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  1. I hope you enjoy wonderful cruises in your future!
  2. I have no idea about the new SN category. My repsonse was answering the question: Not sure mini suites ever offered Breakfast & Lunch in Cagneys. There is a thread with this discussion on the new categories:
  3. None of the mini suites aka Club Balconies offer the same perks as the Suites. What you stated is correct.
  4. Now you have done it...you have me considering a transatlantic with NCL. Maybe 2022...😉
  5. If only I could erase my over-packing DNA from my system. You are so right though. Meanwhile back at the ranch, yes honey I do need 20 tops and 15 pairs of shoes for this cruise. 😁
  6. Wow that is great information. Thank you so much.
  7. Great advice and a good reminder for cruisers. Thank goodness that even in our advancing senior years the husband can really wrap those garments tight in the laundry bag.
  8. I have to admit I was surprised to find that in addition to my Platinum bag, the offspring and I will also have a free bag which works out well for us. When I sail with the husband it is nice that we both have a free bag of laundry. I agree Haven guests should also be offered this rather nice perk. We are thinking about a transatlantic in 2022 and three bags of free laundry would be perfect for us.
  9. I have to repeat a thank you for bringing this to us with all of theses wonderful pictures.
  10. I so agree it is all you look at things. We enjoyed both times on the Epic.
  11. We sailed the Epic twice. Once the Caribbean and once a Mediterranean cruise. We loved the ship and more so after her drydock. Both times we had an enjoyable time. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder😉
  12. I agree like you it is hard to want to spend the extra money for less than the full Haven experience. The DD and I booked a balcony on POA for the same reason as you chose, there was no incentive to book a suite, and it was fine as we spent much of our time enjoying my DGD in ports. We booked an aft balcony on POA in 2022. I still love the smaller ships even without the full Haven experience or in mind no Haven at all.
  13. I am ready to return to cruising and I feel confident that safety protocols will be in place at least for the first few months of cruising. My only concern is the port state and what may or may not be quarantine rules in place when we sail.
  14. I agree a passport is the way to go. As another poster mentioned child passports are good for only 5 years but when traveling out of the country with one of my granddaughters, I sure love that she has one. A Military ID card is also on the ok list for entrance into government buildings as well as my trusty Passport.
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