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  1. Well they have a weekend sale. But they are not open. Second guest 50% off. Free upgrade to ocean view cabin.10 Free drinks and $50.00 OBC. Do not want to book online, you cannot get the room you want. Plus I wanted to know if I could change from a refund back to the 125% FCC Considering tomorrow is a holiday, I wonder if they will be open.
  2. I doubt very much that a face mask will be required. No one even know if it is effective at all.
  3. Just heard more news that has changed. In the FALL it will be back. No not now. It may not comeback at all. That was just on the evening news. Now you talking. lets cruise 😎
  4. What gets me, the sun, vitamin D which is a needed vitamin and most are not getting enough, fresh air and the saltwater are the best thing anyone can do to help prevent getting the virus. Is that not what a lot do in port. The beach and go swimming. Yet, most oceanfront communities are not allowed to do so. How stupid are we?
  5. Just now on the NEWS. The CDC says they were wrong on how long the virus stays on hard surfaces. Answer. now. Not long at all. Only a few minutes. Wear masks always, no not always, yes always. Just care workers and doctors need to wear them,. You must wear them to prevent you spreading the virus. Only certain masks are any good. Always changing what we all should do. Almost like every day there is a different answer. By the way hydroxychloroquine is super inexpensive and the pharmaceutical companies will not make squat on the sale of that pill. They say it is unproven and that is a down right flat lie. So, we must sit back and wait for I am sure will be a super expensive vaccine. Get it. As usual, greed is what is causing us to stay sick. There are many reports of no side effects and many have been helped and cured from the virus taking the pill. Two doctors gave it to 450 patients and zero had any side effects. My neighbor has been taking it almost his entire life. never any side effects. He is 82. We have been told over and over it works. But money says it does not and it is dangerous.
  6. Our next cruise if it is not cancelled is on the Mariner for late September. Hopefully they have figured out how to do the buffet by then. We no longer go to any MDR on any ship. No MDR for at least the past 10 years of cruising. As others have indicated. It takes way too long to get your order. Then, you have no idea really what you will finally get. You may not like it and sit longer for something else. You place your order and lucky if it shows up in a 1/2 hour. Usually 45 min to an hour. I am not going to get into the complainers, those that talk about their ailments and all the problems in their life. We like trying different foods at the buffet. Many foods we would never order but had a chance to try a little to see if we like it. Several times we had something new and it was awesome. We like taking a little at a time. We do not put a mountain of food on our plates, which is stupid to begin with. How do you know if you are going to even like it or eat all of it. So many time we see so much left on a plates. Not even tried. What a waste of food. We all eventually pay for that. When i was in the service. Take what you want but you must eat what you take.
  7. NO Buffet is not really correct. He said. The first few cruises will have No Buffet till we can figure this out. Our local Golden Corral Buffet is now open and we went there yesterday. Worked just fine. Nothing on the tables but the napkin dispenser. Servers and the complete staff were wearing masks and gloves. Your plates are brought to your table when you sit. 6 plates 2 bowls. Silverware in a white thin bag along with a straw. Any condiments you ask for ant they bring them to you. Each buffet line is roped off so no cutting in. Circles indicating 6 ft are on the floor. The beginning of each buffet line is the hand sanitizer and gloves. The hand sanitizer is required before you enter the line. The gloves are at your discretion. You serve yourself as usual. The second you are finished and leave, your table, the napkin dispenser and the chairs are immediately sanitized. All tables are at least 6-8 ft apart. The booths are every other. The tables have been removed from the unuseable booths. The only problem. not many patrons at the time we were there. More customers were arriving as we were leaving. We were there for lunch. Enjoyed it completely.
  8. There is no magic pill to lose weight. Never was and never will be. Every one of them indicates diet and exercise is required. You can do that without any dumb pill. At one point I was 265 pounds 5' 10". bending over was a problem. One day at my shop I decided that was it. Everyday at noon there was an exercise program on the TV on the beach. I listened to that while doing my exercises. I duck walked one mile every day round and round the shop. I started doing sit ups with my feet under the desk sittin on the chair sideways so I could bend back all the way. I started with only being able to do 3 of them. At the end of the years I was doing 200 and looked great and felt great and weighed 170. Since then I now weigh 165 never gained another pound. I worked hard to lose it. So many including my wife starts off great and then tapers down and then stops. You must continue till you get to what you want for weight. Nothing magic about it. Yes, watching what your intake of food is is very important. It does not take luck or a pill, it takes persistence and nothing more.
  9. Isn't this topic about whn Royal will start cruisein not about any vaccines.
  10. Just returned from our local Golden Corral to see how they are doin it. Each buffet section is roped off so no cutting in. You first MUST use the hand sanitizer when entering to get your food. There is a monitor at each buffet entrance. Every 6ft is marked off with a circle indicating 6ft and to please keep your distance. When you finish getting your food there is another hand sanitizer which is your choice to use. There are many all over the restaurant. No masks required.
  11. "And as to coughing, droplets, etc., we have all survived this unpleasantness blissfully ignorant of jut how much exposure we have to germs, at least up until now. We have "Purel-ed" ourselves into a total loss of the human body's naturally-built immunity, and that's not a good thing. There is a difference between been sanitary and being sterile. I will choose to live what life I have left in blissful freedom rather than trying to extend it by living in a plastic bubble, because keeping away from "everyone else" is simply not living at all. " Totally agree. Just about, Forever, when someone sneezes all we did was reply with a nice gesture. Sometimes we moved away from that person. What gets me, staying in your home and not getting out is only asking for trouble when we finally do socialize. Look at NY. 66% that stayed in got the virtus. Why? because there immune systems got hit hard. Personally if we all just get back to normal all will work itself out as it always has. The basic FLU kills 100s of thousands every year and many do not bother to even get the vaccine for it. Heat attacks, cancer, kidney failure and alike. Even getting killed walking. Car accident deaths. Drownings. This is just one more thing to cope with in our lives. I want to go to the buffet. We enjoy it. I will report back on what we will do today. Our local Golden Corral is open and doing the buffet. I want to see how they are doing it. One further away is open but doing it cafeteria style. My guess. You wear a clove to use the utensils when getting your food. Probably distancing in line also. We will see, I am curious.
  12. That would depend. I show them starting November 4 for their first cruise out of Florida.
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