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  1. sail7seas

    Solved: Go To First Unread Post

    YEA. My HAL Signature Logo is back 🙂 I don't know how it happened but I am happy go see it.
  2. sail7seas

    Solved: Go To First Unread Post

    You can write overides. 🙂 Lucky we have the handful of you very able techies here on HAl forum Speaking for myself, you are appreciated.
  3. sail7seas

    Solved: Go To First Unread Post

    Thanks, POA. hope I remember it all. 🙂 In time. hopefully hell will become second nature......... z
  4. sail7seas

    Modified, Limited Cure for Blindness

    I neeed my techie here before I would dream of attempting , but thank you POA> You sometimes forget some of us are of the age we were long oujt of shcool and for some, the workplace before there was a collection of computers in most houses. We educated ourselves to come on line, e-mail , etc, Congrats to those seniors who are techies. 🙂
  5. sail7seas

    Going Blind?

    I cannot find the 'downward arrow referenced above as in tool bar at top of reply replay box.........., to be used to increase font size. I will be honest in saying straight out Ugh to this upgrade 😞 Where is my signature HAL logo? [ b]sail.noordam@gmail.com[/b]
  6. . Chef,, You need to be reasonable and realize, these ships cannoT be "FINE DINING" in their MDR. They are serving so many thousands of guests and crew three (plus) meals a day and though they do a very good job, it HAs to be banquet food to a point. I know Michelin three star dining and clearly recognize the differences but applaud the chefs and culinary staffs on the ships. They do an amazing job, IMO, some of course, better than others. if you b oard the ship intending to critique and expect the fine dining of the best restaurants in major world class cities, you Will likely be dissatisfied. As a chef, you likely know t his. Hope you enjoy and have a great cruise but go, trying to be reasonable will hopefully leg you be pleased.
  7. sail7seas

    "It's Time To Say Good-Bye",,,,,

    Kvetch, kvetch,,,,,,,,,,,, Sure Can't get away with it 'face to face ' so may as well enjoy it here for a short time. I MIss my SignAture HAL logo. I so hope they bring back our signa tures 🙂 BUT AM happy we can again post here. thank you, Laura, and your team.
  8. On HAL people in all ca bins are given equal attention o special dining requests in MDR. All Vegans who request special dining will be p;rovieed that.
  9. I like to hover my curser over spot after Last posters 'name in a thread a nd go directly to end of the thred but it ddoesn't seem to work now Anyone else notice that?. Or Care?
  10. sail7seas

    Going Blind?

    How are you enlarging a nd how can we make the print d arker? This light print is terrible TIA, anyone who can help with those questions.