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  1. Mother Nature nailed us last year. We booked the Harmony Eastern Caribbean because we had already done Costa Maya and Cozumel (twice) and wanted something new. Alas Tropical Storm Karen said hello and guess were we ended up again! That said we had a great cruise and I tend to think most cruise ports are crud pits designed to fleece you anyhow. We didn't even get off on Perfect Day! The kids had their own perfect day on the pool deck with no-one around!😀 I think the comment that if you really want to go somewhere don't cruise is most apt! I agree though that if the cruise if far out they could be a bit more customer friendly rather than a cash grab!
  2. Nope. Nope and Nope. Early boarding means squat by the time we got to Port Canaveral at 12pm. Straight on. We passed the Diamond lounge a few times. but didn't feel we missed out. Enjoy your week.
  3. We were on Harmony a month ago and wondered the same, however the 3rd and 4th beds were the pull out couch, except it didn't form a double, the base that pulled out had its own mattress and covers and was a few inches lower than the "seat" portion which was the other mattress. So in effect two thinner than a twin beds and the girls were fine and grateful they weren't sharing. (10 & 7).
  4. Also cruise lines don't drop your status! Airlines will bring you back to earth very quickly if you don't maintain it. We booked a cruise for the first time in 15 years, I was a little surprised to see an email welcoming us back as 'gold' members. Soon checked to realize that meant diddley-squat. If I ever get to Pinnacle and swan around the promenade with a huge badge, make me walk the plank!
  5. The coffee that is free isn't that good (except the one on Park Cafe in Harmony for some reason!) so I was having latte's etc which are part of the package. That and way too much Peach or Strawberry Diet Fanta etc! from the Freestyle. Don't know if Anthem has those.
  6. We were on HOTS couple of a weeks ago and had no problem getting just shakes sat down at 9pm at Johnny Rockets. We just had the refreshment packages.
  7. Doh, sorry, Tuesday and Friday. Last night was Saturday and I went down in shorts. Last track of my days. Night 3 & 6.
  8. When we did it couple of weeks ago it was Tuesday and Saturday nights, both sea days.
  9. Both. We were seated for traditional at 5pm and at 6:30 the my times started coming in .
  10. They won't. We were on HOTS couple of weeks ago, we saw plenty that were in shorts and flips flops even on "formal" nights. A lot did dress up. Compass even hinted that shorts were only for breakfast and lunch in the MDR but it really wasn't an issue.
  11. Actually my other complaint was for what is deemed a "family" ship, making the headline entertainment show, Grease, "Suitable for mature audiences only". Plenty of West End/Broadway shows they could have picked.
  12. We were on that sailing too. We didn't have the drinks package and from past experience in places where alcohol flows quickly, I watched them like a hawk on my cocktails. Seemed ok. We mostly ate in the MDR, WJ and Mini-Bites, as I never have high expectations I wasn't let down. Mass catering will never equal cuisine imho. We enjoyed it, somethings good, some bad. Only issues I had the WJ burgers, couldn't get hot ones..... We did debate Chops one night but we met a party coming out of there as we meandered and they did not like it. We were disappointed about losing the eastern caribbean but better than people's heads stuck in barf bags. Oddly enough, we did not get off in CocoCay, the kids wanted to stay on the pool deck and they had more or less sole access to the slides. They loved it. Also, we found it cool compared to Atlanta. Really enjoyed our balcony. My biggest complaint was some of the passengers. Rude staff get fired, sometimes rude passengers should be made to walk the plank. Most were happy, but boy, quite a few surprised at the number of kids and made it perfectly clear. One moaned at me in the elevator right in front of my kids. Shut him down... The elevators - yes, that is one design flaw. We did get the piano man in there one night! Enjoyed it, will be back one day.
  13. Two Sundays ago we left our Hotel in Orlando around 10am, we had a rental car. We didn't want to arrive at the time everyone is trying to prove their status is higher than the next person and board the ship 100 milliseconds before the great unwashed behind them.... So we arrived at in PC around 11, went to get the girls a hat and sunglasses, filled the car up with Gas and dropped off at Avis and used their shuttle. We walked into the terminal building at 11:50 and was on the ship at 12:00. Even if you get stuck behind an accident for two hours, you should still be fine as you will make the ship by 3:30pm, but I hope you have a smooth quiet safe journey. Sunday traffic isn't that heavy. Have a great trip.
  14. The big decision point is the fact is if any other party that "has" to buy the package. We had the refreshment package on board so I needed a difference of $26 a day in alcohol. I did not make it for the week ($150 in booze) but my wife only drank $75 in alcohol. So in my case, we spent $280 (20 x 2 x 7) on the refreshment package for the week and an additional $225 on alcohol = $505. Had we had the full DBP , cheapest I saw was $49 * 7 * 2 = $686. It worked for us. Your math may vary but don't just do your math, look at your partners math too. Either way, relax and have fun.
  15. This usually happens if it detects a purchase or two outside "your normal pattern". I can notify the banks online so once I do that never had an issue. I have had a card canceled when I landed in the UK once (I'm a Brit living in the US) so I know the pain it can cause!
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