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  1. Remember too that that a lot in our population won't have to be vaccinated (like children and young adults). Most of the population has a very high survival rate for COVID so this is about protecting the small percentage that doesn't. Once enough vaccines have been administered, we'll reach that level.
  2. The US is vaccinating 1 million people per day right now. At that rate (and especially since the older population should be 100% vaccinated by the Spring), I can't see this being the lever that gets cruising going again. Maybe that's why the CDC hasn't started allowing test cruises because they know by the Spring, enough people should be vaccinated to restart cruising. Just my thoughts.
  3. Everyone in SC is freaking out about a "spike" in new cases. We have seen an increase. However, there are currently, according to the SC DHEC website, only 536 are hospitalized currently in the ENTIRE state of 5 million. Positive tests are fairly meaningless, it's how many positive actually require medical care and is that number overtaking hospital bed availability. The positive test is just the media and politicians way of scaring the population. Notice how you can't find numbers for the "currently infected"? I don't care who tested positive a month ago. I want to know ho
  4. Of course infections are going to rise, we are no longer in "lockdown". It's normal and healthy, actually. We need to get more exposure to increase immunity. The whole point was to manage it so our healthcare system could handle the sick. Cruise ships are going to sail as soon as they can or they'll go under. People have to make the decision whether or not they are willing to risk cruising. We are booked on Harmony 8/2. I feel comfortable going, especially if they limit capacity on board.
  5. That's easy, open the ports and let people choose. Manage possible infections while on the ship, just like they do with nora virus. If experts say this will never go away, then, might as well start living and managing.
  6. We're on the July 4th cruise. SC, GA, and FL are pretty much open for business. Restaraunts, beaches, pools open this week, salons, pretty much everything. Will be interesting the next couple of weeks...
  7. There was never a vaccine for SARS or H1N1 just like there isn't a vaccine for the flu. At some point, herd immunity will take over and the population will just have to deal with it, like we do with the flu.
  8. By June most everything in the country will be open with little limitations. I certainly could see where cruises could happen in July. Cruise lines, ports, municipalities are all starving for funds and will be eager to turn the flow back on.
  9. I've found this article to be a common sense approach to navigating around this virus. https://www.erinbromage.com/post/the-risks-know-them-avoid-them?fbclid=IwAR3YjlKDdeJmzPdlcED9_gC74ALN_eH3QLiK3RqqmSgW9M_K89LB__jlW6w It's based in fact. Most dangerous areas have been low air volume areas with high density population. Low risk areas are outside with some distancing. Basically about the only way to get infected hanging out outside is if someone sneezes in your face. I very much think cruise ships could sail using some of the things in the article above
  10. Key is time and exposure. More time outside, even if fairly close to others, limits exposure. Masks do very little in most cases outside. Cruises could limit passengers so there aren't as many, speed up dinner service so that you don't spend as much time in a place with poor airflow, etc. Most of us haven't been 100% isolated from others so we carry a risk of infection no matter, might as well start living...
  11. I would get on a cruise ship tomorrow. Studies are now showing that cruise ships are not the incubators they've been made out to be for this virus. I've had nora on a cruise ship, it's a risk we take. Of course, I'm not in a high risk category so the virus doesn't really scare me (don't get me wrong, I would prefer to not be sick, but, not fearful of my life).
  12. Toga night was so cool. Costa vets brought their own togas and were completely decked out.
  13. Costa used to have a toga night on the ship. Do they still? Was so much fun...
  14. Is that a good deal? Hard to tell from the packages what's all included. I'm having the same issues with some of the other packages and trying to decide if we want to do them (ice cream, delicacies, etc). Would love some insight into what all is included with these things. Like for the spa, what does this package mean, and, is it really worth the $126?
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