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  1. Remaining on topic would be to discuss various cost/time effective methods of getting from Philadelphia to the Manhattan cruise terminal-- not arguing the minutiae fare classes you found clicking hundreds of times through the Amtrak website today. You're oddly making this a very personal argument for some reason. The point is there are many options-- from Uber/Lyft, to car/van services, to yes, many affordable trains that run only 14 times a day, that can get you there in various combinations. We all have our preferred methods and means-- I'm going tomorrow from Philly to NYC on an Acela value fare (the saver was indeed sold out...) The original poster wanted to hear various means of getting there-- not two people beat each other up over Amtrak fares. Why don't we stop bickering and beating a dead horse-- I think there is plenty in this thread for them to make an informed decision.
  2. And again, not sure where you're getting your facts from but there are 12-14 Keystone/Pennsylvanian departures daily in either direction out of about 40-45 daily total legs each way between Philly and NYC. I think a reasonable person would consider that "many" or at least enough, capped at $60, to offer a decent alternative to the $100+ Acela/NER trains.
  3. Its sort of implied in the first answer you got, but to clarify, the gangway is open 24 hours when you are overnighting. If you wanted to be out til 4am (and good luck finding anywhere in Bermuda open that late save for a spot or two frequented by the crew on Front Street in Hamilton) you can do it.
  4. To each their own-- you aren't really correct. I travel Amtrak 6-7 times a week and, as others have said, until recently the fares we're basically the same 3 months in advance or a day in advance. It was more of a PITA to change tickets booked in advance (and keep track of credits) than to just book the ticket in the cab on the way to the station. They hardly, if ever, are sold out on the Northeast Corridor (unless its the Sunday after Thanksgiving or something like that). Even today, there are many subsidized trains like the Pennsylvanian and Keystone Service daily between Philly and NYC that have the same fare in advance that you get the same day. These trains aren't on the new dynamic pricing that the Acela and Northeast Regional trains are. You might travel differently-- good for you. But those of us who spend a good deal of time on Amtrak on a near daily basis may have some different habits that make things easier.
  5. But, if you don't have an enhanced driver's license (and there aren't many-- Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, Washington are the only states that issue them right now) you'll need an original copy of your birth certificate with raised seal in addition to a government issued photo ID. You really should not be leaving the US without a valid passport even if you "can". If you needed to fly home because of a medical emergency or anything like that, you would technically not be able to reenter the US without a valid passport by air. It would cause an absolutely massive, yet easily avoidable, mess.
  6. You could stay either at Newark Airport area or in downtown Newark (if you're hooked on staying in Newark). The Hilton Newark Penn Station would make it very easy to catch a PATH train to the WTC memorial-- its connected to the station via walkway. Theres frankly not much to do in terms of walking around at either the downtown and especially airport hotel locations in Newark. For pretty close to the same rate you'd get in Newark you could stay in downtown Manhattan (theres everything from a Four Seasons to budget options-- hotels like the Doubletree or Marriott can be in the $100-170 range fairly consistently that time of year). This would put you in town and not only walking distance to the WTC, but a much better place to walk around to various restaurants/bars etc or other sightseeing. An UberX from Newark downtown to Cape Liberty cruise port is about a half hour and $21. Same UberX from downtown Manhattan to Cape Liberty is a bit more-- about $75 estimated, but you get alot more time in NYC.
  7. Uber's are plentiful and easy to get. I think the easiest way out of the port area in Boston. Lyft works well too.
  8. If the drop off fee is $60 downtown, you'll save about $30 returning it to the airport and taking a $30 UberX back. Is $30 worth the hour this might entail (there wont be much traffic on a Saturday, but you'll have to drive to the airport, find a gas station, wait for the Uber, drive back etc)? That one is up to you. Also might be worth looking at renting with a more mainstream car rental company like Avis/Budget or Hertz that have drop off locations in Waikiki and usually don't charge the drop off fees. I rented a Mustang from the airport once and was able to drop it off the night before our cruise downtown-- I saved time in the morning, an extra rental day of charges, plus the parking charge. Well worth it.
  9. It honestly really doesn't matter-- they're both not in areas you would go walking around in like you would find closer to the water.
  10. Was there a couple days ago. Definitely a lot of teething problems but thats to be expected in a new hotel-- they had just had their food hall license revoked temporarily by the city so that was sort of a bummer (only in the food hall, which is like street food like Halal Guys, the main restaurant wasn't part of that). The Connie cocktail bar you should reserve in advance online (we were told reservations aren't always needed, but they were turning people away as they were at capacity-- its a limited space).
  11. If you're one of the first off most likely-- it will take you about 20 minutes to get to the airport (possibly a little more with traffic) once you are pierside.
  12. Worth noting that there are plenty of other options that will give you 2-3 days on the island if its important to stay longer-- but none of them are the 5 day trip that Grandeur does.
  13. I can assure you this administration wont change course on this for the next two years. Its a petty personal vendetta against the previous one as well as pandering to meaningless local south Florida politics. You'll be waiting for a bit.
  14. Its usually been in the $45 range for us when we've done it to the Grand Californian with UberX-- even on a week day. Last time was about 8 months ago.
  15. UberX or Lyft are going to be the best blend of ease, cost efficiency, and speed. I use them frequently to go to LAX.
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