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  1. Hang in there... as I noted it took NCl 79 days (from the day I submitted my refund request) to the day my credit card was credited in full. 18 weeks ( 126 days) after refund form submission is way past the 90 days NCL committed - I'd be getting irritated with them too.
  2. Weekend started well ! It took NCL exactly 79 days but I received a full refund today. Somehow I'm rather pleased with them (LOL) ....nice refund surprise while enjoying a sunny Saturday morning coffee. Since I booked through Costco and we had a 2-bdrm Haven for Alaska (June) I'll be able to shop at Costco for "free" for a year or so. On another note, sold my NCL stock at a nice profit ...(a few free cruises worth)... stock sliding down again so I'll try another round if it goes below 10. Really quite pleased with NCL at the moment.
  3. if the 12% futures drop holds at opening use it as an opportunity to buy. Give this one a little time .... it will come back strong.
  4. NCL hovered around $60 for the last 3-4 years.... IMHO it will get back there in another year or so. With that said, and with the willingness to let this investment ride for the longer term (1-2 years), I rolled the dice and bought several times on the way down (from 14 to 10 ) - missed the absolute bottom but that's ok. Even if you bought today you're still looking at an easy 100% gain - very likely more = there is still a ton of room to make money in the longer term. I will buy more on the next dip.
  5. Good question Pickle: I'd say I'm looking for price discounts compared to 2020 cruises. (not perks, not 3 & 4th passenger). ie. I'm willing to roll the dice for Alaska for 2021 but only if the cruise lines make it lucrative. Otherwise... I'll wait until 2022. To sharpen my question ..to put it in better perspective. I had an NCL Haven 2 bedroom booked for Alaska (June, 2020). Are any cruise lines offering Alaska deals on their suites for 2021? Thanks !!
  6. Pretty sure i know the answer but are any of the cruise lines discounting 2021 Alaska cruises ?
  7. Nice ...that 2300 will be pretty easy to use up with a shore excursion - have fun !!
  8. My crystal ball tells me that NCL will bounce back nicely - people will want to cruise...period. 1. waiting for ncl to cancel our June alaska cruise so that we can get our haven cash back 2. being a gambling sort I've bought enough ncl stock on the way down (5-1 odds) to pay for lots of future haven cruising. I won't talk about it if I'm wrong but I may mention it every so often if I'm correct 🙂 See you guys in Alaska in 2021.... and Antartica after that
  9. In the tidal wave of everything going on around us I totally understand how everyone is negative & questioning everything - since these forums allow us to throw in our two cents here's mine: The global economy was booming but stopped in its tracks by Corona. Yes - it will get worse before it gets better but our scientific community will figure this out. We'll get back to work... business will boom again ....the banks will continue to keep their big customers floating (cruise lines) ... and as noted above we will all be cruising again. I bought more NCL stock today ... to go with th
  10. Good man.... I have confidence the US/world will pull through this .... the markets will wobble in short term but those that put their money down now will be handsomely rewarded in the long term. I've made several purchases of NCL snd RCL in the last few days....bought more in the red slide today.....
  11. ..well....I recently placed my bet that NCL will get back to good health. While the stock bounced nicely today it'll be back down and up a few more gut wrenching times for sure ... if I'm right NCl will be paying me to take several years of future Haven cruising.... I figure this is my small way of helping them get back on they feet so the they are less reluctant to cancel this years alaska cruise season = they will give me back my (June cruise) Haven cash...... Win-Win
  12. I"ll 2nd that. While I find the thread interesting with some well-considered comments.....here's where my mind is : waiting for NCL to cancel the Alaska cruises thru July 1 so that I can get my Haven cash back purchase a decent NCL stock position (very soon) - a pile of money to be made here for longs. rebook Alaska for 2021 or 2022 start planning for a cruise to Antartica
  13. Agreed with above... not many options available to you. However... This "suggestion" is based on the possibility (likelihood) that NCL will soon have to cancel all Alaska cruises departing before July because Canada has closed all ports until then. (All NCL Alaska cruises must stop in Canada) Sooo... on the premise above, perhaps you could use your NCL credit to rebook a cruise departing before July. When NCL cancels you can get your money. Caveat... I have no idea if this would work... there may be NCL rules that prevent this from happening... just thinking o
  14. We're on the Jewel - June 1 from Seward to Vancouver. Same story ... planned 16 months ago... a group of us. With Canadian ports closing until July 1, I'm expecting all the Alaska cruises (due to PVSA ) to be cancelled until July 1. I'm totally bummed about this ...the only good news is that if NCL cancels they will have to offer a full refund. Our plan is to rebook for same time next year.
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