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  1. We just recieved our full refund today for the April 20 th cruise on the Paradise.It took around 7 weeks to process the refund.
  2. What medical professional in their right mind is going to sign off on this ? ie. Grandpa is fit to cruise Grandpa gets sick on cruise Grandpa dies on cruise GRANDMA,s LAWYER calls Doctor Doctor is now bankrupt ! Yep, this is going to go over really well.
  3. I am Gold. Does this mean I don’t get the bottle of water ?
  4. What is a snorkel ? Oh, now I remember. It’s that long tubey thing you had to wear on your mask during Open Water class. i really do carry a fold up snorkel in my BC pocket when I do ocean dives.
  5. You might want to check out Charleston Pirate Tours with Eric Lavender. Eric does a great walking tour and knows his pirate history. He dresses like a pirate captain complete with a parrot on his shoulder. The tour is about two hours, covers about a mile, and has frequent stops. Plus you would never be more than a mile from the ship if that. The tour leaves from the Powder Magazine on Cumberland Street—— Maybe 4 blocks from the ship. The magazine tour is included and you can add on a tour of the beautiful and historic Exchange Building where the tour ends. Eric is great with kids. They would h
  6. We were on the Rotterdam March 3 rd through the 10 th. We had AC issues also. The cabin stayed about 82-85 degrees and got really stuffy at night. The Front Desk admitted we were not the only ones. They had run out of fans so we did not get one. We got a $300 credit but no Pinnacle dinner. This did not ruin our cruise but I prefer to have AC.
  7. Check some of the hotels in the Market area and see if you can leave your luggage with them. Perhaps sign up for a carriage tour and ask about leaving your luggage with them. After the tour you could have lunch and shop in the Market Until it’s time to go to the airport. The Market is only two blocks from the cruise terminal and in the center of historic Charleston. The area is very safe and the locals are friendly.
  8. I enjoyed your review. We were also on this cruise. We also cruised the Rotterdam last year. She is a beautiful ship with a great crew. The one big negative this cruise was the air conditioning in our stateroom ( 3326). Our room stayed between 82-85 degrees and would get very stuffy at night. The front desk admitted the ship was having issues with the AC and they were doing their best to fix it. They were out of fans and admitted many cabins were having issues. We did get a credit but I would have rather been cool ! I guess issues happen on a 22 year old ship but I would hesitate to book her a
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