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  1. Cruise to nowhere would not be our thing. Same with short cruising.
  2. Because as a customer I experienced the impact of his decisions.
  3. Cooper10-8, Any chance you can get an update on our luggage? Once they cycle the crew off the only thing left on board is our luggage which I hope to see again at some point. Last we heard they were putting it in containers and shipping it to the US from Asia. Not sure from which port or when. Before long we will see stories on luggage being held captive at sea.
  4. I have been very critical of Mr Ashford’s leadership as I consider his reign full of bad decisions. I don’t think he made those decisions in a vacuum, I believe he was under pressure from CCL to squeeze more profits out of HAL. Unfortunately that led to lots of short term thinking. I think the decisions on what to do and what not to do during the pandemic were also vetted with CCL leaders. I have met Mr Ashford and some of his family. He is a very nice man and well liked by many HAL staff. Unfortunately he was set up for failure when he was put in a position where e he had little experience and knowledge.
  5. Nice message. In the struggling vein we received an email today from a tour company we have used in Peru several times. They are really struggling. The owner has a staff of twelve and he was able to pay them for the first month but not after. He was asking for donations to pay his staff so they could take care of their families. I sent him a small donation and hopefully he and his company will make it through this mess.
  6. You're right about its popularity. It is the most expensive per day cruise HAL offers, even more than the world cruises (based on advertised lowest cost cabin before port charges and taxes).
  7. You just have to check each line, here’s one that Oceania offers; https://www.oceaniacruises.com/grand-voyage-cruises/new-york-to-new-york-INS200815B/?sr=%2Fcruise-finder%2F%23search-result-anchor
  8. I have seen similar cruises on other lines, you just need to check.
  9. Your right, its within a few cents when I deduct he 3% from the invoice amount, good job!
  10. Great you got yours! You may be right on the 3%, I had not thought of that.
  11. Many don’t have Facebook or don’t view the HAL page so it would be nice if their boilerplate message could be emailed to all clients in their database.
  12. Yes, any progress is a move in the right direction. i would encourage others to have their TA check, others may have gotten credit as well.
  13. It was a couple $100 short of being 50% of 100% of the base fare.
  14. What, communication outlining steps taken to try and speed things along. How non-HAL. 😳🥺😳🥺
  15. Our TA emailed us. I had the felling she just kind of found it versus someone telling her it was there and available. She called it a "goodwill FCC".
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