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  1. You beat me to answering your own question-- if you wanted something unique and organized, I was going to say that the caves might be a good option. Frankly you can't go wrong just picking a nice beach for the day but if you want to make sure to see something else while on the island I'm sure they will enjoy the adventure of going underground for a bit.
  2. If you're looking for something thats a bit more updated, more what you would find in Manhattan, the W Hoboken is also a good choice and still on the river with views of midtown.
  3. They had some fabulous deals at the height of the shutdown-- we were able to book with them for what equates to be around $350 a night.
  4. You can also fly through JFK direct. There is a rumor that American will restart Philadelphia to Bermuda service in the next couple months but that it will only operate 2-3 times per week. Again, its unsubstantiated but I heard it from someone who is often right with these things. The new testing regime is a bit stringent-- to be frank its making us reconsider going. Its evolved a little over the past week but they are requiring a negative test, taken no longer than 5 days prior (and ideally 3 days prior which is difficult to obtain), be presented upon arrival. You will then take a test at the airport and then immediately proceed to your hotel where you must quarantine in your room for the 6 or so hours it takes for them to process that test. Once you receive the all clear you are free to go about the island. You must go to a testing site and retake the test on day 3 and on day 7 although you do not need to quarantine prior to the results. You have to pay a $75 processing fee prior to arrival per person which will cover all testing. I fully support why they are doing this, but we are wondering if this would really make for a relaxing getaway.
  5. Just got a predeparture briefing from our Bermuda hotel regarding changes in ground transportation that was just published by the Ministry of Tourism and Transport. Going forward all mini busses must operate at less than 50% capacity with everyone wearing masks-- 30 passenger minibuses with no more than 14 passengers, 22 seat busses with 10 passengers etc. I have to imagine thats going to be another major reason cruising will be a long ways from coming back to the island. If you cant move large amounts of people around efficiently theres no point to bringing them there in the first place. On top of that they are requesting all taxi transactions now be cashless with a credit card-- cant imagine the local drivers are going to be thrilled about that.
  6. I mean I guess thats fair-- $2500 isn't something to sniff at. Thats also assuming that Southwest even survives in its current form which isn't a sure bet but they are in better shape than others. If they somehow went into bankruptcy restructuring theres a good chance those outstanding points and credits could become worthless. For a larger group I would then just splurge on hiring a private service-- either a couple large SUVs or a minibus. Will save you a lot of headaches trying to corral your group in expensive taxis. Getting from LGA over to Cape Liberty is a total PITA and rife with opportunities to get caught in crippling traffic.
  7. QE2 visited Quebec City many, many times over the years. I was talking about going all the way to Montreal which I'm nearly positive she never did because of her height and size. I do believe the old Sagafjord and Vistafjord/Caronia both visited Montreal numerous times as Cunarders.
  8. While it's encouraging that the 14 day quarantine requirement now has a reasonable work around with the negative test, it's not like even the inter island cruise on Pride of America is coming back any time soon. While you can visit the islands starting in August, the ship itself is a prime environment for the virus to spread in. I can't see them giving the green light on that right away.
  9. Montreal is wonderful and well worth going to see. Via Rail (the Canadian national passenger railway) runs many trains a day between the two cities. I would even consider spending one of those nights in a hotel in Montreal if you found something worthwhile. Travel time is about 3.5 hours by rail. Drive time is about 3 hours. You can actually stay on top of the train station at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel for convenience. Quebec City certainly has all the medieval European flair that people enjoy, but Montreal is far more dynamic and diverse. Montreal has an amazing dining scene, great museums, and did I mention how amazing their restaurants are? By no means am I saying that Quebec City isn't worthwhile, but it is definitely far more tourist driven than Montreal is. I didn't think QE2 was small enough to get to Montreal-- I believe the farthest it could go in the St Lawrence was Quebec City.
  10. Thats fine but we were talking about getting to Midtown, not lower Manhattan where Wall St and the 9/11 Museum are. I agree with you that the ferry is a good way to get to lower Manhattan. But it's highly inefficient time wise to get to the major sights, dining, and museums in Midtown.
  11. A bargain but at what cost? What you describe would take at least an 1 hour and 15 minutes in each direction provided you make the transfers quickly (which is never guaranteed). When you have realistically between 8:30am to 2:30pm to visit one of the largest cities in the world thats an enormous time suck to save a few dollars. UberX to midtown costs about $35 total and will take about 25-30 minutes.
  12. Which works really well if you want to see lower Manhattan (9/11 Museum, departure to Ellis Island/SOL, walk around the financial district) but if you want to be in Midtown where a lot of the major shopping, restaurants, and sights are a taxi/Uber/or car will be dramatically faster than the ferry. If you take the ferry you'll still need transportation uptown.
  13. I saw that, and frankly we might deserve it. But it wouldn't cause those ships to not operate completely, just without Americans onboard. I think Seadream has already started operations in Norway and they are essentially limited to Norwegians and Danes at the moment.
  14. Turnaround tours through Cunard are fairly limited to bus drive bys of the major sights and I believe you stop in Times Square (which is most New Yorker's (I'm a former New Yorker) least favorite place in town but I can see why tourists enjoy it. I have never taken one of these turnaround tours myself (we usually embark or disembark in New York due to where we live) but have had some UK friends do them. Basically their feedback was that it was nice knowing the ship won't leave without you but they wish they had done things on their own. If you have been to New York before, as you allude to, there isn't going to be anything on this bus overview that you haven't done before. What I would tell you is that it is very easy to get to and from Manhattan by Uber or taxi (Ubers are much nicer than New York taxis these days). You could even hire a car service to take you to and from for what a tour might cost. You could easily do some shopping, see a museum, and have a nice leisurely lunch before headed back to Red Hook to board QM2. The ship usually sails at 5pm which means you would want to be back no later than 4ish. If you left Manhattan at 3pm you would be back to the ship in PLENTY of time and there would be virtually no traffic that time of day. Generally it take about 35 minutes from Midtown Manhattan so you would have an hour of buffer time. You could even finish lunch and leave at 2 and give yourself a ton of time. My point is that unless you really want to do the dog and pony bus tour again you could have a very enjoyable day off the ship on your own with zero stress.
  15. Oceania just did the same-- cancelled sailings of Insignia through the end of October which eliminates her Bermuda sailings (which were still on sale up until a few days ago). https://www.oceaniacruises.com/coronavirus-statement Interesting to note that Insignia, operating out of the East Coast US, is out of service a whole month longer than the rest of their fleet which is primarily based in the Med and Asia (Oct 26th vs Sept 30th for the others). Clearly they think those places will come back quicker than the US.
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