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  1. I have to add my two cents and say my friend and I enjoyed high tea. While our husbands laughed at us from another table we loved every minute of it. Get ready to faint! I felt blessed that I mentioned my love of Risotto at the very beginning and that sometimes I would rather have that than the main offering. I had wonderful Risotto every night and I was thrilled.
  2. What you wrote may become true, but each person's experience differs. We loved NCL's Suite class and when they switched to the Haven class we switched as well. What drew us to MSC was the price point and to be honest as we age we really enjoy the ship within a ship experience. Sailing with my adult DD we prefer spa and aft cabins. We sailed in a suite on Carnival together and decided there was not even a close comparison to NCL. We are sailing in a suite in 2020 on Carnival again but it is the new Panorama and will compare the differences. πŸ™‚ The Haven is now priced too high in my opinion and I am not as inclined to book especially after our very enjoyable YC.
  3. This year was the first time my DH and myself sailed on MSC and in the YC. We loved it and decided to sail on MSC again. I am going back and forth trying to decide which YC would be a good option for my 2021 birthday. I was all set with a Divina 11-day and then rumors suggested a large maybe for Alaska in 2021. I noticed you enjoyed the Divina and wondered which cabin you selected. Anyone is welcome to chime in on this one.
  4. We loved this when we returned to MIami on MC. We have Global IDs for the airport traveling back into the US and it even pushed us in front of the cue in Canada. I personally like facial recognition but I know some of you are thinking about SF movies right about now...Faceoff LOL
  5. We always send our laundry and always have it returned in the basket folded nicely. Last time on POA my granddaughter was so excited about our sending the laundry out since we spent several days in Honolulu before the cruise. For me it is one of the best Platinum perks.
  6. Good luck Chief93 from my old sailor and "his" commander in chief!
  7. We have sailed different lines and all I can say it depends on how active your parents plan to be and the experience you wish them to have. Though we have sailed on NCL many times if you wish to give your parents a great bang for your buck experience I would book the Yacht Club on MSC. It is not as expensive as one may think to book this experience. We loved the YC and in comparison to the Haven we preferred this sailing more as far as our view of customer satisfaction. Everything is included in the YC and we plan to book again in 2021 as soon as we see if they are going to offer Alaska. We loved having room service and the mini bar included and we felt the ship (Seaside) was beautiful. For my DH and myself I prefer the YC (we are late 60's and early 70's) as it fits what we enjoy for comfort and service. My children are taking me on two Carnival cruises next year for my 70th birthday (yes, I am blessed as your parents are in your gift)
  8. My DD and I have sailed the 3-day once and the 4-day several times. I was long in tooth late 60's and the next time around will be knocking on 70 on our next one (DD in 40's). The 3-day was more of a party crowd but we managed to find plenty of quiet nooks and enjoyed the adult only area. We played mini golf and found great seating aft to read our Kindles. I bring on bottle wine (yippee) to enjoy with dinner. We had one issue (soaked carpet when we arrived) one time and we were moved almost immediately. I did not expect a 7-day plus cruise experience or anything special just a few days to relax and watch the ocean. I am sorry your expectation was not met though you did start off with positives before the unplesantries of your cruise.
  9. Don't leave me alone -- join us and book. πŸ˜‰
  10. I passed on the reduced fare as we plan to spend a few days in Honolulu first and decided it would beeasiere to just go ahead and book air ourselves.
  11. Will do! my DGD loved this cruise in 2018 and wanted to sail on her again.
  12. LOL that is why I have a few others until then😎 Getaway in November, two Carnivals in 2020 (each of my adult children are treating me to a cruise), and waiting to see what MSC will have for 2021 ( I hear there will be sailing to ALaska but not to be announced until November 2019.
  13. Yesterday, my DD was talking about returning on POA to Hawaii in 2022 with my DGD. My DS and his family was thinking about joining us. Then this morning I see on NCL's web site, 20% off past Latitudes and four(4) free offers with $50 deposit each. Noooo don't make me! Unsee this price! πŸ™ˆ Called the DD and the rest is history...we are booked. 1021 days to go!
  14. Oh yes, I am addicted! Sailed in the YC on MSC and loved it. I am now lurking, and patiently waiting for 2021 to open as I have heard rumors of Alaska. If not still ok because the DH and I will be booking MSC in 2021. In November my DD and I will be sailing on the Getaway for her birthday. To show no favoritism in cruise line choices my children are treating me to a 4-day Baja cruise with 1-day hotel (DD and DGD) before embarking on a 7-day on Carnival Panorama (DD and DS). It is a 70th birthday cruise promise they made eons ago. Meanwhile...hmmm perhaps I should think about two cruises for 2021.
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