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  1. Sometimes a hotel that you stay at will do something like that for you-- just really depends. I have a favorite hotel in London I stay at a few times a year that will keep a small bag for me for a month or two between visits. If you stay somewhere in Southampton you could always call them in advance to see if they would. Otherwise you can always rent a small self storage unit for a month of which there are a bunch in and around Southampton.
  2. Theres a lot thats walkable from the piers-- you essentially dock right in the middle of downtown Basseterre. From the ship you walk through a little fake village built out onto the pier that contains the usually duty free and souvenir shops along with a bunch of divey bars that are popular with the crew. Beyond that you are in the actual downtown-- theres Independence Square and also a main roundabout with a memorial in it. Overall the town is full of very touristy shops. Really not my fave town in the Caribbean. If you really want to have a good time on St Kitts we
  3. Also second the Queen Elizabeth-- great location and I have taken the train from New York a few times and nothing is better than getting off at the station and taking an elevator up to the hotel. The Ritz Carlton has also gone through an amazing renovation and would be a great place as well if you had the budget. It was a bit dowdy for a while but is now excellent.
  4. Glad to hear that-- from what we saw it will be the first major hotel to open up there, although the shopping plaza adjacent was mostly open when we drove through last week. Back on the mainland now. Leaving is a lot easier procedurally than going there-- no hoops to jump through with testing or checking in with folks. The airport at OGG sprung to life compared to our arrival on the 17th. The Starbucks and one of the shops in the central atrium were now open and had been closed when we arrived. They even have Sammy's bar open (which I found weird that they were not using the outdoo
  5. Happy to help-- I've spent more time in Boston hotels for work than I'd like to admit. The Battery Wharf, assuming the new management company has kept it up which I would, always felt like a Ritz Carlton/Four Seasons lite-- physical furnishing and rooms as nice as those 5 star places, just didn't have all the bells and whistles. But it was also less expensive. I think you'll enjoy it and its an easy place to walk from to the North End, Faneuil Hall, etc. Right on the water next to the Coast Guard Station. Boston has an interesting hotel scene-- nice mix of old and new.
  6. Battery Wharf Hotel is the former Fairmont Battery Wharf and is a very nice place-- much more modern than its former cousin across town, the Fairmont Copley Plaza. When built it was very much a 4.5 star hotel and at least physically will be of a higher quality than the Hyatt Regency. Battery Wharf has large rooms with large bathrooms that have separate tubs and showers. I have not stayed there since they are no longer managed by Fairmont but that would be my choice of the two you mentioned. I stay loyal to Fairmont though in Boston and usually will stay at the Copley Plaza which I
  7. It is getting worse. We spoke with some people and thankfully most of the 65 or so that have gotten it have not been seriously ill so far but they are air lifting a few to Honolulu who need more intensive treatment. Lanai is not a place I would ever be comfortable getting ill no matter what, let alone Covid. Most of the sick were locals and it stemmed from family gathering or gatherings-- I couldn't tell exactly but thats whats being said here. The two FS resorts, while with sparse guests, have not been majorly impacted and continue to operate. We had considered jumping over for a night or two
  8. We came in the first wave-- to see a bunch of family on Maui that we haven't seen since March and have been here since the 17th. The Covid testing 72 hours to departure was fine (we used who Hawaiian Airlines partnered with but there are other options). You get a QR code for each flight you have (ie separate QR code if you are connecting to Maui from Honolulu). It wasn't terribly well organized but you can tell they are trying. I have to imagine the testing regime we went through would be impossible to implement for a 2000-3000 passenger cruise ship unless there were massive improvements in te
  9. As others have said-- this is a much better option. I took a look at the cruise tour you mentioned and it is VERY heavy on Oahu which frankly isn't the most picturesque island. I think if you did a 7 day stand alone cruise to get an overview and then spent a few days in Maui on the beach and then flew back to Honolulu for a night or two to cover Pearl Harbor and other tourist spots on Oahu you would be a lot happier. Even if you stayed mainly on Oahu and copied most of the activities they offer you could do it for less and have more personal time to yourself than doing it through
  10. Echoing this-- keep in mind that an Uber from the pier to Pearl Harbor I believe was less than $20 the last time we did it and only took about 15 minutes. Well worth a very modest extra few dollars for the time you save.
  11. We use Uber all the time when in Honolulu. Very available and very easy-- a lot of the Uber driver's we've found are spouses of armed service members based there. We've also found that UberX tends to be of a much higher quality car in Honolulu than a lot of the taxis we've seen.
  12. While The Pan Pacific has (or had if it went away-- I haven't been back recently to know) a policy for non guests, which makes it a great option, most nice hotels will store bags for non guests if you come in for lunch, coffee, a drink, etc. I wouldn't recommend just waltzing into a hotel and expect to drop your bags without purchasing anything, but any 4-5 star hotel in the city would be willing to store them if you were making even a small purchase with them.
  13. The other thing to keep in mind is that large blocks of cabins are sometimes sold wholesale during the shoulder season through different travel agencies and, whether they are US or UK or somewhere else based agencies, can dramatically change the makeup of the ship on any given trip. My experience with these winter transatlantics is that its usually a fairly even makeup of UK and US. But we've also had occasions on the first night wondering "where did all these Germans come from?"
  14. Early in her career QM2 actually did a cruise from the west coast of the United States called "Royal Hawaiian Liner". It was back in 2006 and was round trip from Los Angeles with stops in Maui, Honolulu, and the Big Island. I don't believe anything has been repeated like that since. If Queen Elizabeth ever goes back to Alaska its certainly possible that there could be some repo cruises that would stop in Hawaii.
  15. And that really is the essence and main selling point of a winter crossing-- "Look how comfortable I am and how much fun I'm having in literally one of the most inhospitable places on Earth!" I'm totally with you there-- nothing is better than a nice cold martini, sitting in your tux, as QM2 plows through 35 ft swells at the same speed a normal cruise ship tops out at. Ok, maybe one thing better-- doing the exact same thing on the old QE2...
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