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  1. You can also just Uber which will make sure you get a larger car with UberXL. You head to a staging area at SeaTac thats pretty easy to meet the car.
  2. Leaving from Baltimore I would most likely just stay in the Inner Harbor or Fells Point and Uber over to the ship-- you'll end up with more time to yourself. Plenty of options-- Baltimore is a pretty inexpensive town when you compare it to other Northeast cities. Some standouts are the Four Seasons and the Sagamore Pendry Hotel (which is run by Montage), but there are tons of other less expensive options from most major brands as well.
  3. You really need 2-3 days to cover the island so I would just pick something you really want to do and stick with it. You could do Horseshoe Bay in the morning and then take a taxi over to Hamilton to walk around and then take the ferry back to the Dockyard. That would at least give you a little glimpse of the island. You could also take the ferry over to St Georges and work your way back to Hamilton-- would be skipping out on the beach day but you'll get a good overview for the next time you come back.
  4. We come out here every year-- this has been the best year so far in terms of availability for Uber that we've experienced. It used to be that they were available at night but not that much in the daytime. Now they're available all the time which is nice. After the Luau in Lahaina at night you wont have any issue getting an UberX. Could be a longer wait for an UberXL (if you needed that) and will be a longer wait for an UberSelect (nicer cars).
  5. Hawaii has 8 major islands-- sort of broad. Most people mean Honolulu when they just say Hawaii but if you have some more information it would make things easier for people to chime in. As a general rule, theres very little in any of the Hawaiian islands thats reasonably priced by mainland standards.
  6. You'll be able to see the statue in the distance just past Governors Island. Wont get the up close sail by ships docking in Manhattan get. You'll be able to see the lower Manhattan skyline-- mostly the financial district and of course One World Trade Center, but the rest of the Manhattan skyline will be distant and mostly hidden behind these buildings. If you Uber/Lyft/Taxi into the city you could certainly see one or two things before heading to the airport (depending on what airport you are headed to). You could have lunch in midtown and then head out-- you will need to leave Manhattan no later than 3pm for a domestic flight thats 5:30pm for example.
  7. Agreed-- have seen both (actually broadcasting live from Kaanapali as we speak). If you can get Drums of the Pacific with transportation included, go for it. If you want to see OLL, you can Uber back and forth-- about $60 each way. Might actually come out to a wash given the markup the cruise lines have on the per person costs of the luaus.
  8. We've done Celebrity, HAL Veendam (which isn't sailing this year), and now are booked for Oceania in August. The Oceania really got our attention not only because of the extra half day when compared with Celebrity and NCL, but also because you are docked in St George's (near where we spend most of our time anyway) and then Hamilton. We're not big Dockyard fans and this made a huge difference and will save us a lot in transportation costs and time on the island.
  9. Another one that I miss-- like a baby QE2 in a lot of ways.
  10. You'd be better served price wise finding 3 days in Honolulu independently-- you wont really need a tour unless you want to visit the north shore or do something besides hang out on the beach. Things like Pearl Harbor etc are easily doable, and less expensive, on your own via an Uber or taxi.
  11. What day of the week? If its a Sat/Sun you have a tiny, tiny shot of making it (but most likely wont make it) and if its a week day theres no way.
  12. Agreed-- long term parking at the airport will most likely be less expensive and more secure.
  13. It'll depend on what number you are-- which will be based on the cabin category you are booked into. If you can carry your own luggage down the gangway (which involves no stairs) you can be first off and pierside by 8ish in the morning. If you would like porters to take your luggage ashore then you are subject to the disembarkation times the cruise line assigns to you. Most car services take this into consideration and are flexible with it.
  14. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for. We've disembarked Summit twice in Cape Liberty from Bermuda-- one time early and the last time the last group off. I think there are a lot of people who cruise from Cape Liberty that live close and drive themselves there. Both times there wasn't surge pricing on UberX (although about an 8-10 min wait). Summit, by todays standards, is that large, but it's possible there could be with one of the larger RCCL ships that dock there.
