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  1. The holiday cruises tend to have a bit younger crowd. If you sail in January or February instead, you will be among familiar demographics.
  2. You might gain some water weight since the food onboard is full of condiments - read sodium.
  3. Well, if we have all made it to 19 pages of this 'rant', let's cut Celebrity some slack.
  4. Does Celebrity come to CruiseCritic to read rants? Most definitely. Could the apologists' 18-page bumping of this thread all but seal the deal that Celebrity should act and possibly over-compensate? Yup. Is there any real downside to ranting anonymously on a public forum? You decide.
  5. The way I see it they got what they wanted. Cynical or not. It's the apologists who still can't see the irony.
  6. Many more Canadians visit the Disney parks (or Florida) for vacations, and they do it several times a year. It makes sense to give them a discount to fill your ships. How many Argentinians are going to make the trek to come out even with a discount?
  7. You can use a service such as LuggageFree.com. Pretty sure they can deliver at the very least to the port if not the ship. https://www.luggagefree.com/learn-more/ship-to-a-cruise/
  8. So, after all, they changed the remaining two itineraries in just a day since I flagged the issue. Amen to 40% of this thread foretelling the seemingly insurmountable odds...
  9. Princess too has a lot of ships currently in Southeast Asia, and so do RCL, AIDA, and Costa (though the cruise terminals aren't shared with any container traffic). Winter is a busy time in Asia. And it is a dynamic situation, I agree. The real priority issue - nevertheless - for all airlines and cruise ships is the embarkation/debarkation in HK/China. If you are asking passengers to pass through these ports, you are risking their re-entries into their own countries. Or asking them to be subjected to a mandatory two-week quarantine. I would think these bans aren't going away anytime soon.
  10. Well, considering only two more Millennium sailings left in this season - one in each of February and March - still involving HK/China, I had a choice. I could sit here, shake my head, and type first. Or, I could think.
  11. Ahh, the customary leap from itinerary modifications to "developing multiple new itineraries to multiple new ports". Maybe it IS the naivety that makes the world go round - but still nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact:
  12. CDC/WHO categorized the virus as a global emergency less than a week ago, airlines suspended flights till March within a couple of days, and Celebrity itself sent out a letter to modify the next departure away from HK two days later. To state there is "tremendous amount of work required for an itinerary modification" demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of how the cruise industry works.
  13. While the OP may have vented too much too fast, it's clear most posters here don't quite understand the issue either. The "wait and see" approach works only if the ship is making port stops in China/HK - but the problem is with the cruises sailing out of HK. All cruise lines should change all departures (or at least those in the PIF timeframe) away from China/HK - and they should announce it rightaway. Otherwise, you are asking guests to show up in HK until a week or two before the sailing - all the while they may still have a choice to re-route to Singapore. There is no reason to delay these itinerary modifications. China/HK won't magically be virus-free in the next three months.
  14. We are debating whether to get a beverage package on the Millennium. We have several excursions away from the ship, so one option is to pay as we go. What would be the size and price of an Evian water bottle sold on board?
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