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  1. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/coronavirus-spreads-humantohuman-in-germany-and-japan/news-story/df0307aecb83492dea6fd59ce9462abd The Australian govt has also advised 'do not travel to Wu Han province' and 'reconsider non-essential travel to other areas in China'. Chinese authorities agree these warnings are appropriate. Serious stuff.
  2. Thank you geffric and Sunflower for your replies
  3. Thank you .. did you notice if others did wear them ?
  4. I have read about this subject in this forum, but can't find it again. We are doing Buenos Aires - Santiago later in the year and plan to visit the various penguin colonies as often as possible. However we understand it is sensible to have some form of protection against the penguin droppings (eg rubber overlays on shoes). My questions are - do you recommend something which we wear once then throw away, or something we re-use. If we do re-use them, do we need to clean them before we take them back on board, where do we store them whilst on board etc. Perhaps unlikely .. but do the penguin excursion operators make these available ? Am I over worrying, and are these really necessary ? Any advice and information will be most appreciated.
  5. Thank you ... yes rain / high winds etc are always a possibility, so we do our best to roll with the flow. We like to take our time when we disembark - so we always try for late afternoon / evening flights out of Europe (which then results in 2 overnight flights to get home, which is not so good). The tyranny of distance. 😀
  6. Thank you - the Alcazaba sounds like an excellent option. Enjoy your cruises, I hope Viking recognises your loyalty 😀
  7. Thank you again .. yes, we've been to Paris so Honfleur or Rouen would be much better options for us. Also been to Bruges (some years ago) but we simply loved it and would definitely go back - the 'on your own' option would be ideal. We know the Alhambra would be fabulous to see - but we have friends who have been to that area and they also say Malaga was a delight. Something we would have to think about. We have a South American cruise booked with Viking for later this year, and a river cruise in April next year - so we are planning well ahead. Thank you for your suggestions, they do help to fill in the blanks.
  8. Excellent - this is the direction we would go. I hope you enjoy, and look forward to any thoughts you might share during / after the cruise.
  9. Thank you - the times in port and your overview comments are just what I was after (I do note some changes in current itinerary).
  10. I have searched but not found a specific answer .. is this itinerary essentially a re-positioning cruise and, if so, is the time spent in each port reduced / limited by the desire of the ship to get from A to B asap ? For those of you who have undertaken the cruise (or anyone else who knows the answer/s) did you feel time in each port was adequate ? I have read reviews for this cruise - which are mostly very positive - but I am curious about this specific issue. Thank you for any information.
  11. This was our experience. If you berth at White Bay in Sydney .. yes, by water from White Bay to Circular Quay - for us the stop was outside the Museum of Contemporary Art. If you berth at Circular Quay in Sydney .. no need, that is the perfect location. In Melbourne, yes - the drop off point will be near the city centre but the actual location may vary from cruise to cruise depending on road works, other ships in port etc. Dunedin yes, it is about 20 min by road and the drop off point was outside the main railway station. We missed Christchurch due to bad weather - but can't think of any reason why there wouldn't be a shuttle service provided. I've read some helpful reviews of the Aust / NZ cruise so if you are seeking some further information please let me know and I will see if I can find them and provide a link for you. Sorry .. edit. I assume you know how to find CC reviews, what I am referring to is some extended comments in this forum about this itinerary from 12 months or so ago.
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