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  1. We are apparently still using the 'old version' of My Viking Journey. We are coming up on the time that the final payment is due. On the FAQ page in My Viking Journey there is a question about how to make a payment. The response says go to the Make a Payment page and there is a link provided. Clicking the link takes one to the My Account page where there does not appear to be any way I can post a payment with an echeck or otherwise. Any one know more? Thanks in advance.
  2. There is a very special offering from Viking.tv this morning. It is the choral version of the Traveler which was streamed live yesterday. It is very much worth your time to hear. Here is a link. https://www.viking.tv/episode/the-world-traveler
  3. A local TA certainly has far more experience dealing with the Viking Air Travel Desk than I do. The local agent could also potentially represent far more bookings to that desk than I as an individual would and derives some leverage as a result. The trick is to find and use a travel agent you can trust. There are on line articles that suggest what you should look for and how to look for a travel agent. Our agent has done very well by us. Another consideration is that it has been reported that Viking has brought in new people to deal with the extra loading on their resources. Your Viking agent may be one of these 'temps' and not aware of some of the things more experienced Viking and local travel agents know. We did very well on a business class fare with Viking Air on our first cruise with them. That cruise was cancelled and we took a voucher which included the original air fare. We booked another cruise with voucher. Because we had business class air fares in the voucher, we got locked into using Viking Air again. When the bottom dropped out of the air travel market, air fares took a dive but Viking is locked into their contract fares and cannot follow the market. Catch 22.
  4. dwlmg

    Gift shop items

    Viking logo apparel is online here. I suspect some of it shows up in the onboard stores as well. https://www.hellyhansen.com/en_us/shop/viking
  5. I am booked on a New Orleans to Saint Paul cruise on the Viking Mississippi. I have multiple cruise bookings in My Viking Journey. One of them is the Mississippi cruise. I can select the Mississippi cruise but all I get is a splash page saying coming soon. I have the 'old' format my viking journey. The core of my question is do the people who have booked a Viking Mississippi cruise and have the new format My Viking Journey see something more than coming soon. The underlying belief is that Viking has created the necessary function for the Mississippi bookings only in the new version of My Viking Journey.
  6. dwlmg

    Sailing again?

    This may be due to the transition to the newer format for My VIking Journey. I do not remember any discussion of lock for update in the days leading to the previous suspension of operations announcements. If you have multiple bookings, are all bookings locked or only those occurring in July?
  7. Mississippi cruises have been a coming soon attraction on My VIking Journey for quite a while. I am wondering if anyone who has the new format My Viking Journey and has booked a Mississippi cruise can see anything beyond Coming Soon on my Viking Journey.
  8. I think I know the disappointing answer but one of my mantras is that if you don't ask, they can't say yes. If you have onboard credit for a cruise that is cancelled by Viking, can you reassign the credit to a cruise you use the voucher for? Perhaps it is something a travel agent can make happen. Ours has done some remarkable things for us.
  9. We booked our Mississippi cruise through a travel agent. Our agent was able to negotiate a later payment date. You should investigate contacting an agent and 'assign' you booking to them. It does not cost you anything (depending on the agent) and you may get some on board credit from the agent. We also got a $150 gift card from the agent from one of their promotions. They can help you defer the payment date.
  10. It appears the airlines are starting to add additional international flights back into their operations - a positive sign for those who hope to be cruising in Europe in July. If there are cruises in July, I bet the Viking air staff will be more than busy trying to re-book Viking air accommodations. I have Viking Air business class seats on KLM out of Dullas (Washington) the end of July. KLM is not currently flying anything out of Dullas. They are flying out of JFK in New York.
  11. dwlmg

