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  1. True but if you do that walk every day it actually will raise your resting (I believe it is called Basel rate) rate so you burn more calories all day long.
  2. This thread emphasizes why I can’t stand Club Orange. Those of us who have spent tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars on HAL to obtain 4 & 5 star status can now watch a complete newbie get many of the same privileges for $15/day. Nice way to stick it too your loyal customers HAL. No wonder I find so many HAL refugees on the Oceania and Azamara boards. for clarity, I don’t blame the newbies.
  3. O’ yes, White Bay it is. Of course it’s near nothing but a residential area that complains to the city if the ship does any announcements on the Promenade deck. When we were there in March, the Captain said he would be fined $7,500 if he did.
  4. The Pinnacle ships are a different breed, try it on the rest of the fleet.
  5. A lot of those benefits are marketing speak and not worth anything. In addition, I can only imagine what answer someone would get onboard when they asked for: Priority access to specialty restaurant reservations Priority line at the shore excursions desk Priority line at the Guest Services desk Dedicated Concierge Hotline access Several other amenities may or may not appear, such as sparkling wine, premium breakfast (what does that even mean, steak and eggs??). I would be curious how this has actually worked for those who did fork over the money. It is interesting that the PDF now has pricing at $35/pp/day for Pinnacle class and $25/pp/day for the rest of the fleet since it started out at $50/pp/day.
  6. No, not ending, she is far more durable then you give her credit for. Let’s hook up in 15-20 years and see who was closer to being right about climate change.
  7. Well said, we are on the same journey as you, trying to find a line that suits us.
  8. Your forgetting those who book onboard and then transfer as we do to get extra OBC. My point was you would think HAL would be happy for the booking and trying to encourage them. By putting a requirement on transfers, it just muddies the water. Another part of the Princessification of HAL.
  9. So HAL is making it harder for those who use TA to book. Most businesses are happy to have a sale regardless of how it got done. Sounds like it will put some PCC out of a job as well.
  10. Just keep repeating, the earth is flat, the earth is flat....
  11. Just to clarify one point being made. We have made several visits to two separate PH locations and have never felt pressure to “buy something “. They have made recommendations, some we have followed, some we have not.
  12. Funny how the Germans can buy the ship for?$$$?million , invest another ?$$$? million in renovations and sell cabins for less then $1,000 for a one week cruise and still make money. HAL was charging that much or more before the sale and losing money.....hum.
  13. You take them your itinerary and they input it into their system. They then print out a summary of all the areas of concern, what CDC recommends etc. Then you talk through it and decide what you will do. We usually follow their advice. The one we did not was related to Japanese encephalitis, the shots were $800/pp and it was not a major issue where we would be in Japan. It can get pricey really quick but as Tony Soprano said, what are you going to do???
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