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  1. When we were on Encore in 2019 I was able to connect my MacBook to the tv through HDMI and then change the input with the remote to the HDMI input, but I must admit I never used it but it was do able!! TV was a Samsung, but when on Odyssey they had new LG tv's that you could not change the TV input as it was locked to their system so it depends on which system Ovation has
  2. We stopped at Spetses (Spetsai) when on Odyssey in 2019. Very quiet town, we just got off and walked around. Didn't have Caviar in the Surf but the sports deck was open.
  3. Hi Lois Anyone who has a phone or video camera that might take some video and post it. There have been a few on the recent UK cruises on MSC and Viking.
  4. Hi Very jealous of the people who are back to cruising, still don't know if we will be able to leave Australia to do our Feb 22 cruise yet!! Have been reading all the posts about the Moon cruise on at the moment and loving it, I just wandered if there is anyone who is doing a video blog or diary of this cruise on Youtube at all, if so could you point me in the direction of it. Thank you
  5. We did a similar cruise with Silversea and the only problem we had was coming from Australia we did not appreciate Hong Kong was in Winter so very cold to us from Australia and did not pack accordingly!!
  6. Why would you get on a ship if only 98% of crew and 95% of passengers are vaccinated? Surely covid can still spread from the non vaccinated people and you as a vaccinated passenger you could still come down with covid but hopefully not badly due to vaccination. If there was an outbreak all confined to suites. No thanks, 100% should be vaccinated
  7. I don't think I am misunderstanding this, but would you go on a cruise knowing 2% of crew and 5% of passengers would be unvaccinated!! As a vaccinated passenger you can still get Covid, but hopefully not severely, if any of the 5% of unvaccinated passengers have covid but don't come down with it themselves until 14 days into your wonderful 30 day cruise, which would see you spend the remainder confined to your suite. I think everyone has to be vaccinated.
  8. Thank you for all your replies, any menus anywhere??
  9. Thank you for that
  10. Hi We are looking at a Ponant Cruise from Brisbane to Hobart in December and have a few questions. What champagne do Ponant serve in the included drinks or up until the shutdown? Does anyone have a copy/photo of the included wines and spirits? Are cocktails included in the complimentary drinks? Is the €20 drinks package worth considering? Finally does anyone have pdf’s/photos of any recent menus? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Here is the link to the virtual tour page for Mariner on Regents website. Suites, restaurants and few public spaces. https://www.rssc.com/virtualmariner
  12. Hi Does anybody have the 5 episodes at all. Our point me in the right direction. I can't use Ch5 catchup due to being in Australia, hoping someone might have kept it. Thanks
  13. Hi In this mornings Daily Mail https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/markets/article-8640269/Carnival-hit-ransomware-attack-Hackers-steal-passenger-information.html Carnival not revealing which brand was attacked, hopefully not Seabourn!! This was probably the last thing they needed to deal with!!
  14. Sorry your Odyssey cruise has been cancelled, our Sojourn cruise for October has also been cancelled. Looks like we are all in the same boat!!! 😢(sorry but had to say it!!) Here's to 2021 and a clean bill of health and plenty of Seabourn cruises
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