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  1. KirkNC

    VOV July 30,2019

    A very popular and therefore expensive cruise (I have been told the most expensive on a daily basis).
  2. KirkNC

    Waving of Napkins??

    Too funny how a thread can wander.
  3. Good to know. FYI - I find your font very hard to read.
  4. Smoking has been allowed in HAL casinos for years. Recently they have introduced smoke free nights.
  5. KirkNC

    HAL credit card hold

    We have seen very high holds on long cruises, as much as $13,000 for the 2017 world cruise. In the past, we have gone to the front desk and had large holds reduced. For example, on the aforementioned wc they reduced the hold to $5,000. We run a lot of $$$ through our card including paying for future cruises. When that happens a $10-15k hold can gum up the works as it does reduce the available credit.
  6. KirkNC

    Surcharge for Room Service coming?

    It would be fine with me.
  7. KirkNC

    Rotterdam Lido retreat/pool

    Too funny but sadly true!
  8. KirkNC

    Wifi - TWO Devices Solution

    Navigator is HAL’s local area network. It works on any device, PC, Mac, tablets or smartphones. It is the way you access the paid internet (amoung other things). You “register “ using your name and cabin number. Each person in your cabincan register so each of you can setup your own internet plan. There will be instructions in your cabin.
  9. KirkNC

    Wifi - TWO Devices Solution

    Sure, set up two accounts on Navigator, one for you, one for your husband. Then each of you buy a plan.