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  1. the other thing to remember is that if you are on the Encore or Ovation you can still hit up the TK Grill bar and then do a little "lurking" or "vulture" for an open an open TK Grill seat. For us it was is the view better at the OBS bar or the music at the TK Grill. I am a great fan of the Quest but have to admit that the bigger TK Grill bar is a very nice add. Not to mention I love sushi. I just hope we can get back on the ships soon.
  2. her is the policy on Seabourn website For Booked Guests: Dining reservations for The Grill by Thomas Keller can be requested online prior to sailing, subject to availability. Online reservations close 15 days prior to sailing. Due to high demand, online reservations are recommended, however, reservations can also be made on board. One reservation permitted per voyage. For additional details or to make a reservation, log in and customize your itinerary. I think remember getting more than one reservation for a cruise but it was 51 days long - so expect only one. It is hard to g
  3. I just realized the worst part of this is that now I either have to sit at home or look for somewhere else to go - hard to get my good upgraded flights however
  4. I'm a big immunization fan - got most of them that are available - anthrax, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, - don't ask me how. However I think that immunization will not solve this issue. Corona virus is like influenza but has had a worse case fatality ratio and that stoked a lot of fear followed by a change/reversal of most of the CDC/WHO recommendations on respiratory pandemics. Governments are now being driven by fear so as the virus mutates (they all do) the bar/rules will change. One case off a cruise ship is now a political disaster especially with cancel culture. I read a English news
  5. Got the email but poor IT work as our booking number was not correlated with our reservation # ABC123 but it shows they had not worked through this decision completely. As this was a cruise on the European leg for the Quest an addition issue was most likely that they could not get the ship to Miami for the Antarctic season in a paying mode due to Canada’s rules on cruise ship
  6. We are/were scheduled for Quest out of Dover on 22 Jul 21 - if this is cancelled then .... 7th cancelled cruise. The amount of funds tied up in FCC is now an issue. No official notification yet - that is interesting and the web is still selling Sojourn Baltic cruises in May -Jul
  7. Just so noone thinks I ghosted this board - I am going to move World Cruise questions/post to the Roll Call now but will peek in here from time to time.
  8. Have done both Seabourn and Regent. Laundry was easier on Seabourn but I have to admit that I got up early (0600) and did the wash with a latte. You could "cheat" the opening time on Seabourn but Regent was pretty rigid (locked the laundry room doors) and a line formed outside. We llike the TK grill, but the food at all location are great. Miss the sushi available on Ovation and Encore. The TK nights at the Colonade are super - never turned down for a reservation and it is family style so a good group is very fun. Italian is not a big part on Seabourn - more on Regent but the main
  9. A little wheeling and dealing over the last two days but got the suite we wanted for the 2023 world cruise. The itinerary is hitting some great places, know we will have a great ship and great food/entertainment. The best part will be meeting and chatting with you all
  10. While I did not get anything official from either my TA or Seabourn I saw that there was a booking number and I had a suite assignment for the 2023 world cruise. I was told that they would call to discuss your cabin preference but ... I am however satisfied with what I was assigned. While I have different suite in mind what I have will work nicely. I also know that this is a long way off and things will change. The booking however was just a empty shell - no itinerary, shore excursion or even the ability to do the registration - but we have a slot !!! Now if I could get the COVID i
  11. We did the Antarctica on the Quest in 2018 but were unable to dock in Ushaia due to winds. We were scheduled on the BA/Amazon/Miami/Barca route on the Quest and had our bags packed at the door when Seabourn cancelled our trip. Rebooked the same route for 2022 - keeping our fingers crossed. Hope to do Antarctica again some time. Would love to do some of the treks in Patagonia as well
  12. One quick tip is to book a table of 4 for each TK reservation rather than a table for two and you can share and "shared back." TK is nice on the smaller ship but he TK bar/restaurant on the Encore and Ovation is better.
  13. We just put down the $400 entry fee - I guess to the lottery for suites - for the world cruise. Have done or will have done the SA cruise with via cruise on Regent and the Quest for Antartica and will do Amazon leg in 2022. For me the two best parts of the World Cruise are the islands of the Pacific and the south western swing of Australia. Have scuba'ed the GBR and done Port Douglas/Cairns/Brisbane/Gold Coast so the Melbourne/Perth/Broome/ is more interesting. Just have to keep the wife out of the jewelry stores. We are thinking we need something bigger than a veranda suite for
  14. The actual key data point is positive predictive value - essentially you get the right answer from a diagnostic test The positive predictive value (PPV) is defined as PPV=Number of true positivesNumber of true positives+Number of false positives=Number of true positivesNumber of positive calls{\displaystyle {\text{PPV}}={\frac {\text{Number of true positives}}{{\text{Number of true positives}}+{\text{Number of false positives}}}}={\frac {\text{Number of true positives}}{\text{Number of positive calls}}}} For the case you gave we do not have the specificity but we ca
  15. Three things come to mind here Why are we sure the positive test is the correct result - as stated above all tests have incorrect results both positive and negative. When the disease is rare - as in covid 19 in AUS then it is more likely to have a false positive than a false negative given the rt-PCR test sensitivity ( positive when colonized/infected) and specificity (negative when no virus present). Ill skip the whole discussion of what type of testing we are doing. Many vaccines require multiple dose, don't work for everyone every time, have some rate of unexpected bad reac
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