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  1. Here is an article discussion digital proof of vaccination. https://www.frommers.com/tips/entry-requirements-customs/how-americans-can-obtain-proof-of-vaccination-for-travel
  2. There is a facebook post from one of the people put ashore. Apparently Viking worked a miracle with the government and the people involved are back aboard the Viking ship in their same room.
  3. Viking TV (Viking.tv) this week is featuring the Viking Homelands Itinerary. The presentation is about an hour and a half long. About half of it is a direct discussion of the itinerary and discussion of the available excursions. The second half is Q and A. There is a lot of good info here. You can stream it from Viking TV or find it on you tube.
  4. Today, May 19, 2020, Viking TV (Viking.tv) is going to present a webcast featuring the Viking Homelands itinerary at 2 pm eastern time. The webcast will also be available on Viking TV after the live stream.
  5. dwlmg

    Alaska 2021?

    Agree it would be a quick turn. According to Charwing's spreadsheet, the Viking Star is idle until two cruises in September. Both of these involve Canada. If Canada is still closed, perhaps Viking might find something for the Viking Star to do in the interim.
  6. Yesterday, May 14, 2021, according to Cruise Critic, the US Senate passed a law allowing foreign cruise ships to sail from one US port to Alaska without stopping in Canada. The bill now goes to the House and eventually to the President to sign. It begs a few questions. Does Viking have uncommitted resources (a ship) to use if the opportunity opens? Would Viking make an accommodation to allow those who were booked for Alaska in 2021, received a voucher when the cruise was cancelled and rebooked in 2022. My guess is that I could cancel the 2022 booking and get a voucher for the monies paid into
  7. As of today, 13 May 2021, the US CDC announced that passengers could go on independent excursions. This is new today. Previously, passengers were only allowed on excursions run by the cruise lines. It remains to be seen if Viking goes along with the CDC relaxation. It may very much depend on the dictates of the countries where the ports are located. The CDC does not set rules for the Bahamas, the UK, or Iceland. Viking is putting several brand new itineraries into their offerings with very short notice. These itineraries involve new ports so the excursions have to be developed and
  8. I do not mean in any to be critical of Viking. They are over the top as a first rate enterprise. Viking is not looking to appease or impress the CDC. They are marketing to their US customers. We Viking customers can be assured of the very best best in mitigation of the COVID threat. Thank you Viking.
  9. We rebooked our Aug 2021 Viking Homelands to Sep 10, 2022. Interestingly, our invoice says we tender in Flam rather than Eidjford. Anyone have any info on the differences between the two? Apparently in years past Viking went to Flam and then switched to Eidjford.
  10. This morning, 4 May 2021, our booking in MVJ for our Aug 2021 Viking Homelands cruise was in 'view only' mode. In addition, the calendar indicates we are going Reykjavik, Iceland to Bergan, Norway. On the Viking website, all 2021 dates for Viking Homelands have been removed. It does not look good.
  11. The New York times is reporting that the EU will allow vaccinated US travelers to visit this summer. The article is behind their paywall but here is an article from USA Today. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/news/2021/04/25/report-european-union-accept-vaccinated-americans-summer/7377054002/
  12. It appears some states are making it illegal to require proof of vaccination to receive service. Is this going to be a problem in Florida if cruise lines require proof of vaccination either on their own or to comply with government conditions in ports they visit?
  13. The CDC should be consistent in their requirements for Free Pratique (permission to enter and debark passengers in the US). Cruise ships cannot. Airlines have to prove no positive COVID tests within 3 days of arrival for all aboard. If they are true to their concerns, International air travel to the US should be shut down as well. It is not much of a stretch to consider the Covid variants arrived via air rather than by sea.
  14. It is very disappointing that Viking could support the Around England, Bermuda, and Iceland cruises as quickly as they did on My Viking Journey while support for the Mississippi cruises has been 'Coming Soon' for a year.
  15. If you can access CNBC, The interview plays here. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2021/04/09/viking-restarts-limited-cruise-operation-with-vaccine-and-testing-requirements.html?&qsearchterm=Tor%20Hagen
  16. I chatted with a well informed travel agent. The Russia cruises were cancelled because of the uncertainty of receiving the required visas for the river trips. Saint Petersburg does not require a visa if you tour with a recognized guide, so the visa is not a problem and the port visit should not be cancelled for that reason.
  17. I have seen online menus for Chef's Table meals. At the time online reservations open up, is there an indication as to which menu will be served on a specific night? Example - If I am looking for the Xiang menu, will the reservation system tell me which nights it will be served?
  18. So as the dust settles on this day (6 Apr), Viking has announced they are not going to Russia this year. I chatted with a My Viking Journey agent about our Aug 31 Homelands cruise which has a 2 night port call in Saint Petersburg, Russia. They said as yet, the cruise has not been cancelled but nothing more. I REALLY hope there is some kind of itinerary adjustment and the cruise still goes. I was looking forward to St. Pete but...
  19. So as the dust settles on this day (6 Apr), Viking has announced they are not going to Russia this year. I chatted with a My Viking Journey agent about our Aug 31 Homelands cruise which has a 2 night port call in Saint Petersburg, Russia. They said as yet, the cruise has not been cancelled but nothing more. I REALLY hope there is some kind of itinerary adjustment and the cruise still goes. I was looking forward to St. Pete but...
  20. So the CDC issued 'Technical Instructions' for compliance to resume cruising on Friday, 2 April after 5 months of silence. Someone should tell the CDC that the current Covid variants did not arrive in the US on cruise ships and they should address the risk posed by the most likely vectors by which the variants arrived - airlines. The Technical Instructions probably have killed the US cruise industry for this year and will force the US cruisers to look off shore to find cruise opportunities.
  21. If several miracles happen and we do get to take our June 2021 Alaska cruise, It could be far less crowded in port than in 'normal' times with all the cruises that have already been cancelled by other 'big ship' lines.
  22. Right you are. The airlines have not had any reported COVID incidents in recent times. I was thinking about the 'Flight from Hell' article reported on 60 Minutes. I have since realized the flight was a repatriation of cruise passengers. I do believe that there were instances of new infection on the flight, but it predated the practice of masking. That said, the CDC could say masking iaw airline practice is a requirement and open cruising without a vaccination requirement and be consistent with risk management protocols on aircraft carrying more than 100 passengers.
  23. The CDC again briefed the need to limit travel on Monday, 29 Mar. If they were true to their spots, they would limit air travel to airplanes with less than 100 passengers as they do to the cruise industry. Even with an empty middle seat, I am far closer to more people than I am on a cruise. There are certainly several reports of issues with plane loads of people where the response paralleled the experience with the Diamond Princess.
  24. It appears our June 2021 Alaska cruise is not going to go. My booking is locked on MyViking Journey and VIking no longer lists any 2021 Alaska cruises on their web site. We are planning for 2022 and with our voucher, trying to decide if we should do a cabin upgrade. One of the benefits of the upgrade is earlier access to excursions. I am interested in the photo safari. a) Anyone have experience with it? and b) does it sell out fast?
  25. Over time, I have experienced multiple instances where My Viking Journey (MVJ) has had various glitches and problems. Sometimes the page with my air reservations is found, sometimes it is not. The site frequently gives me a page and then locks up. There are itineraries where support on MVJ have been 'coming' for over a year (see Mississippi and expedition cruises). People are reporting you cannot book excursions on MVJ where other people report they can. I am beginning to seriously wonder about the security for the credit card and echeck data we put on that site.
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