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  1. Cancelled our June Alaska Cruise on March 27th. On June 23rd received credit for the shore excursions. Today I received credit for the rest. I had used Gift Cards for most of the fare and I saved them and they all show full balances today -plus the remaining balance paid by Credit Card was also refunded today. Yeah!!
  2. Last cruise there was an older gentleman (probably in his 80's) strutting around in his banana hammock. Some things should just not be worn. Even if you are 20 and in great shape.
  3. Been getting some good Casino deals for future bookings. Was looking at booking the Panorama for August before kids go back to college. The promo is for $50 deposits and as I am reading I have until 30 days prior to pay in full - correct? So, if things are still bad and we need to cancel I would get the $50 per person deposit in the form of a FCC? (If we cancel before the 30 day period). I also have another cruise booked for next March (Mardi Gras). Would the FCC from the cancelled cruise be able to be put towards payment on this cruise? I know at this point the Mardi Gras sailing date is still up in the air. Just want to make sure I am thinking correctly on this. I would not really be out anything - just transferring to another cruise that is already booked??
  4. Just fine. I really didn't expect it to go up anytime soon. Now thinking of buying another 100 shares.
  5. Just bought 100 at $12.50. Closed at $12.71 - already make money (ha ha).
  6. Thanks. So, if I were to take a cruise without DH would I still get OBC or would it show that I only "technically" own 50 shares as it is joint?
  7. I have never bought stocks before and considering getting 100 shares of CCL. So, I just opened up an Ameritrade Account. I opened the account jointly with DH. Was this a mistake. If I buy 100 shares of CCL in the joint account - will we still get the OBC or does all the stock have to be in 1 persons name. Just not sure how to proceed - leave as is or open individual accounts.
  8. Just booked today!! Kids spring break for next year. DS will be a Senior in College and DD will be a sophomore. Not sure how many family trips we have left (will be harder to schedule). They both go to the same college so that makes things easier. Booked using my Chase Points. Found the cabin I wanted - it was the last Havana Cabana for 4. Thought I would surprise everyone and splurge since those patios look awesome. As I am booking the lady has to call Carnival cuz she is getting an error. Turns out someone snagged the room before she could finish. So, disappointed. So, went online to see other options and within a few minutes that room was back. I put a 48 hour Carnival hold on it. Then called Chase and Carnival and got it all worked out. I am so excited. Was thinking of not telling DH or the kids that I got a Havana Cabana - but I am horrible at secrets and that would last like a week. Was originally going to book the Panorama but the more reviews I read changed out minds. The ship looks awesome as do the ports (Mexican Riviera) but the iffy weather on Sea Days to and from the ports changed our minds. We like warm weather (coming from Minnesota). Will also be watching for FTTF to come out. Love using that. Can't wait to find out more as they release more info.
  9. Thanks everyone for the info. I talked with DH and the kids last night and we all agreed that when we go on a cruise that the Pool/Sea days were important and so was warm weather. So, we are going to do the Mardi Gras. Will be fun to be on a new ship. I can get a Havana Cabana for $700 more than the Balcony on Lido Deck. Am very much considering it - I know the Havana area is not as nice as the Vista ships but the huge deck area off the cabin looks awesome. (and not sure how many more trips I will get with all of us together as soon kids will be graduating college and getting real jobs.... so might be fun to splurge)
  10. We would be out there earlier than 9 anyway so that is not a problem. Kids also like the action at Lido Deck might spend time there also. How was the weather on the Sea Days.
  11. The Havana area I was looking at was on the Panorama (way too expensive for the Mardi Gras cruise that week)
  12. We are used to going during Spring Break with the kids schedules so that doesn't bother us. Just wasn't sure how big the area actually is and how hard it is to get loungers. Would be nice not having to get up at 7 to get to the pool area.
  13. Looking to book a cruise for spring break next March. There will be 4 of us. Me, DH and DS21 and DD19. I think we have it narrowed down to either the Panoramo or Mardi Gras. Couple of Questions: 1. Panorama is Mexican Riviera -which we have never done (although been to Cabo on a land vacation and really liked it). I have been reading and it is true that the Sea Days to the ports and back are cooler. Seems once you get to Mexico there is warm weather but the way there and back can be cooler and windy. (we like hanging at the pools on Sea Days so just wondering if I need to take this into consideration) 2. Trying to keep costs down as we have other trips planned. For about the same cost we an either get a Balcony on the Lido Deck (which is what we normally get) or we can get a Inside Cabin on Deck 5 Havana. What would you choose. I don't know much about the Havana area - it looks really nice. Does it get crowded? I know Mardi Gras is not sailing yet but also looks awesome with Food Truck Area, Big Pizzs Area, Shaq Chicken, Roller Coaster - we have been to the places before and have had great times also. (Cozumel, Costa Maya and Roatan). Any suggestions or info would be great. Thanks.
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