  15. Looks interesting-- might take a closer look in Aug when we're there. On paper I think I would still prefer the Boston Whalers for a little more space and power, but I'm sure these will find a market.
  16. I like the QM2 a lot-- but I agree with you. QE2 had a certain magic in the air you picked up on the second you boarded into the mid ships lobby that her predecessors just don't. And this isn't even nostalgia-- we would talk about it at the time before her withdrawal from service was even announced.
  17. From a price standpoint it can be but isn't necessarily. You'll need to check pricing online. It might be you rent round trip from a location in Waikiki and take an Uber to the airport. Or Uber to the airport and drop off back at the airport. Just depends on dates and pricing from each location.
  18. To Charles' point-- the taxis in New Jersey are not as well regulated as the ones in NYC. They're older, not as well maintained, and in less quantity. Uber/Lyft is by far your best option for a private car headed out of Cape Liberty.
  19. Makes me long for the 5-6 day crossings QE2 did. Made a difference.
  20. The cruise lines usually split the difference in these situations with the bus arrival at the midpoint of the embarkation time. So most likely leaving the hotel in the 12-1230 range for arrival around 1pm. This is a generalization-- make sure you check with the cruise line specifically for your departure. From the Fairmont Olympic we've just Ubered it in the past-- super quick and easy and you don't need to deal with the masses.
  21. Actually she opened in in 1971 under Diners Club as the operator. After a few years she passed to Hyatt Hotels who ran her for a few years until 1980. That year Jack Wrather (who owned the Disneyland Hotel) bought the lease for nostalgic reasons, having sailed on her a number of times, and it was operated by his company until 1988. That year the Walt Disney Company bought his holdings so they could own the Disneyland Hotel (which they had been trying to purchase for decades) and the Queen Mary lease was an unintentional consequence of that purchase- they didn't really want her. They toyed with turning the area into a theme park but never went ahead with it-- in 1992 the QM closed when Disney pulled out. They actually almost ruined her.
  22. You and I have disagreed about this before so I'm not going to rehash, but for the sake of people reading the thread both methods have plusses and minuses. In this instance, any premium you encounter is most likely less than you would pay in waiting time for a traditionally hailed taxi while you went in, ordered, and waited for a sandwich. And you have the peace of mind knowing you have a way back to town. We've found the app to be very useful when we go to out of the way places without taxis around-- paying with a cc, knowing where the car is coming from and how far away it is, as well as having GPS accountability for rides much like Uber (we've gotten partially refunded through the app for a trip that took the "scenic route" vs most direct) have been worth any premium. I would absolutely use it for getting to and from Art Mels without paying for a driver to wait.
  23. They are called Punkah Louvers-- quite common on ships of the time. When Queen Mary was in service the warm air was heated but the "cool" air was just forced air from outside-- no air conditioning as she mainly was on the North Atlantic which is comfortable even in summer. QM never got air conditioning (unlike her sister Queen Elizabeth, which got it towards the end of her career as Cunard was considering putting her into cruise service). QMs final voyage around the tip of South America to Long Beach was notoriously uncomfortable in the tropics as she was one big oven inside. Its called sheer-- left over from sailing ship architecture, it provides the ship additional stability in rough seas by having the bow and stern elevated in relation to the rest of the deck. Also present, but less noticeable, is camber-- this is the slight sloping of the deck downwards from side to side (as opposed to sheer which is front to aft). This was a holdover also from sailing ships so that water would drain to either side of the deck rather than pool in the middle. It made creating doors and doorways in ships like the Queen Mary an art unto themselves. Also a holdover from sailing days, the QM was one of the last large passenger ships to have spreaders across her forward mast.
  24. The nearest is going to be Embarcadero-- decent hike at just over a mile. Wont be the distance in SF with luggage that will kill you, it'll be the hills. Personally I would just UberX from the pier to wherever you are going but I guess if you are intrepid walkers its possible to do it, although wont be fun.,
  25. Its a tiny, heavily tourist leaning town-- you honestly don't really need one. Extremely easy to walk almost anywhere and if you want a lift out to the Lodge at Pebble Beach or Inn at Spanish Bay Uber works very well.
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