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  1. Sorry MK is a restaurant I used to frequent when on business in Chicago, I meant Thomas Keller. They don't give much time to edit here. I ate at Per Se when it first opened in NYC, outrageously expensive even for NY, I thought it was good but there are much better in NY. I have never eaten at The French Laundry, my brother and sister in law love it, honestly I find all the dishes annoying. But that's just me. There is no doubt Thomas Keller is a world renowned great chef. I just have a problem with the mass marketing of these popular chefs/restaurants, I find it disingenuous. IMO its more marketing than substance. That's just my opinion. Do the Seabourn TK restaurants have any Michelin stars? Example: We used to eat in Il Mulino in NYC quite often, fabulous restaurant. Il Mulino opened "branch" restaurants in Puerto Rico and Miami Beach , same menu, style and price, not close to the same restaurant. Really just leveraging the name, same concept. TK is not a deal killer but its not a positive either. SALT on the other hand is a big positive for SS.
  2. Thanks. Great concept very differentiating. Yes we saw some of the youtubes on the SALT bar, very cool.
  3. Does SALT (the restaurant) have specialized local wines as well? Something a little more esoteric than the regular list.
  4. That's very helpful, thanks. I know they change the menu nightly but even when you look at Colonnade on the website it shows an MK American menu. https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/experience/dining/the-colonnade.html IMO the MK concept is sort of tired. He opened the French Laundry in mid '90's and Per Se in 2004, that's just my personal opinion.
  5. Your experience is very interesting, we felt the quality dropped from 2016 -> 2019. It appears the quality of the wine has deteriorated on all the luxury lines over the years. Most of the wines you can buy at Harris Teeter for <$12. I know it's not in the all inclusive model but even if you could buy a package of better wines every night with dinner it would be an improvement. The complimentary list is ok during the day.
  6. I think this is true of all luxury lines but I find the Regent "complimentary" wines to be very uninspiring. They are basically wines that retail for $8-14. Then there is a large gap in price/quality to the connoisseur list. Personally I wish they would raise prices and wine quality or offer something for extra charge for intermediate priced wines say in the $15 - $30 retail range.
  7. We have never been on Seabourn but the dining choices appear to be very limited. We've been considering some longer cruises and the dining options are a big issue. Part of the problem is that we don't care for sushi. MK, The Restaurant and Earth and Ocean all seem to have the same style (American) food, Colonnade is the only dining option with rotating styles. Food is an important part of a cruise for us and think SS has a much better model. Just a footnote I know its immersion not emersion, I need to check spell checker better.
  8. Thank You Flossie. My wife likes caviar but I'm not sure she would think its worth her getting dressed for breakfast. We love the room service breakfast. Is the Champagne anything special or is it the house?
  9. I worked for UBS many years back, most of the Swiss folks I met were pretty structured. Do you "wing it" like Kimanjo or is your trip planned out? We would definitely need the trip planned that's just our DNA. My sister does trips like you mention they aren't for the same duration tho. I'm very familiar with the Northeast & Midwest US if I can help in anyway please let me know.
  10. I find this "Nomad" lifestyle to be very interesting. Wishing you a safe and joyous trip. We have often discussed selling our house and buying a condo/renting an apartment and travelling very extensively. Structure is important to us so we couldn't just wing it as you intend to do, we would probably do longer cruises. One big concern is our (my) lack of discipline when we travel. When at home we closely watch our food and alcohol intake and exercise diligently. All that goes out the window when we vacation, we have a good time, somehow we would have to improve our regiment to travel for very long times. When we look at the look at the SS 2024 WC 11 of the first 18 days are at sea days, the bars and gelato booth would be like a strong magnet I doubt I could resist. Not sure.
  11. I'm sorry but does every cruise have a wine/champagne luncheon? I was on a cruise for Easter Sunday and was very unimpressed with what they did for dinner, just ham and lamb. We get room service for breakfast, someone said they have a big Sunday Brunch (sea day) maybe that was more festive. I don't remember any significant advertising for an Easter brunch.
  12. Me neither (only two cruises). Is this associated with themed cruises (Sept 21) or Christmas/New Years? Is it open to everyone?
