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  1. I think Hawaii is viewed a little differently then the continental US.
  2. And to show how the rest of the world views travel to the US, Quantas has said it will probably resume flights to the US at the end of 2021. https://apple.news/ArZY0lGJCRiKlBucfS-oWDg
  3. Is it the “Fans” page or an official HAL FB group? Not trying to be difficult, but if it’s just a fan group that has less weight then if HAL itself made the post. There are many HAL related FB groups but they are just run by non-HAL people so unless they have some special HAL hook, they don’t know anymore then the rest of us.
  4. So will they also extend the ban in the next few days or is this a way to get around the political pressures that caused them to only do the ban through October versus February like they wanted.
  5. I actually believe that requirements by businesses, both those you work for and those you visit or use for a service may ultimately require evidence of vaccination. This will push the reluctant ones to get vaccinated (I hope).
  6. We rotate our warm and cold season clothes into and out of the suitcases. When in A cold area, our warm clothes are under the bed in one of our suitcases and visa versa when in a warm area. Same with toiletries, the extras are stored until needed.
  7. Which I always found incredibly stupid. There were times I forgot and emailed it to them and they would accept it, sometimes not.
  8. It must be up to the individual steward because they have used Club HAL for storage on all three of our world cruises.
  9. A banana on board is much worse
  10. There are people on board with 15 or more bags. We had eight this time which was the most we had ever had. We took more clothing then normal this time due to Antarctica, that was probably one suitcase in itself. Probably half of our luggage is clothes, shoes also take up a lot of space. I had five pair, I won’t say how many my wife had but they collectively pretty much filled a duffel bag. Then there is stuff, camera stuff, five months of toiletries, medicines, snacks, snorkeling gear, my Mac, two iPads, all kinds of chargers. Heck some people bring a TV (I kid you not). Our suitcases were four larger ones, three small ones and one duffel bag. Usually we can get ours under the bed with maybe one in a closet. The small suitcases fit in the larger ones and the duffel goes anywhere. As RutthC said, you can give them to the steward as well. They store them in Club HAL as there are usually not many kids on board. If you participate in the theme nights that takes up a lot of suitcases as well. You see so pretty elaborate outfits.
  11. My guess is some form of cruising will start by May/June 2021 but nothing close to a normal experience until summer 2022.
  12. Sorry, I only look on the first page to see if a topic is already posted plus that thread is about the potential where my post is that it happened and includes details on what Mr D has to do to meet the actual ruling.
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