    Tor's Corner

    There are rumbles that Tor is going to make a presentation on Viking.TV this week. Does anyone know it this is true and if so when?
  12. Yes, For the last two cancel actions, the voucher was for 125% of all the money paid to Viking (including trip insurance and air if you bought it from them). The only thing you cannot use the voucher for is trip insurance. We have a trip the end of July where we have applied a voucher. We ended up upgrading the cabin, a pre cruise extension, and had money left over for excursions. If we did not have voucher credit to apply, I would book and pay for excursions as well as pre-paid gratuities as soon as I could. 125% is a nice return. You do have to believe Viking will survive this but I believe they will.
  13. I saw a webinar by a travel agent in a facebook group. He offered the following re long lead final payments. Viking has limited a comparatively limited capacity throughout its fleet. The early final payment represents a commitment on the part of the passenger to actually make the cruise. The notion of being able to hold a booking for a year on a $500 deposit is not a good idea from a business sense. Especially if you consider that you can get all of it back less than $100 up to 120 days before sailing. Under the no risk offering, you can even get the $100 back in the form of a voucher. The early final payment also provides Viking with a pile of cash they can use to weather the COVID storm. There will be issues when they need operational cash on the other side of the current issue but for now, they are probably better positioned to weather the storm than some cruise lines.
  14. Standby. Cunard announced an extension of their 'paused' itineraries today. They have extended the pause to end in July for two of their ships and they cancelled their entire Alaska cruise season. More detail here. https://www.thepress.net/news/state/cunard-extends-pause-to-voyages/article_d29dd482-f99f-5b68-ad17-afd2b535c803.html
  15. We did not get our amounts to match until we realized we paid by e-check so we had to take 3.3% off the voucher amount. Then it balanced.
  16. Just got the email cancelling our Jun 27 Majestic Fjords sailing. VIking has cancelled now through 30 Jun 2020. Same terms for cruises cancelled in window. Future cruise voucher at 125% or 100% cash refund.
  17. Historically, I have seen things like two for one deposits, various deals on airfare including free from gateway cities, various discounts on cruise fares. I believe at one time, the beverage package (upgraded wine and essentially open bar for non premium spirits) was offered. Sign up to receive brochures and email from Viking to stay informed . After we booked a cruise, we received email and a mailing offering a nice offer to book another cruise. I think your best resource to answer this question would be a travel agent. There are some additional incentives to involve a travel agent in a Viking booking. You can book with Viking to realize the 'web' savings and then 'assign' the booking to a travel agent who in turn may be able to give you some additional on board credit. We went to our local AAA store for our agent. There are indications that it may be worthwhile to shop around for an agent. These are going to be trying times for the cruise industry. It is hard to anticipate what will be the deals of the future.
  18. Curious. The VIking updates on current sailings mentions a voucher equal to 125% of all monies paid to Viking. I wonder if you do things like buy air through Viking and pay for it, buy excursions through Viking and pay for them, prepay gratuities, and even buy trip insurance through Viking if these are included in the 125% voucher calculation. I could understand a position that only the cruise fare is actually paid to Viking but perhaps they are all included. The other items are collected by VIking and paid to other entities. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience in this area?
  19. Charwing@gmail.com has a thread in this forum with links to his dropbox. There are very interesting spreadsheets in that dropbox. He has a listing of all Viking Ocean Cruises in one workbook and a listing of shore excursions and costs in another. He can only post shore excursion costs if folks provide them to him or he has taken a specific cruise. I have provided him with a list of costs for my Majestic Fjords and Vibrant cites cruise. They are included in his latest version of the shore excursion workbook. The shore excursion workbook is located here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/j5d3sa891mn0jox/VikingShorexCosts.xlsx?dl=0
  20. We are on the Majestic Fjords and Vibrant Cities sailing Jun 26, 2020. I was surprised our excursions were posted in My Viking Journey on Feb 2. Some of the excursion descriptions were missing so we emailed Viking Guest Services and asked about them. They replied with what looks like the text that belongs in the excursion description but as of this writing it is still not on the website. I copied their response to our roll call.
  21. I posted the tip on another board and a nurse responded to some comments. People say they put their meds in a weekly pill caddie and off they go. The nurse pointed out that if you do that, in an emergency, there is no way for anyone to tell what you are taking. She went on that if you do use a pill caddie, tape a listing of what meds are in there to the lid of the caddie so someone can tell what you are taking if you are unable to tell them.
  22. We were filling our prescriptions and asked if we could get them in smaller containers for travel. The answer was a better suggestion. Ask your pharmacist for a second set of labels when you fill a prescription. You can then affix that label to a small baggie and carry your pills that way. You can leave your pill bottles at home and still have the prescription label with you.
  23. We are currently booked on a Majestic Fjords cruise with Viking this June. We intended to book an Alaska cruise while on board to get the on board booking incentives. We received an email from Viking saying in effect - book now and we will give you the on-board booking incentives plus the current web incentives. We now are booked on an Alaska cruise in 2021. In reading posts on Cruise Critic, we learned that if you book with a cruise line, you can have the booking released/assigned to a travel agent prior to the cruise being paid in full and receive additional on-board cruise credit for doing so. I think it part of an incentive to get travel agents to sell Viking and I think Viking would rather work with through a travel agent who has more knowledge and experience. In any event, people who book direct with Viking should explore assigning the booking to a travel agent to serve as a go between with Viking. We used an agent at AAA. It is worth enough to cover an excursion or two.
  24. There is Info on the Viking web site under Cruises>World Cruises and Grand Voyages>Asia to Alaska. This would be the long leg portion of the cruise. You could also check out https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8pm1betyh91wlhf/AABBcPIWuqWJQtR5JrNSFOqMa?dl=0 There is a cruise schedule workbook there with all Viking Cruises scheduled through 2020. It is rather detailed. There are drop down arrows at the top of each column. If you select the drop down for ship, and select Orion, you will only see the scheduled cruises for Orion.
  25. We booked business class with VIking Air. This was about 125 days prior to departure. The flights as booked involved Boeing 787-10s. This aircraft has a 1-2-1 configuration in business class. Today we checked and they are now using 777-200s for the flight. These aircraft have a 2-2-2 configuration in business. We were in center seats on the 787 so we would be together. We would prefer window. Well the 777 has 2 by the window. The change plane process put us in center seats again. We called and now have a window and aisle on the window side of the aisle. Not as bad as the last issue with phantom flight changes. One time we were rebooked on a schedule where our connecting flight stateside left before our over seas flight arrived. We called and the customer service person did not understand why we had an issue. Moral - with these early flight bookings, you have to check your reservations now and then. Bummer we are not on the new aircraft. The 787-10 has more room and privacy.
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