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  1. sail7seas


    I also do not see any problem with her post. 🙂 sail.noordam@gmail.com
  2. sail7seas


    Hope you feel better very soon.
  3. What a lovely post, Helen. Thank you for it. For me, CC has been a great source of information for many years, sail.noordam@gmail.com
  4. sail7seas

    5* internet benefit

    For b-to-b vs Collector do they still carry forward unused minutes from first cruise to next? sail.noordam@gmail.com
  5. sail7seas

    What has happened to Cruise Critic?

    I don't use Tapatalk and only post on my laptop. Yippee ! 🙂 and Congratulations. Happy for You Plese understand we do not all feel the same about th changes. I agree about the 'free 'part' but that is just about all. I am tired of struggling here and not sure it is worth it anymore. Reading comments, made by others, I have the notion I am not th e only one. After many years here and a great number of posts. ,,,, sail. noordam@gmail.com
  6. sail7seas

    Price paid for SS now more than NS

    Explore 4 does not come 'cheap' here is no free ride and explore 4 is a good reason the price on your cabin is high compared to N.S. Ask your TA what the price would be if you remove Explore 4 from your booking. sail.noordam@gmail.com
  7. sail7seas

    Avoiding Jones Act fees - Carnival cruise

    A death certificate and medical record by doctor who declared the person dead and the time and date of death? Purser would include that information in the 'papers' which are provided to CBP when ship is being cleared upon arrival in port. sail.noordam@gmail.com
  8. sail7seas

    Avoiding Jones Act fees - Carnival cruise

    If a pax dies during the cruise and the remains are removed from the ship en route. the cruise line must apply for a waiver of the PVSA violation fine seeing the guest did not disembark in the embarkation port. One would think, the waiver would be automatic in such circumstance but not so. sail.noordam@gmail.com
  9. sail7seas

    Avoiding Jones Act fees - Carnival cruise

    Excellent, concise, very clear PVSA discussion. Well done
  10. sail7seas

    What has happened to Cruise Critic?

    I miss the CC I had come to enjoy so much, It got me through recovery from two open heart surgeries. this new 'incarnation' gives me high blood pressure. When I was recovering , I knew I could come to CC and 'think' ships, sail ing , HAL. (smile and relax) Now I think of 'how in the world did the 'powers that be' let this happen to this site? I wonder how much they like it now. 🙂 ANY CHANCE at all we can please, beg, cry our way to getting our enjoyable forum back? I literally hesitate each time I think to come here. It is AWFUL now, IMO sail.noordam@gmail.com
  11. sail7seas

    New Club Orange

    Specifics please..... sail.noordam@gmail.com
  12. sail7seas

    New Club Orange

    Does anyone feel like 'steerage class' on HAL ships? sail.noordam@gmail.com
  13. Please correct me if I am wrong but I think the title of Yum Yum's position is 'doorman'. 🙂 sail.noodam@gmail.com
  14. sail7seas

    What has happened to Cruise Critic?

    I truly hate this format and cannot start to guess wha t about it constitutes an improvement from the previous format. I spend a fraction of the time on CC now compared to how many times a day/week I used to come to CC. I am as used to it as I will ever be and this forum now stresses me. It is supposed to be enjoyable No? Sail.noordam@gmail.com
  15. sail7seas

    100 day medallion

    Congratulations on 100 days. Now you can start concentrating on getting Platinum. Enjoy your NS cruise. sail.noordam@gmail.com