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  1. yeah, no problem with kid spending time at kids club while we are on the boat,,,but we would never “leave” her on the boat, not in a million years you’d convince my wife to do that one, lol
  2. She would much rather do some fresh fruit, bacon, plain-ish chicken, fries and pick out a couple of her own desserts…we take her around 5pm, let her eat, have a snack ourselves, buffet usually isn’t too busy yet. We drop her at kids club at 545ish, and we are off to dinner. Works out great for her, we miss her at dinner and would much rather hang with her,,, but it really is what she loves. She always makes a friend or two at the club and really looks forward to see them throughout the week. Room service chocolate cake and milk waiting when we get back to the room, always a hit. To bad, we are the following week Sept 10 Westerdam to Alaska, she’s 6
  3. My kid has been on several cruises, we have been on many more cruises than we’d normally do, since she enjoys the kid’s club so much! She’s not at all interested in a multi-course dinner, so we feed her, drop her at kids club and go for dinner. After we usually do a show, after dinner drinks or casino, We will sometimes walk around the ship just killing time, because if we pick her up too early, she gets mad. She LOVES the kids club and activities they do.
  4. yes, I'm aware... I'm on a casino offer in a few weeks, wanted to know the protocol for the "free drinks while playing",,,and ANY tips to maximize my cocktail fun, while minimizing my casino deposits Either way I'm sure we'll have fun in their casino, we enjoy craps & black jack
  5. How did the free drinks in the casino work? Can you sit at the bar for a bit and relax or you have to be playing at all times? Can you take a break, sit at the bar and have a drink?
  6. Yes, unfortunately we will have several carry-on Good to know for the larger checked bag Thank you for the link!
  7. So we’d have to valet bags, uber around for the day, find our way back to the port to collect our bags, and then uber to the airport…would be less?
  8. Yes, we are on Holland America Just trying to figure out the best way to kill a day after the cruise, given we will have luggage and our flight isn't until 10pm
  9. First Alaska Cruise, first time in Seattle so any advise and tips would be very much appreciated! Get in at 10pm Friday, so plan is to just stay at SEA-tac. Saturday make our way to DT, stay Grand Hyatt or someplace central to DT and cruise port. Sunday is embarkation The following Sunday - debarkation Our flight home (Detroit) isn't until 10pm. Anyone know the best place to rent a car close to the port? Easiest way to get there? We were thinking of just renting a car and spending the day exploring surrounding Seattle, instead of storing laggage and doing Uber, or stuck at SEA the entire day/evening. Thinking with a car rental we wouldn't need a place to store luggage, see a bit of Seattle, and have just return it to the airport that evening before our flight home. Any places to see in or around Seattle for a couple with 6 year old? Pikes is on the list, just was trying to find something different, we may hit Pike's and then scoot to Discovery park for a picnic. Thanks for idea and advise
  10. First Alaska cruise out of Seattle and a few questions for the veterans. 1) We arrive at 10pm on Friday, embarkation is Sunday. Should we stay at SEA hotel and then make our way DT or another place to stay on Saturday? We would like to explore Seattle, but haven't been, and don't know where a good jump off point would be. 2) Our flight home (Detroit) isn't until 10pm on debarkation day (Sunday). Anyone know the best place to rent a car close to the port? Easiest way to get there? We were thinking of just renting a car and spending the day exploring surrounding Seattle, instead of storing laggage and doing Uber, or stuck at SEA the entire day/evening. 3) Places to see or go in or around Seattle for a couple with 6 year old? Thank you!
  11. I’ll reach out to Air2Sea, but I’m not holding my breath,,,I’ve looked at most options from my home airport and surrounding, as well as regional arrival airports. Planes are full, dynamic pricing has the few seats left at silly prices, not to mention schedules. Spring break is fun,,,just don’t remember it being this tough, EVER. Didn’t think to reach out to CR for a possible switch. I’ll ask ✌
  12. I’m considering canceling an upcoming cruise, since flights are astronomical for the dates needed and very few options for getting us there/back with reasonable schedules The cruise was a casino royale comp room. charges thus far are: -upgrade room fee, to add a child -pre-paid gratuities -port fees/taxes -bev packages -excursion If I cancel, do all of these get refunded? or would I eat the room upgrade fee? When would I have to cancel by? What happens if we just “no show”? We haven’t made a final decision, but flight options are getting progressively worse, not looking like it makes sense for us at this point Thanks for any experience on this, it’d be the first cruise I ever cancelled 😞
  13. Ambergis Caye is much like Caye Caulker, except larger…beaches are decent on the north end of the island, but you wouldn’t be able to get from Belize City to the north end of Ambergis on a port stop. Not enough time.
  14. We are doing Caye Caukler w Coral Breeze Tours
  15. first time having the bevie package, what is the standard cash tip per drink?
  16. Agree, I'm looking for a beach day w a little snorkeling mixed in, but definitely not Cucumber... We may just hang on the ship while in Belize.
  17. So I was just looking for a beach day, but apparently Goff's is not opening up ANYTIME soon. What can we do? Any suggestions? I don't want to do any cave exploration, zip lines, hours on a bus to check out ruins is a no, etc...Broke my knee last year and just want to keep it chill. Considered doing a water taxi over to Caye Caukler, but seems we'll spend more time on the taxi, then exploring the island. I'm really bummed about Goff's, was looking forward to relaxing on the beach and snorkeling a bit.
  18. Visiting Roatan in Feb on Serenade, planning a beach day and hopefully be able to snorkel from shore or catch a quick boat to spend an hour or so on the reef. Any suggestions from the pros? TIA
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