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  1. When making a really large roasting pan full, I roast at 350 uncovered and stir often.
  2. I also like to roast big pans full of onions, carrots, cauliflower, broccolli , green beans, mushrooms, cut up white potatoes and chunks of sweet potatoes. butternut squash, large chunks of zucchini, asperagus I roast them slowly and enjoy the juices they give off delicious.;-) Roast until all is tender
  3. Hope your daughter is better each day Stay well, yourselves.
  4. There is absolutely NO chance I will give a nano second of thought to cruising to Brazil in the foreseeable future I might have sailed to Canada but HAL cancelled those cruises.
  5. How about to the moon b y Space Ship ?
  6. If the cruise lines continue cancelling cruise after cruise, none of us will be doing much crusing sail.noordam@gmail.com
  7. What does MSC provide their highest level guests, as associated with being loyal 'repeaters'?
  8. Yes but not now, correct? Seeing the Neptune suites no longer receive the news papers,, I would be very surprised they are still delivered to the library Either HAL still gets the newpapers in port for distribution or they do not... I sailed a "R" class ship two cruises in May (2020) in Neptune suite and never received a newspaper placed in my cabin such as used to be done.
  9. A good clue as to why HAL was not there is: February in Europe is off season, thus 'some' lower pricing for your tours,
  10. This is a hard time in the travel , cruise business and while always a plus, a person with lots of cruise line experience would be great.
  11. HAS a person to replace Mr. Ashford been named and I missed it? Do you think they will promote from withinCarnival Corp or from within HAL or maybe hire from another cruise line ? Any guesses?
  12. A VERY tiny expense but something I miss very much "REAL newspapers delivered every port day to neptune cabins. if they need to put out a coin box to cover the small expense, I would be very pleased. I do not always go ashore in every port nor pass a place to buy uSA today or Intl Herald that I enjoy reading.For years and dozens upon dozens of HAL cruises we always received a news paper on port days in Neptune suites or "S" suites as they were called in the early days of "S and "R" class ships.
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