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  1. I live in the USA, and could book online if I wanted the auto assigned cabin - but I chose to call to make the original booking so I could have a preferable cabin placement. (Birthday Bash July 2020) The website is a great way to see the pricing and availability, but often the sailor services call staff can help you with a different cabin option. When my cruise was cancelled the first time I phoned to get the booking changed for the following year, and was able to be upgraded using the 200% FCC to a Rockstar suite even though none were showing available online (Birthday Bash July 2
  2. We decided to blow the entire 200% (well, I had $70 FCC left) on a Gorgeous Suite for a Dominican Daze cruise in May 2022. We were originally in a central sea terrace for the birthday bash July 2020, when that was cancelled we had a cheeky corner biggest terrace for the 2021 birthday, and now we are excited to have the mega rockstar experience in a gorgeous suite!! Hubby is useless at taking time off of work, so we may as well have a once in a lifetime trip thanks to the very generous re-booking credit!
  3. We decided to change our booking for Richard's Birthday Bash at the end of March - we are relocating this summer (KS to PA), and added to that my mum is terminally ill in the UK (we are in the USA) so decided that trying to take a trip wasn't worth it. We started with a central sea terrace on the 2020 Birthday bash, had a cheeky corner suite booked for the 2021 birthday bash - but decided to blow the entire FCC on a May 2022 Dominican Daze cruise in a 'gorgeous suite' with all the 'mega rockstar' perks. Hubby isn't great at taking vacation so this seemed like the best option for us.
  4. I had to re-pierce my ears once as a teenager - wasn't fun! I always wear my diamond studs that were a gift from hubby, wedding band, simple gold necklace & my watch. Only my watch gets taken off at night, the rest all stay on 24/7. During this time of extreme handwashing I haven't worn my other usual rings - my engagement ring & eternity ring with my wedding band, and my Granny's wedding ring and a ring that was a gift from my Grandfather to her on my right ring finger.
  5. On Instagram yesterday they said they were going to Genoa to repatriate crew.
  6. They will also be looking for a date when Richard Branson can be onboard.
  7. We rescheduled our cruise on May 21st and my credit card was refunded the taxes & fess, as well as the $300 bar tab on May 22nd. I was expecting a longer wait than that!
  8. You can book with an agent, VV refers to them as "First Mates'. This may interest you: https://www.travelmarketreport.com/articles/What-Travel-Advisors-Need-to-Know-About-Virgin-Voyages https://www.cruiseplanners.com/about-us/blog/virgin-voyages-attracting-virgin-travelers/ We booked directly with VV, and then handled the cancellation & rebooking ourselves. We were booked for Richard's Birthday Bash this year, we will be going next year in a suites thanks to the generous rebooking conditions!
  9. It isn't listed on the website as Richard's Birthday Bash for next year, but the email sent to people who were booked on it for this year gave the dates for the Birthday Bash in 2021 (July 14-18 2021). We've only been on one cruise - 14 yrs ago and had an oceanview. This is a serious upgrade over that trip!!! Hubby isn't a huge cruise fan - but he works for Virgin Galactic and after an amazing stay at the Virgin Hotel San Francisco I convinced him to give Virgin Voyages a shot!! Have a great trip!
  10. The prices for Richard's Birthday bash cruise 2021 are also considerably cheaper that what we paid for the 2020 cruise in Oct 2019. Our original cabin is over $1000 less right now. I'm sorry that your cruise was cancelled twice - have a great time when you finally get to go!!
  11. We were booked on Richard's Birthday Bash this year in a central sea terrace - we are now sailing on Richard's Birthday Bash next year in a Cheeky Corner Suite (biggest terrace) - and still have almost enough credit to take another cruise in a terrace cabin!! We also got $500 on board credit. Hubby isn't great at taking vacation, so even if we don't use the remaining credit we will more than had our money's worth for what we actually paid.
  12. I booked a Rockstar suite (cheeky corner, biggest terrace) today for Richard's Birthday Bash 2021 and was told that our suite included the first round of drinks, and the gentleman assisting me talked about 375ml bottles.
  13. We are rebooked on Richard's Birthday Bash for next year!! With the generous rebooking credit we have upgraded from a central sea terrace to a cheeky corner suite with the biggest terrace!! And we got $500 on board credit!!!
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