tai bar is through a little gate that is accessible to the public and you can also just eat either
  12. Hotels, like most other places in the service industry, are suffering from a lack of workers. I have to imagine that reestablishing a cruise shuttle is a fairly low priority when cruises aren't even back yet. Uber/Lyft in Baltimore is easy and fairly cheap.
  13. How long is that drive? It's only about 20 miles. It can be a half hour or an hour and a half, just depending on traffic.
  14. Not sure if this is the new normal. Theres two possibilities here-- it was a breakthrough infection which is extremely rare but possible, or they lied about their vaccination status and are suffering the consequences of that.
  15. I know there are shuttles from BWI run by the respective cruise lines but I'm not aware of any Baltimore hotels that run their own dedicated cruise shuttles. The handful of times we have stayed there we have just stayed downtown and taken an Uber-- its like $12-15. Super cheap.
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