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  1. Which would be fine if everyone knew that when they booked their 2022 cruise We have been twice so it’s not a deal breaker for us but others may disagree.
  2. Actually, it probably is but they are still allowing 3,500 passengers at stops smaller then BB.
  3. I hope your right but it seems counter intuitive that the largest port limits itself to 1,200 while much smaller ones allow 3,500.
  4. I may be confused by the wording, not sure what “transpacific” or “transpacific repositioning” mean but the cruise I am referring to has seven stops in FP.
  5. Basedon my understanding it would as well as six other stops. As for # onboard, the cruise is sold out.
  6. Actually on the Zuiderdam cruise it would mean dropping seven stops.
  7. This really is another example of cruise lines going one direction i.e larger ships, and multiple ports limiting the size of cruise ships. While larger ships may work in the Caribbean or Alaska, the rest of the world seems to be rejecting them. For us, that’s a good thing.
  8. Interesting to see how that translates for our Zuiderdam cruise in February of 2022.
  9. One good thing that may come out of this pandemic is improved indoor air quality onboard. We do long cruises and often one or both of us would come down with upper respiratory infections. We even carry our own Z pacs. I am hoping the new filtration onboard will minimize or eliminate this cruise crud.
  10. Happy Thursday! We are getting a hard rain this morning so I get to play with my new weather station!
  11. I think we have beat this horse enough.
  12. We have tried to give them to our room steward but he did not want them. Quite frankly they are ours to do with what we please.
  13. I have always thought that’s how it should be. It’s nice you do it at all.
  14. We don’t ask for them, they appear on our bed.
  15. We throw our pins and medallions away.
  16. I agree completely, our next cruise isn’t until February but even that far out we have mixed emotions.
  17. Well it’s a relief to know it’s not just me..
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