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  1. Just received an email and the Radiance will not be ready till spring 2021. Switching those that were to go on the Radiance to the Breeze plus giving $200.00 OBC for the inconvenience. We wanted to go on the Radiance because of the complete new make over. Not interested in the Breeze. We try now to do only new ships if at all possible. So we will probably opt for the refund.
  2. Everything you like about it is available on cruises also. Plus in different countries and locations. Far wider variety cruising. As for the food. You can enjoy many of the specialty dining for up scale food and still pay less in the long run. You mention beaches and pools included in the price. Same on a cruise is it not? I have never paid to go in a pool or on a beach when cursing. Bigger pools than on the ship. Yes. But so are the port swimming pools. Excursions are a lot cheaper if you purchase off of the ship. Just make sure you go early so you will not miss the ship. That is what we do. Horse and buggy rides are nice. Cruising to us is the best time away from home. I live in Florida a 20 min ride to the beach, if I wish. So much to do and see on a cruise and different ports unlike staying in one place for a week. My opinion only. To each their own.
  3. Simple financial advise. Keep your money growing as long as you can before you must take it out.
  4. Just checked. The site I use shows sold out from November 14, 2020 Next available to book is March 27, 2021
  5. There were day gambling ships out of the Port of palm beach long before BPCL started there. The Grand Celebration was approved for dockage after they proved to the port that the ship could dock there easily because the purchased Carnival ship was a lot larger than the Bahamas Celebration that was run by the Bahamas Celebration line. My wife and I did all the ships out of the port. Gambling ones and the cruises. There is a very good possibility that they want to sell the two ships and purchase two that Carnival now has up for sale. The family that owns the business is not poor by any stretch. Yes, maybe they want out, maybe not. No one knows but them. Talk to any of the employees and you will find out that they all love working for that family. Their pay is better and the perks are far better. Read how Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line got their start. On 31 October 2014, Bahamas Celebration struck an unknown object while departing from Freeport, opening up a small hole in the port side. The ship was able to return to the port and all passengers and crew were able to disembark and no injuries were reported. As of 3 November 2014, the hole had been patched, but the ship was still listing by about 10 degrees and salvage crews were trying to assess the damage.[13][14][15] In December 2014 it was announced that the ship could not be repaired and would be replaced by the MS Grand Celebration, which would be operated by the newly formed Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line.[4] On 24 January 2015 it was announced by Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line that the ship has been sold for scrap.[16] The ship arrived at the scrapping yard on 29 October and was gone by the end of 2016.[17]
  6. My remark had to do with those on the BPCL ships ships ONLY, that live in FLORIDA "LOCALLY not over seas". No other cruise lines or ships are the same. Not apples for apples at all. Understandably, all workers on all cruise ships live somewhere else. What a ridiculous remark. So what. Has nothing to do with this cruise line at all. If I went to the Bahamas on my boat and then returned two days later. I doubt if my family or I would be kept on the boat for 14 days. That is basically the same. I went to Grand Cayman and back and never had any one confront me upon returning. That was 6 weeks ago.
  7. The crew would be minimum for sure. Still need the officers in charge of all the different departments. Still need the cooks, still need house keeping, engineering, maintenance, laundry, cleaning and alike. The ship itself needs constant physical maintenance.
  8. I can see where you are coming from. In my case. I live between Ft. Lauderdale and Port Canaveral. So my cost to cruise is dirt cheep. Off site parking with shuttle is very inexpensive especially being a vet. Have stock both Carnival and Royal and get double OBC With Princess being a veteran. So for us to go to Sandals would be a lot more expensive. We did look into it. However, we do like a lot of the different cruise ports.
  9. First the cost. Second boring after 3 or 4 days.
  10. Sometimes they offer it on the second night, not always. Need to check when you board.
  11. I would think Royal will cover whatever it can to financially help all that were involved. I see no reason for them to take this to court. However, not Royal but those involved may want to go to court if the settlements are not what is expected. So where will it happen. That might be the biggest problem the plaintiffs will face.
  12. The Schooner Bar is our favorite place to relax and enjoy a lot of piano music, trivia and alike on all the ships we have been on that had the Schooners Bar. The decor is perfect.
  13. Want to explain what you are meaning. I said nothing about anyone.
  14. Right now Carnival is the only company sailing after Oct. 1st instead of Sept. 15 The others are starting up after Sept 15. There are foreign companies starting up a lot sooner. I never heard of any of them. July 2nd Hurtigruten a Scandinavian Company
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