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  1. They're just "tenders"-- "shuttles" tend to be cruise line jargon for busses in ports. As you've said it's a new itinerary so only Princess knows for sure, but typically when a ship is overnighting the gangway and tenders operate 24/7 (although less frequently later and overnight-- sometimes just based on demand).
  2. Also, embarkment or departure? I'm sure it's possible but that seems like a late time to begin boarding at the MCT.
  3. You should be fine- Logan is extremely close. I would disembark with self help at your earliest convenience.
  4. There is more than one pier. Are you boarding or disembarking in San Juan or is San Juan a port stop? If you are boarding/disembarking you'll most likely be at the Pan American Pier which is a ways from the downtown Old San Juan. If it is a port stop you'll dock close to the Sheraton Old San Juan. Pan American Pier no. Cruise pier in Old San Juan is quite close. Again-- I don't know which pier you'll be at but I don't think there is anything close to the downtown pier. The beaches at Condado are not far at all from the Pan American Pier.
  5. It's much better than it used to be since the major renovations opened. The NO airport used to be about as exciting as a Greyhound Bus station. The Dooky Chase family have Leah's Kitchen in C Terminal which is most likely what you are looking for based on what you said. They also have a burger joint on in the B Terminal which I enjoyed. Keep in mind though that all of these are being cooked and prepared by third party airport concessionaires that the restaurants licence their names to so the quality isn't going to be as high as it is in town. Personally our favorite NO departure ritual is having jazz brunch at Arnaud's with several martinis, eggs benedict, and some tableside Bananas Foster on the way out of town before we get to the airport. Way better than anything you'll get at the airport itself...
  6. It's super easy-- quick Uber/taxi ride, you can take public transport, and I believe you can walk (although I never have there). The old Quebec Pavilion is now repurposed as the Casino Montreal and is quite popular. Most of the outline of Expo 67 is still there overlayed with some changes made for the 76 Olympics nearby (rowing basin). An amusement park occupies the North end of the island.
  7. It depends on the time of year but generally yes. There aren't as many hotel rooms as there are in a city like New York. I'm in Boston several times a month for work nowadays and sometimes I use an app called Hotel Tonight if things are especially egregious. But the whole premise of it is that you have to wait until literally the day of travel to book. You can book a hotel like one of my favorites-- the Fairmont Copley Plaza-- sometimes for $135 a night when it can go for $400+ in advance.
  8. From Santa Lucia they are pretty easy to find. Otherwise any hotel with a dock will be happy to call you one and it's usually just a few minute wait.
  9. They have UberXLs in Quebec which in my experience are mainly minivans with a few 3rd row SUVs. Should be enough room. Worse comes to worse you could always just split into two regular Ubers. I stopped using traditional taxis in Quebec because it is inconsistent who will take credit cards-- with Uber theres zero question.
  10. The only US Preclearance locations in the Caribbean are at Nassau and Aruba. There is also preclearance at Bermuda. You'll go through immigration at your first entry into the US flying from SXM.
  11. Chariots for Hire is a company I've used several times in DC for work events. Very good and reliable. There are a few others that operate locally. I think what you are going to quickly find is what you propose is very, very expensive. These mini busses will be billed by the hour from garage in to garage out-- meaning you will be paying for 2 full round trips from DC to Cape Liberty and back even though you'll only occupy 1 round trip. That's industry standard-- not just with the company I mentioned. This will most likely be the most cost effective way to do this even with the larger group.
  12. Thats my personal favorite reason for taking a cruise to Bermuda. The ship becomes essentially a floating hotel for a few days. You can actually enjoy the island instead of having to shuffle back on the ship at 4pm each day.
  13. Whatever you want to hear but they are very different things that serve completely different purposes. Immigration is the only formality you'll go through. And no, they don't have Global Entry in Boston. The only cruise port I know they have Global Entry in is Port Everglades.
  14. princeton123211


    And there are plenty of other options besides Port Royal. I would say the top option on the island is the Mid Ocean Club which you can do depending on their availability without being a member.
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