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  1. "Stepping up" on social media and NOT following through? oh HAL, we all thought you were better then that... Stories and reviews of this cancelled cruise and subsequent cruises on 1 azipod, will definitely come back to bite you.
  2. pretty incredible watching all this USGC evac unfold. Calling on a port that was(and still is)under a state of emergency, was extremely insensitive ...you could tell the people of PR were not happy. The only power, were with generators. Almost nothing open. Everything dark. No prior notice of missing St Marteen port due to Azipod failure. One azipod would not get us there in time. All aboard in St Croix was 1:30, so had maybe 2 hours at a beach before we had to head back. Lame. Unable to get to HMC because of dangerous tender conditions, not their fault, but sucked nonetheless
  3. So another late port...Will they continue to just operate this way, or do you think they may adjust the future itin schedules to reflect the slower speeds/ports due to azipod failure?
  4. So, the options for killing a few hours are pretty much limited to boat rides? We have done the jungle queen thing.
  5. Since we have a later flight(3pm) on disembarkation day, just trying to figure out best way to kill a few hours. I did see the air boat tour, but we will have our 3 year old in tow, just don't think it would work for us. What is the latest we can disembark the ship? Do we go to a common area and hang out till last call? Bad idea given the mayhem of disembarkation day? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. MC
  6. Just people that are on these recent cruises, that have posted that they have had schedules altered, ports missed, etc etc...posted on this board and others. but was I there,,,no. 🙄 However I’m scheduled to be this Saturday, so I’ll let you know!
  7. I’d be one of those passengers that WOULD NOT be pleased that my ports are being missed, cut short, etc....especially as a result of a mechanical issue, that I was lead to believe was fixed, and subsequently covered up by removing monitors, and not being transparent about the situation... but Then again I don’t pay for anything, and then consider myself lucky that I receive part of what I paid for...weather delays or issues out of HAL control is a separate issue. JMO
  8. that would mean that they would have to take ownership of why your port was cut short, due to their mechanical issue...instead they cover it up, save themselves a few $, and most are none the wiser. Good job HAL. 🙄
  9. I just don't understand why they can't be transparent and clear about the situation. If THEIR mechanical problems affect my schedule, port times, cabin conditions, etc, etc - YES, they should make it right. If it doesn't,,, even better and not to worry...But them playing cover-up and answering questions like our politicians in Washington,,,just doesn't sit well with me. I tend to lean towards being honest and as transparent as possible...Usually when a company starts down this path, I look elsewhere.
  10. Same, I chose this itin primarily for St Maarten...fingers crossed it works out.
  11. Anyone know if the future itins may be altered? I'm due to sail this Sat on NA.
  12. Revenue stream a new concept to you?..thank goodness you aren’t running the P&L for HAL. you’d “greed” yourself right to BK. bless your heart. If I’d have one suggestion for HAL, would be to operate similar to Cunard...and NOT charge corkage fees for wine consumed in your cabin. Definitely a consideration for my next booking.
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