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    Irie Tours

    We were a multigenerational family of 8. By the time everyone decided they wanted to all do something together as a group (I’d asked them for months for a decision) it was too late to find a private tour (I tried). We booked with Irie. The bus driver/guide did a great job and we learned so much. That said, it wasn’t any different than a ship sponsored tour - full bus, taking pictures as you drove by, timed stops. I prefer small groups or private tours. We pulled over to see the flamingos, 45 minute stop for snorkeling with turtles (actually closer to 30 with getting off bus, getting snorkel gear, walking to beach, then that in reverse), 2 hr beach stop, then visit to caves (very rushed, unimpressive to us, and no pics allowed (except in one area). I would recommend Irie though - I would just look for private or small group first.
  2. We just returned - in Aruba did a 7 hr tour with Around Aruba. I highly recommend them. We were a party of 4 adults and 2 kids (7 and 9). We climbed the lighthouse, went to the petting zoo (the kids LOVE animals - would skip without kids - but we requested to go), cliff jumped, ate a terrific local fresh caught lunch, swam at baby beach and a few other things. Had planned the National park but it took us over an hour at the restaurant- mostly locals and they were slow. Would not have done this had we know the national park closed around 4 (according to our guide).
  3. Just got off allure. They have an extension with 3 3-pronged plugs that sits on the desk. There are also outlets underneath the desk ( we didn’t use these but don’t believe they were recessed).
  4. We just returned from Allure 8 day cruise. We had My Time. They start seating (regardless of what their app says) around 5 in the MTD dining room. At 5:45 they will seat guests in the open tables in the other dining rooms where tables had no-shows. We had “reservations “ at 7 but after the crazy first night asked the people working the check in for MTD. This is when they told us they open at 5. Maybe other ships are different but this is Allures policy. That said, the MTD is a total mess - the other 2 dining room waiters were not happy to see us (one even told us so) and one it took 2 1/2 hrs - we were a party of 8 with 2 kids who grew hungry and tired. They were taken to the Windjammer for food. This is our 8-9 cruise with Royal (20+cruises total) and they have went downhill on their food. We have done MTD on other cruise lines and it was perfect. If you choose to do it on Royal go early otherwise the lines are horrible.
  5. We attempted to book with Gone Caribe but they were booked and highly recommended around curaçao ( they too were booked) - but you might try them.
  6. We love this hotel. However they do not have transfers to Miami. We used Uber to Miami port which was very cost effective. It’s also cheaper to take than their shuttle to port in ft lauderdale. Book your room through valuetrips it will save you money. This trip I need 3 rooms so it was a real savings.
  7. we have a tour that ends at approximately one or 2 o’clock in the afternoon and we are in Port until eight that evening. It is a private tour and they will drop us off at a beach if we wish at the end of the tour. Looking for a recommendation.
  8. I love celebrity ! They are a class above Royal, NCL, Princess and way above carnival in my opinion. Their entertainment is top notch and food much better. That said, when we travel with our grands we pick Royal due to it being more kid friendly. It’s not as much of a party atmosphere ( which we prefer). Also, a lot depends on price. If they are considerably more expensive for same itinerary as Royal - I choose Royal.
  9. We have a private jeep tour planned for 6+ hours with the two kids ages 7 and 9. The company has a lot of recommended stops. I’m hoping someone with kids can give me a couple of ideas. Some of the “suggestions ” include what seems to be things the girls would get bored with. These are our grands and we want them to have a fun day.
  10. Thank you so much. We are familiar where the Publix is since we got sodas there a few years ago before our cruise. Will definitely check the trolley out and live the word “free”. 🤣🤣🤣. When you pay for 8 people it adds up quickly.
  11. Our flight arrives at noon and we are staying at Hyatt Place Cruise Port. We have stayed here before but our flight was in late afternoon. We will be a party of 8 (with a 7 and 9 YO). Looking for any activities within a reasonable walking distance (less than 3/4 mile).
  12. We are staying there. We did once before but got in late. What family friendly restaurants nearby do you recommend - prefer no chain restaurants.
  13. Thanks. I had Wednesday and my daughter had Thursday. Wednesday worked better for most of us but didn’t want to go a day early. 🤣🤣🤣
  14. My daughter and I do the 3 day count differently. If your cruise leaves on Saturday what is the earliest you can get your Covid test ? It sounds simple but we are doing our day count differently.
  15. Was the cost one way or round trip. We will have 6 people - wasn’t sure if taxi or bus would be cheaper.
  16. Will have a 7 and 9 year old. Which is the best beach for them to enjoy swimming?
  17. We have decided to stick to Eagle beach as we are doing a jeep tour in the afternoon. There will be 6 of us. How is the best way to get there, any tips appreciated. We will have a 7 and 9 year old.
  18. We’ve taken frequent cruises and there is usually a work around to that requirement. However it seems their bus times for pickup in town will not work with our port time. 🤦‍♀️ We will have our 2 granddaughters with us, aged 9 and 7. What would be a good beach for them. They are excellent swimmers and will have their in snorkel and fins if that matters.
  19. De palm island looks awesome. However, it states if you are a cruise passenger you have to book through your cruise ship - I don't normally book tours through the cruise ship. Is there another way to get to the ferry terminal. Do you know if it is far from the cruise port (too expensive for a cab)? Is there a hotel close to the cruise terminal?
  20. Though we are not cruising Europe, we are leaving from FL. They still have the rule here too., I was told at the end of July or first of August they will have an updated policy. 🤞🏻
  21. Unfortunately with a school teacher, students and a blue collar worker in our party - we don’t have the luxury of leaving days early, even a day early unfortunately. The initial flight was scheduled to arrive 8 hrs prior to departure, but they canceled. Have yet to book replacement. Travel insurance is important. Several years ago on a cruise with my father he became deathly ill, spent 3 days in ship hospital ($30,000) transferred off, med flighted from Juneau to anchorage ($85,000), etc, where he subsequently passed away. Cruise insurance company (I believe allianze) was excellent. They quickly paid the embalming fee and the cost of the charge to fly him home. They also settled all charges that were not covered by his health insurance
  22. Thanks. Our group of eight is us, kids with spouses and grands. I’m paying for all and we live in the same city. I will call. Thanks for recommendation! Ive only purchased travel insurance once before, but as we’ve gotten older and the uncertainty in travel it’s something I’m concerned about.
  23. We will use Uber for ride from FLL to cruise port. We are wanting to stop and pick up colas (as the cruise ship doesn’t carry our preference). Is there a very convenient convenience store between the two points. Thanks ! If you have done this with Uber how did it go?
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