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  1. I am a weary 4 canceled and rebooked person, here we go again.
  2. Yep--time to think about when we will rebook our June cruise for next year.
  3. Carnival just canceled our June cruise...One more in November and MSC in December. I did get a call from NCL today telling me about new cruises (LOL) I told her I had 2 with NCL for next year, and I will wait and see before booking anything except rebooking cancellations.
  4. The teacher unions have no say in cruise ship line procedures. 😉 No one is forcing anyone to get vaccinated it is still your choice, you just cannot sail without being vaccinated. Like me you have been vaccinated and can cruise, while until my grandchildren are eligible to receive a vaccine they can not. That I leave to their parents to decide. Whatever is decided all of us can decide if we choose to get vaccinated or not as it is a vacation which we have the option of deciding how and where we plan to enjoy that time.
  5. For those hoping to sail with children, this will not happen on NCL until they are vaccinated. I am hoping CArnival does not follow suit but who knows. https://www.ncl.com/sail-safe
  6. We are hoping we get to sail in June since our cruise is the end of June. If not we will rebook once again. Like so many I am tired of moving cruises and just want to cruise. We gave up and started moving to 2022 with the exception of one moved to December of this year. I am keeping positive, believing we will sail again soon.
  7. I did not say cruising would begin in June. I said we are hoping to sail and if canceled we will rebook. I am not clairvoyant and so I cannot say when any cruise line will sail from Long Beach. I am a hopeful person and if something does not come to pass I look for a positive. I am aware of current updates on the several cruise lines we are booked on. Sometimes looking for the good is not bad.
  8. We had to cancel and rebook but excited to try once again to sail at the end of June. If not you guessed it rebook! We also moved the Mom birthday cruise to 2022 July, since it was my son't present to me and the time works for all of us. We are going to celebrate my birthday yet!
  9. Since my DD is not a wine fan I always get the bottle and ask to not have it opened and take it back to the cabin. One time I did have it opened and had them keep it until the next meal. With the beverage package I will definitely be taking it back to the cabin to enjoy.
  10. We stayed at the Montblanc Hotel in the Gothic Quarter. It was a nice hotel and walkable to everything in the quarter. We found a different restaurant to eat in each night that was small and not over filled with tourists. We did some shopping in stalls one evening and had a wonderful time. By day we booked day tours. We taxied from the airport to the hotel and also to the ship. We loved this cruise and was happily exhausted going home.
  11. Sorry I cannot help with the cabin as we stayed on the 9th deck the last time and have an aft balcony this time. This is our favorite DD, DGD, and my cruise to take together. We enjoy time in Honolulu (we stay at a military hotel Hale Koa). Honolulu has plenty to offer if you are interested in booking a few excursions aside from just the pool/beach. We booked private excursions and this time we are going to just beaches, hopefully if we are allowed to disembark without a ship excursion. Though port intensive we found those working on the ship to be friendly and very nice. In our opinion the be
  12. I hope those involved are alright with no injuries.
  13. We were booked for March 2021 on the Meraviglia in a YC Deluxe. We decided to use the FCC to book on the Seashore in a YC Deluxe Grand. Though Deck 19 is below the "sun deck" we decided to go for it as I am hoping the noise factor will be minimal. We booked forward/starboard so if we go to the private island we will see the light show. For us it was an easy choice as we planned to sail this ship next and in the larger cabin. The long walk down the corridor was a possible con along with the unknown of above deck noise but we booked forward before and it was not an issue (I could use the exercis
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