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  1. Deceptive seems like a strong word. Cook Islands restriction announced on the 5th, cruise started on the 7th. Of course the PG reserves right to change itinerary... as any cruise line does. Current situation is unique and all cruise lines scrambling. Recent (post Ponant) reviews have been favorable, agree with your assessment on reviews from current cruise. Just booked for the fall.
  2. This has been updated to apply to ALL people regardless of travel history just present a medical certificate to enter French Polynesia.
  3. Based on there French Polynesia government site (and the PG site), this is not correct, a medical certificate is required regardless of travel history.
  4. It was outside the reef and it was an oceanic white tip not a reef shark. Horrible attack but extremely rare.
  5. The gathering for honeymooners and anniversary couples is lovely. They wrap each couple up in a tifefe with flower crowns and pose flanked by Gauguines with Borabora Mt in background. There is cake and a poem read and provided in writing as a keepsake. Mounted in frame the poem and pic is a nice momento. I have heard there is no longer a photographer onboard. No worries as you just hand your phone to a willing co-celebrant.
  6. Probably going to do option 2 on our next PG cruise. In 9 cruises the ship has never been held up in the quick hop from Moorea to Papeete... imagine they have to tell you that just in case. Regarding early morning taxi you must have the ship reserve for you as not available randomly at that hour. There is a charge... can’t remember how much just that it seemed a bit high. Well worth it for piece of mind. Would reserve also for leaving night before end of cruise, there is a taxi stand opposite the ship terminal but it’s a longish walk and sometimes have to wait a while.
  7. Understand some love to cruise in aft cabins. Have heard complaints about noise from disco above, also soot and cigarette smoke. Me? I miss the old connoisseur club which used to be in this space.
  8. Thrilled to follow along; have been thinking about a transatlantic and curious about what activities are offered. Have a wonderful time!
  9. Dive both days and spend an afternoon at the Borabora motu with my snorkel gear. The are several coral heads there. Also bring your gear to tahaa motu picnic. See TBKs previous posts with aerial showing best spots. We have done all sorts of snorkel excursions in BB; nothing beats diving. Happy planning!
  10. Unless they have changed the timing, specific dives and times are available for booking 60 days out so in about a month for you. Again, times and dates may change by the time you are on board but if you have reserved you’re clear. You can always cancel without penalty( ask when you call but I believe within 24 hours.) Looks like your itinerary has only one day in moorea; although 4 dives are described the sites are all within apx 500 meters of each other; some difference in formations but same pelegics/fish etc. if whatever you were wanting to do was there; just reserve whichever is the 8am dive that day (assuming you’re not flying home Fri night per pressure table). Bora bora is more complicated. 3 completely different dives. Toopua inside reef... like an aquarium.. tapu outside and Anau which is inside but on the other side of the Mt. the manta rays kept their distance from us (see some spectacular vid on YouTube where the flocked around divers) but the ride around the island added to the fun. If choosing 1 would do Tapu. You’re in BB for 2 days; don’t miss the motu there. hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions
  11. Aurab - No one is going to be able to confirm this for you with any certainty. If you make your outside excursions for the afternoon you should be fine. Although you may be able to confirm certain dives and times on PG before you cruise, the schedule is fluid and may change based upon now many new divers on board, dive conditions, etc.
  12. Emdee, I did see your post but before I could agree it was gone; yours was not the only one deleted. One of these days, I hope to be on a cruise with you! I will forever be grateful for your Sofitel Beach Bungalow recommendation in Moorea.... heaven! Happy travels to you!
  13. My 2 cents, this runs completely counter to 9 cruises on the PG. My agent is extremely knowledgeable. It is commonly known that if you book directly with PG (or any luxury cruise company), you are leaving substantial savings on the table.
  14. With either carrier run risk of strike, though greater risk with AF. We did premium economy on AF last trip. They were on strike on way out and they chartered a Nigerian plane with Portuguese staff which was interesting to say the least. Also did not get PE as paid for...which, thanks to strict EU regulations, we were well compensated for. On way home, strike was over and we found the PE seats and service to be good. We liked the scheduling of leaving ship early( need to have pg arrange for your taxi). Agree that pre cruise preferable, for many reasons. All that said, would use the carrier/schedule you most prefer and cross fingers about potential strike as that is completely in knowable. If absolutely do not want to risk would look into United out of SFO. Happy planning!
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