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  1. The waters beyond 3nm are a part of US federal EEZ all the way up to 200nm. And the passage between Kaua'i and Oahu is the only questionable part of the voyage. The US territorial/contiguous waters extend up to 12-24nm, and it is very easy for the PoA to stay within these - if needed - along the other three islands. Here is how an international voyage is defined in the CFR that you quoted: "International voyage means: (1) In the case of a carrier, a voyage between ports or airports of more than one country, or a voyage between ports or airports of the same country if
  2. Well, this one should be easy to resolve then. When you worked on the Pride of Aloha, did your ship submit a pratique to the CDC every time it rolled into a new Hawaiian port? The only substantive part of your argument is the PoA's passage through the federal waters between Kaua'i and Oahu. And even that can be argued - that is, CDC's stated authority is around transport (1) from foreign countries into the US and (2) between the US states - neither of which is seemingly evident when go Hawaii - federal waters - Hawaii. As for FDR, I somehow doubt he needs my nudge to e
  3. No, this isn't applicable. "The provisions of this part contain the regulations to prevent the introduction, transmission, and spread of communicable disease from foreign countries into the States or territories (also known as possessions) of the United States. Regulations pertaining to preventing the interstate spread of communicable diseases are contained in 21 CFR parts 1240 and 1250 and 42 CFR part 70." https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CFR-2013-title42-vol1/xml/CFR-2013-title42-vol1-part71.xml Is there something else? You aren't suggesting that the S
  4. Alright, so which law would this fall under? Can you point to the specifics? It would be very interesting to explore the details.
  5. We are all experts about something in our own minds. With all due respect, your CV doesn't impress me much - your posts reveal much more. 95% of your last past doesn't contribute much to the topic of this thread. "Is cruising necessary?" "What are the long-term effects of being the first one to return?" "Do people want to fly for 6 hours?" There are dozens of other threads in which you can discuss these issues. Now, do you understand why CDC cannot do anything about the opening of Disney World or Universal in Florida? Do you understand why CDC cannot stop a unive
  6. Your post here is just as misinformed as the one above (#3). #3 above shows you have no understanding of how CDC's authority is defined - or what it can or cannot do inside a state. And, now, in this post, you are jumping to conclusions that seem to exist only in your own mind. I would recommend doing your research first. Read CDC's detailed account of the cruise ship response back from July. Pages 7 onwards of: https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/pdf/No-Sail-Order-Cruise-Ships-Second-Extension_07_16_2020-p.pdf It is clear that the ships took CDC's early
  7. If they had really brought their A-game to lobbying, we wouldn't have been in this predicament with the CDC in the first place.
  8. We have seen the governors take issue with the administration's potential meddling in the state lockdown matters. I say potential because a confrontation never came to pass, and I sense the administration realized they didn't have a case - despite a national emergency. Florida senators have pushed for a new cruising restart bill this week, so it looks states are willing to work with the cruise lines. Florida obviously has much more at stake than Hawaii. Hawaii has been more conservative all around but is also hemorrhaging more jobs.
  9. Here is an overview of what the federal law allows CDC to do: https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/aboutlawsregulationsquarantineisolation.html
  10. As I understand it, CDC's jurisdiction is at the US border or between US states. NCL's Pride of America (PoA) sails wholly inside Hawaiian waters - that is, inside the state. If Hawaii allows PoA to sail, can CDC force a stoppage? I haven't sailed PoA yet. Do you go through any border controls or customs on this itinerary? Of course, NCL might not want to run afoul of the agency, but FDR (the CEO) is also getting a little impatient...
  11. Do a 10-nighter from Barcelona to Venice stopping in all your key Western Med ports and a couple of Eastern Meds too. There is so much to see in Europe in the summer that you can't do just a quick 7-nighter unless combining with a longer land-based tour. On our cruise trip to Europe, we spent 7 weeks, doing 4 cruises in all 4 corners - incl. Baltic and Norway - and still maybe saw just half of what had on our list!
  12. Hotels are where you budget will have to stretch. Anything comfortable, and you are looking $500+ a room per night at least in the tourist areas. These hotels have to earn their whole year worth of overhead in just a few months...
  13. This isn't any new debt issue - just a listing of their $750 million debt offering from July on this Bermudan exchange. I assume it's designed to let the bonds trade internationally on a tax-advantaged basis. None of the big three are going anywhere. There's too much cruising demand pent up, and the investors and their banks know it.
  14. No, that's one year too early. It's Norwegian Spirit followed by Cunard QE. That's about 30 nights altogether, and it would be nice to get off the ships for a few days in the middle. So, the first cruise - the 17-nighter - is pretty much the Indonesian and Queensland itineraries sewn together with those two sea days in between. If it was just Queensland, we would do pretty much what you suggest.
  15. Good points everyone - makes it more interesting to plan DIY. The two days at sea are followed by daily stops in Cooktown, Yorkeys Knob, and Airlie Beach. All three, I gather, are tender ports. Our initial plan would be to visit Uluru in a way to arrive in Cairns by the evening of the second sea day. Then, do a GBR pontoon or reef tour on our own while the ship is in Cooktown. This would give us all of the Yorkeys day to make it back to the ship (and even do the Skyrail/rainforest in the morning). We will have the key cards like everyone else, so returning to the
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