  13. Its like the Silversea "Woodstock" cruise 😎
  14. That's to bad. Probably a better market for the larger ships with young people going to weddings & things. Covid may complicate the situation but from others remarks on SS going the extra mile I bet they will accommodate SSCA and I hope he has a blast on the cruise.
  15. Seems Silversea's parent company Royal Caribbean will allow you to rent formal wear onboard some ships. Maybe Silversea has the same thing. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/aus/en/faq/questions/can-i-rent-or-order-formal-wear-onboard-
  16. That's probably true. Does SS have a boutique where you could buy a jacket or maybe in one of the ports? Donate it back to SS at the end of the cruise for the next person w/o a jacket.
  17. Yes we have read many very positive reviews about the food on the Moon. We don't care for sushi so that limits the Seabourn choices even more. I wrote this in another thread but the new SALT concept is very compelling to us. One of the limitations of cruising is the lack of immersion into the countries you are visiting culture and foods, the SALT concept really helps with that. The SALT bar looks very cool also. I saw a report last night that you guys were starting to open up a little. We have a trip planned to Hawaii soon, we are very excited, its our first serious vacation in a long time. Cheers.
  18. Seabourn made the smart move by eliminating the upcharge for internet. Most of these upcharges on luxury lines seem to be old legacy ideas. IMO SS should drop the upcharge for restaurants and just allow each room a certain number of reservations. That would be consistent with the new "all inclusive" model. We've done extensive analysis comparing SS (Moon/Muse) and Seabourn and have decided we prefer the SS model because of the diversity of food. The upcharge had no bearing on our decision, even less important than the butler, but it does look low budget.
  19. Is there a specific reason you are cruising on Silversea? All luxury cruise lines are somewhat formal and its my understanding that Silversea is the most formal. We have no issue with more formal dress, its actually a positive for SS to us. Considering not having a jacket is so important to you maybe a less formal cruise line would be better. If you are set on Silversea there appear to be many not formal options (including room service) and I'm sure someone would be willing to lend you a sportscoat.
  20. The up charge certainly isn't a deal breaker but seems unnecessary, poor optics. Couldn't the capacity issue be resolved by allocating the number of reservations by room?
  21. The NY State Thruway goes from Albany NY to NYC, it can get very chaotic around NYC. If driving isn't your thing one could easily fly into Albany NY, rent a car, and then fly from Albany to NYC. Considering you were looking at a cruise labeled "...New England Fall Foliage" I made the leap of faith that you were interested in the foliage. These are a couple popular hotels in upstate NY & Vermont to see the foliage. Manchester VT is also a good location with nice accommodations. Maybe stop in Saratoga Springs and Lake George on the way. https://www.lakeplacidlodge.com/ https://www.pitcherinn.com/ We vacationed in the summer in Weekapaug & Watch Hill RI often when we lived in NYC. I would describe the summer weather more as refreshing.
  22. Thank you so much. You sharing your actual experience is invaluable information on what people might expect on their cruises if there is an outbreak. Wishing your wife improved health and you both safe travels.
  23. I've mentioned this before but the diversification of food choices is a large differentiating factor for Silversea over Seabourn. One of the drawbacks of cruising for us is the lack of emersion into the culture and food of the countries you are visiting. The SALT concept greatly improves the emersion. I don't think we will partake in the hot rocks make your own steak concept though. If Seabourn had a superior itinerary we would still take them but we find the Thomas Keller concept to be a little old.
  24. I would guess rising inflation and in particular rising oil prices are a negative for cruise lines. They either have to either raise prices or decrease margins. Also given the large amount of debt they issued during the pandemic rising interest rates are a negative. RCL stock peaked at ~135 and ~$9.00 EPS from 2018 to 2019, at that point the economy and business was booming. Given the enormous losses and debt they have taken on its hard to analyze a "fair value" for the stock. One never knows but I would guess , given all the uncertainty, its going to be very difficult for RCL to get to the 130's in the near future. It looks like analysts are estimating (guessing) RCL gets back to $9/share in 2023. When I do a back of the envelope discounted cash flow and use a very optimistic $6 a share for current earnings (they are of course actually negative)with 5% growth its says the stock is worth about $90. With all the unknowns one can probably expect large stock price fluctuations.
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