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  1. We were on the Rotterdam March 3 rd through the 10 th. We had AC issues also. The cabin stayed about 82-85 degrees and got really stuffy at night. The Front Desk admitted we were not the only ones. They had run out of fans so we did not get one. We got a $300 credit but no Pinnacle dinner. This did not ruin our cruise but I prefer to have AC.
  2. Check some of the hotels in the Market area and see if you can leave your luggage with them. Perhaps sign up for a carriage tour and ask about leaving your luggage with them. After the tour you could have lunch and shop in the Market Until it’s time to go to the airport. The Market is only two blocks from the cruise terminal and in the center of historic Charleston. The area is very safe and the locals are friendly.
  3. I enjoyed your review. We were also on this cruise. We also cruised the Rotterdam last year. She is a beautiful ship with a great crew. The one big negative this cruise was the air conditioning in our stateroom ( 3326). Our room stayed between 82-85 degrees and would get very stuffy at night. The front desk admitted the ship was having issues with the AC and they were doing their best to fix it. They were out of fans and admitted many cabins were having issues. We did get a credit but I would have rather been cool ! I guess issues happen on a 22 year old ship but I would hesitate to book her again.
  4. The Retreat pool area was remodeled during the November 2017 drydock. Most of the shallow pool was covered by teak decking. The small curved section remains and is flanked by two new spa tubs. The curved pool area is about 4-5 feet wide and maybe a foot deep. I did see a few folks sitting in the pool to cool off. The area does look nice but I still would prefer a regular pool on the back of the ship.
  5. We took advantage of the offer and booked the Rotterdam for March 2019. Pricing was the same as a few weeks ago using the Mariner discount.Yes, we will have to pay the full amount ( minus $2) in December but it sure was nice not to have to tie up $700 right now.
  6. I take EMT shears for cruise ship diving. No issues with ship or port security and shears are much better for cutting fishing line. They cost around $15 including a sheath to clip on to your BCD. Most dive shops stock them.
  7. I don’t think I did. We were one cabin away from the outside doors so we just used it when we were going to walk on the promenade. I did complain to the the front desk about the chairs not having a reserved sign on them. They put a small reserved sign on our chairs that evening. I noticed all of the Lanai chairs were tagged by the last night of the cruise. We did enjoy the Lanai stateroom but doubt we would book one again. We just did not use the chairs enough to justify the price difference from a regular outside.
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