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  1. Star Cruises, and you'd see them sharing back office function with Genting (but Crystal has its own) Michael
  2. Sounds like Enchanted hasn't had its Medallion activated yet In the @tere247 sample has Sky being the only one that had revenue cruises Michael
  3. Well for one I wish this is true! Although Sapphire is normally supposed to be in Melbourne during Oct-Mar/Apr period Edit - just saw another thread saying the ship is going to Taiwan Michael
  4. Emmmm just did a dummy booking on their AUS website - still doesn't seem to be the case I have seem some bargaining prices and are even more tempted to do them if they can offer some good deals like this Cheers, Michael
  5. Oh yeah for sure. One thing I also want to note is some cruise lines relies on imported goods more than others - and obviously those who import a whole bunch like CCL would be more severely affected than those who use more local products like HAL Group and RCCL I believe Last time when I did the behind the scene tour on Carnival Legend (when it sailed out of Melbourne) it literally had 90% of the ship filled with imported stuff - from orange juices to tea to tomatos and yoghurts. It doesn't surprise me if they were hit harder than say P&O on logistical side.
  6. Yep and I've also seen quite a few Chinese/Thai/Malaysian/Vietnamese crews. Actually I would think given the COVID situation there it might turn out a better solution to use these guys - or at least part of them right now Michael
  7. For all cruise ships currently managed to restart, all crew apparently had a 30-day quarantine instead of 14 days. I bet there's also multiple tests along the 30-day quarantine to make sure everyone is tested negative. World Dream just restarted in Singapore after crewing from I think Malaysia, and Quantum of the Seas are quarantining in Singapore already prior to its December restart. I can't see a reason why this can't be done down here to be all honest - and let the cruise company pay for the tests if they want to restart and get the cashflow. After that they
  8. It would be an issue but not too dramatic - remember they were able to crew those ships in Europe/Asia that resumed services already I would bet that a majority of them are Indian/Filipos/Indonesians etc just like pre-COVID Michael
  9. Well that's sad, but I'm not too surprised really Michael
  10. Well it really depends IMO - both Carnival ships are due here year-round (Spirit and Splendor) so they will not repo to anywhere anytime soon Michael
  11. Our 05 Mar cruise from Sydney to Adelaide is canned as part of this pause. Cancellation #2 in COVID era - guess I'm lucky! Both of them are on Majestic unfortunately Michael
  12. They'll be docked at the new BICT once it's completed (in theory it should have completed by now) BICT is said to be able to handle Oasis class ship Michael
  13. As mentioned in another post, fingers crossed you're correct instead of me! 😛 Michael
  14. I would hope this is the case mate! We can use some more ships down here although I probably won't hold my breath for it. Michael
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