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  1. fuzfoz, Thanks for the heads up! I purchased my gift cards. Saving over $200 worked for me!
  2. On the MAC you can increase the size by using your command and plus keys. On a desktop you can go to the display settings and enlarge. On a iphone you take two fingers and place on screen and spread the image out. I hope this helps! BTW I also sailed the Tropicale years ago. 😃
  3. It is understandable to be emotionally all over the place and also to have moments of feeling down in the dumps in regard to the cruise messages you are reading. If we do sail on June 27th I will be sure to comment on our cruise. For us, stopping in ports are an extra and not the main reason for cruising this time so we decided if we stop we stop and if we bypass ports and it is a cruise to nowhere so be it. For me I am just happy to be healthy and that my family and friends are doing well. So many have lost loved ones and did not have an opportunity to say goodbye or be with them. My future cruises no matter if we sail or not have been for me good times and laughter while planning and not really planning while talking on the phone with my family. The cruise that was canceled my daughter rebooked and we started laughing and planning for that one while tossing out some of our plans for the original one. I pray you will have good thoughts and remain safe and well.
  4. I am a senior and fully intend to cruise on the 27th if we are able to do so. There are so many what ifs going around and some thoughts have merit. If there is a way we can fly and sail we are going to do it. If we are unable to get off of the ship - so be it. If we have to rebook, fine with us as we already rebooked another one of our cruises. Those who run the business of cruising will submit their solutions and if approved we sail if not we don't. The choice is individual in what we decide to do. Meanwhile we are healthy, safe, and waiting patiently for the answer. Oh yes, and I bought a really cute pair of sandals with a kitten heel for my cruise just the other day online. 😉😃
  5. My two adult children booked two cruises to celebrate my birthday. I am a senior. One cruise also included one of my grandchildren which was for the week before the "adult only cruise" and has since canceled. No worries we rebooked a 7-day cabin in the Havana for next year that one in 2021. The Panorama cruise sails on the 27th and is the first one out. The ship still shows on the port schedule so we are hoping to sail. We decided if this cancels well there is always next year. We are taking the wait and see approach, with the (perhaps phases) and the no more than a certain number in a group setting who knows what will be on the agenda at the end of June. I remain positive that we will sail and to be honest I have no concerns about sailing at all. Keywest1 - I am getting tired of making up my own bed too!😉
  6. Mslynn - I forgot all about the mass gathering! Thanks for the reminder about the large groups of people. I think because I wanted to take this cruise with my adult children so much I focused on everything will be fine instead of the other points in the phases. Thanks for your well wishes. I hope we get to sail too!
  7. The 100 day ban is from March 14th and was extended https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/pdf/No-Sail-Order-Cruise-Ships_Extension_4-9-20-encrypted.pdf I am hoping the phases work out and those out of work can go back and business owners can reopen and sooner rather than later all while we mend and get well. I am not a government official or even a good guesser but I can hope our cruise will sail on July 27th. I agree Mslynn79 about banking the on sailing but I sure am praying we do.
  8. Carnival said our Panorama cruise will sail on June 27th. We are ready to go with fingers crossed that the no essential travel ban will be lifted and we will be able to fly to Long Beach.
  9. I agree if is going to be a wait and see mode for many of our cruises. I have two family cruises in June (on Carnival), one was canceled and the other is sailing so far as they are days apart. The DH had a Bermuda cruise (NCL) in May with oldest daughter for 50th birthday celebration (hers) and they are regrouping. I am feeling good about our MSC cruise April 2021. I am looking at the bright side and believe the cruise companies will have clean ships ready for us and borders will reopen though in some cases not for awhile.
  10. Thanks for this information. You always explain things so easy to understand.
  11. We will continue booking ahead. In one case because we have a family cruise planned in 2022 for graduations and we wanted to make sure we booked the cabins we wanted. Price really shot up since then (POA). We have one cruise for June on Carnival which has been canceled (we are rebooking a longer one for next year) and another cruise in June leaving a few days after the canceled one so we are just sitting, waiting, and hoping it will sail. First ones on the ship is fine with me. I think there will be new protocols in place and everything will be really clean, so I am not worried.
  12. Thanks so much for sharing this information.
  13. I understand, no worries. I do agree with you there should be more protections in place for service animals. The lady I sat with had a copy of her wallet card attached to her dog. And yes, you can buy anything on the internet these days. 😱
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