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  1. TA checked with Regent (Australia) yesterday and they said it is still terminal J for 28th Jan and that we would be informed if there was any change.
  2. We had an Air Credit for our cruise in October, our agent priced flights then rang Seabourn to get their price. Seabourn were about $1000 cheaper than the TA so we were all set to book when the agent at Seabourn told us that once booked any changes or cancellation meant 100% loss of fare!!! Our TA queried this as she had never heard of this before, she also checked the changes/cancellation direct with the airline (Qantas/AA) and it is $400 pp. We thought it over and decided for $1000 we could not risk the Seabourn flights so have booked direct with Qantas. Is this the norm with Seabourn Air around the world??
  3. When we did an Odyssey cruise in Athens back in July our travel agent booked our transfers using PAM tours (PAM DMC) all cars were Mercedes and the drivers were excellent. Would highly recommend. But I did noticed there was a taxi rank outside the terminal at Piraeus which had plenty of taxis.
  4. Our Explorer docs arrived before Christmas and showed terminal J for us on 28 Jan. Will have to get TA to check with Regent if there has been a change.
  5. I have to disagree, I have all 5 episodes of this series and the Shadow is the only boat that does not get named. All other ships are mentioned as she is boarding, company and ship name. The bed thing is something she does on nearly every episode unfortunately.
  6. When we were on B2B on Encore in August we did not have to do boat drill again. If you have done the drill within the last 30 days no attendance necessary The Herald mentions it
  7. Very strange as she names every other ship in the previous 3 episodes. She also goes to great lengths to reminisce about her previous cruises on the ship with her mother but still does not name the ship. Perhaps there was a falling out between SS and Ch5 between filming and airing the episode so ch5 banished everything SS. We will all have to wait with bated breath to see if someone can solve the mystery. SS don't even mention the show in their press release section.
  8. Yes sorry for confusion, hoping Isklaar can confirm the process of change over day and what happens to used shower/shampoo pump bottles in readiness for new guests
  9. Hi are you able to find out how they are to be cleaned for the next guest or do they replace bottles with new ones for new guest. Thank you
  10. How does one book with an agent in the US? Thought there were country restrictions like having a local address.
  11. If I am reading this correctly Seabourn have done away with the small MB bottles? My wife won't be happy, a lot of places are now doing this. She does not like it as there is no telling that the bottle or pump top have been hygienically cleaned from the last guest. Are they topped up or replaced when empty?
  12. Booked Explorer direct with Regent then TA took over booking, by doing this the TA was able to give us $100 each, Splendor booking was with TA as they again gave us $100 each. But nothing direct from Regent.
  13. Hi Lucky you, when we booked last year, as new Regent clients we were offered no OBC and when I asked if there was anything available I was told "we don't give OBC as everything is included so you don't need it" Australia obviously does not count!! We have since booked another cruise for 2021 on Splendor (first is on Explorer in Jan/Feb 2020) and still no offer of OBC!! Continually reading on here about people getting OBC so don't know why we don't get included here in Australia 😪
  14. Hi Thank you for your replies, if we go ahead, the west coast of US is an area we have not cruised before. I do suffer with seasickness at times but know that I am OK in the Caribbean as we have cruised there plenty of times. Would be nice if Sojourn was dry docked prior, we went on Odyssey in July just after she had her new fit out and everything was amazing.
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