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  1. Not for me sadly. I'm still showing $56, but we sail Sunday so I'm betting we're done with specials....
  2. I don't think it'll be much of an issue for us (I'm out next week too), however curious if this weeks stroll down to the USVI/St.Maarten may get impacted.
  3. Few weeks ago it was around $64 now we're at $93.99 and we sail in a week. I wasn't go to pay $64 x 4 for the kids to get bored after an hour so we're already going to enjoy the free bits! 😂
  4. Do they change the sockets in European cruises. Default in the US is 110v but Europe is 220/240v. Kettles in the US use a higher current (and take longer to boil). Higher current is a higher risk generally! (basic assumption).
  5. 😂 Cup Of Tea. (Even though I have lived in the US for 20 years, I'm a Brit who still does his cuppa with a proper kettle, boiling water and either British or Irish tea bags. Pref. Yorkshire Gold.
  6. We sail on HOTs in 3 weeks and cheapest I have seen was $46 (I missed the $18 oops) but since then it sat at $56 and $52 right now. In the end I bought refreshment packages and will ad-hoc the alcohol, we don't drink much anyway. 😀
  7. Just reading elsewhere that someone sailing next week had a RoyalUP accepted. Due to Dorian the cruise has been cut in duration so they decided to take the refund (FCC) however they have refused to refund the RoyalUp payment. That concerns me.
  8. 75 is quite respectable still but I-66 in Northern Virginia has hit $50+ Good old fashioned Supply and Demand. Basic economics 101.
  9. HOTS for September is showing me $94 for the water park, however we have already primed the kids a while ago that we're not doing the water park as (then) $260 for the four of us for a couple of hours is not justifiable. We took them a water park in Atlanta couple of weekends ago and the fact the lines for a lot of the slides were long made them stick to the lazy river and small slides. They said if the water park lines were like that then they're fine not going. Easy sell.
  10. They are cans of mushy peas from the UK or Ireland. Already mushy. (Mushy peas are marrowfat peas soaked overnight then boiled).
  11. Ironically Johnny Rockets is an US burger chain! As a Brit now living in the US (for 20 years) I do miss my fish and chops and definitely the mushy peas. I can buy the peas at my local Publix. 🙂 I have at times found places that do fish and chips in the style I'm used to and been happy. It's what were used to growing up. Just don't put cream or half'n'half in my tea! lol
  12. Somewhere in this forum there is a post with a spreadsheet that helps you price of buy per drink versus the package. I don't drink much alcohol and so for myself and my wife we purchased the refreshment package and we will buy any alcohol as needed. For us it made more sense and that's why it really depends on the person. If we were close, I would take the convenience but my calculations were a few hundred adrift for us. 😀 I also think this is a standard marketing ploy, pop up the prices for a while and it seems a bigger bargain when they drop for a while.......
  13. I'm betting it's because European cruises probably have to charge VAT (Value Added Tax), show an inclusive price and the gratuity is added to the pre-tax price. Just a calculated guess!
  14. Went to check mine, we sail in 6 weeks on HOTS, we were $46 last week, today we are $55 however the CocoCay water park is now $94!!!!!. They're really testing prices this weekend. lol.
  15. I'm the other way. We did final payment 6 weeks ago and the OVB prices have dropped $1,000 and the ones seems close to where we are! We know we're SOL and sadly no other classes (JS etc) available to try and slide into ! Oh well. I'll enjoy the view!
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