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  1. I don't really care what the free gift is, it is just that a free gift. I would possibly use mine, my husband probably would not. I do like the ship pin, which I hope I still get when we do the Horizon. At least those give me a reminder of the ship I sailed on.
  2. You just have to watch as the cruise cash isn't always posted right away. I had some sailings reject my purchases because I had no card on file, even though I had plenty of OBC to cover what my spending would have been.
  3. Would love to see this on the Horizon when we sail at the end of the month. My husband would love that. I will need to keep an eye out and make sure I see it. Does anyone know if they just announce it the day before for signups? I know on Disney cruises we went on people were signing up for the different drink things the first day of the cruise (our first cruise and we didn't know), by the time we saw them in the daily papers they were already filled. If anyone has done the 6 day Horizon sailing and seen it please let me know what day it may have been on.
  4. To me I always thought the idea of returning to the same seats, allows people more ability to determine if anyone from the group is missing. People start to notice who they were seated by, if that changed every time the excursion stopped you take more chances of someone possibly being left behind.
  5. I guess for us I am finding all the ships are really all beginning to charge for the same things. Many of them are now billing for room service, while we never use it, it is one of those things that doesn't really bother us. We have used it but I don't need to. For us it really comes down to whether or not we find the level of service to remain up there. I am not a super needy person, I like good service at dinner, and at the bars. We like good food, but we aren't foodies and aren't super hard to please. We book inside cabins if that is what we can afford to be able to cruise. I like a cabin steward that still makes towel animals, but I don't freak if we don't get them. Honestly what keeps us from Royal in most cases is their total costs overall, and their inability to remain constant with their practices. Booking a cruise in October 2018 we had the drink package for $32 on the Allure, we then booked the Harmony, cheapest packages were $60. I like a cruise line that is consistent across all ships with their pricing - drink package, dining packages, wifi. Not Royal's ridiculousness of booking a cruise without any idea how much those extras will cost until after the fact. In the end it makes other lines pricing much more appealing.
  6. Well I made it through to like page 34, loving the review. Makes me wish my cruise wasn't still 4 weeks away and that I also had the drink package LOL. But sadly our money will be just a tad tight as my husband quit his job of 25 years last week. That excursion in La Romana just seemed awful, however if there were kitties that would have been great for us. We do cat rescue, so I love still getting to see a few kitties on vacation. Always try to manage to snap a few pics of local kitties whenever we go places. I think I like my plan of the anytime dining for this trip, will be the first Carnival cruise we haven't done late seating. I almost think I may manage the entire week without using the dining room. We have the Teppanyaki and Italian place for two of our nights.
  7. Looks fantastic, I have lots of pages to catch up on. Though any drink with blackberries IMO is fantastic. Loved some they made on the Pride with Gin (and Vodka). Never thought about trying with Tequila. Though on the Pride they made so may blackberry cocktails they ran out of blackberries before our cruise was finished. We get to sail on the Horizon at the end of October, cant wait.
  8. Unfortunately when I ship hasn't even been built yet when booked that is the chance you take. When I originally did a booking on the MSC Seaside we chose a balcony (3 years before the cruise sailing), that they ended up changing. I kind of knew that was a possibility as they would still be designing and changing things. Do they have the option to move the cabin that was adjoined to yours so that you could move both cabins to still be together?
  9. I never used the word free, I said when it was part of my booking. And I have seen the cost of it way less when added to their sailings than it's cost if you add it without it being on the promo. For instance a cruise to Alaska a cabin without drink package is 2372, with drink package is 2849 - that is $477 for 2 people for a drink package - $34 a day which is cheaper than the cost Carnival offers. So in this instance if I were to buy the package an add to the cheaper cabin it would cost more than the included promo. A Carnival cruise same date range is $2149 plus $858 for the drink package comes out to $3007 - so again the included promo still comes out to a better price. So when I look at those type of things I take that all into consideration. I also take into account the ship which the NCL Bliss is probably a bit better than the Carnival Spirit. So while not free taking the drink package is still a better option in this instance (at least for me it is).
  10. I know how to look at my overall total, and add the cost of the drink package to a booking that doesn't offer it and look at my entire cost. I account for everything, airline costs versus driving, adding service charges/gratuity. I have booked an NCL cruise with the drink package that was cheaper than booking a cabin with drink package on another line.
  11. Well we aren't doing the TA (which I would have loved to do), we have 4 cabins booked with three of them insides and one balcony. We can't ever afford the yacht club either so we get to travel with the lower ranks LOL. I am absolutely ready to go. Hope we have a great trip to report back about.
  12. I noticed the 6 day sailing as well, but it was after we had booked the round trip from Copenhagen. We leave on Sept. 15, and noticed there was the 6 day that got off in Germany on the 21st, rather than the 22nd. Honestly we didn't want to really mess with flying in and out of different airports, etc so we just stuck with Copenhagen. I have enjoyed your review, though we will only be in a lowly inside cabin. Honestly this will be our 4th MSC cruise and we have greatly enjoyed the previous three. The Yacht Club really just isn't something we could afford. We absolutely loved the Seaside, so hoping this will be fairly comparable. At at least these will be all new ports for us, though we have only set up to do an excursion in Russia.
  13. I do believe $10.95 was the price on our cruise back in January, wasn't sure if they had gone up recently or not. I know they periodically ran specials of $1 off sometimes depending on different things.
  14. I only do on NCL when it was part of the booking. I got a drink package on Royal Allure for $32 a day last year, which is an excellent price and do to their screw up earlier this year I have the Harmony with $18 a day drink packages. So $52 for Carnival is a tad on the higher side of what I would like to pay.
  15. You mention recent drink price increases - does someone have current bar menus or pricing? I am mostly interest in what kind of increase would have been at the Alchemy Bar? I am kind of one the fence about the drink package for our 6 day cruise. Though honestly my husband and I can both either drink or not drink. We can certainly enjoy a cruise and only have 2-3 drinks a day, or we could have the drink package and order more. Though honestly almost thinking of just using what the drink package would have cost and just ordering and seeing if we go over that or not. I would just hate to find out that we would have gone over, though when I don't have the package I become more frugal of what I would order than when I have the package.
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