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  1. I have always been charged t he HSC for only myself when sailing solo. I choose tot tip additonal but that is optional and not expected or charged to me by HAL
  2. I acually like the lapel pins more than the medallons. My DH wore his on blazer/suit lapel when on the ships. I, too am grateful for having been able to cruise so much and being able to continue to do so.
  3. How nice to see you post again. It has been a wihle. Hope you have been well sail.noodam@gmail.com
  4. I, too am sorry about your D.H. but so hsppy you had that special cruise..
  5. Three adults one bathroom? That's a vacation? Yikes 🙂 sail.noordam@gmail.com
  6. What a great post, full of so much good information. Your reasoning for having the shot now makes good sense and is sound logic. ( IMO)
  7. ASK for room darkening curtains/shades. Most ships have an upholsterer on board and likely could sttich some up for you if they do not have any ready-made . sail.noordam@gmail.com
  8. Where to get vaccinated well could vary by region, city etc To deny some people have had problems with i,t are either misinformed or mistaken.
  9. My privag You mean my late Husband? I am very sure you kow he passed away. What I do and do not do with any of his things is my private business and not somegthing I wou ld expect to be be asked on a public internet forum. I post my e-mail address and would think it respectful for privateq uestions to be asked in private e-mail. This week we would have celebrated out 50th wedding anniversary. sail.noordam@gmail.com
  10. Just a suggestion but maybe you would do great to ask your regular doctor whom you know an trust? Some folks have been known to have a bit of difficulty from that vaccine.
  11. Where else would one take their M edallion out of the box but for the Medallion party before Mariners Brunch? Do you have a Medallion and don't bring it on your cruises? Entirely your choice if that is the case,
  12. Shall I plan to call you if my cards are refused when away from home? I think I'll do it My way seeing as I am the only one responsile for my safety and needs? A mile in my shoes and all that.................
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