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  1. I'm not a Bengals fan - my team is the Dolphins. 🏈
  2. Well, that wasn't worded well, was it? LOL.
  3. We're not cruising until the end of November, but right now are people only being seated with members of their own group and not strangers - even those fully vaccinated? I realize a lot could change between now and then, but my husband likes to sit with people and chat - I need to prepare him for the possibility of that not happening, if that is a possibility.
  4. I've had melanoma and other skin cancers so I'm very careful, but I don't see how an over the water cabana provides that much protection. Unless you stay well inside, the sun's rays reflect off of the water and it's still possible to get very burnt. If you want to enjoy the beach and water the only really effective protection is SPF clothing/swimwear and lots of sunscreen.
  5. The towel I wrap my hair in gets sopping wet - no way it dries quickly and depending on the itinerary, if it's hot and sticky, I might take two showers a day. To each his own.
  6. Several years ago we cruised with two teenaged grandkids who were a total mess. I told the room steward to leave the stuff alone and if there were clothes on the bed to not work about making it and asked him to only refresh the towels. We've taken all of our grandkids on cruises and they were the worst - I really couldn't wait to get home.
  7. I just checked my Oasis November sailing and there is nothing that would entice me to book anything in advance. The Beach Club is $160 with a 10% discount - LOL - no thanks.
  8. I'm fine with cleaning once a day and don't care about the lights, but while you may like to reuse a damp bath towel, I don't and for me it's not a waste of energy to have the towels changed daily.
  9. Nope - not interested - I want dry towels every day and like my bed made up. Will reduced services also mean a reduction in tips? (And before anyone goes off on that, I always leave the auto gratuities on my bill and also tip extra.)
  10. Perhaps it would have been helpful if you had provided a little more information as to why you were curious. And the people on the Crystal boards don't bite - I'm sure you would have been able to get an answer to your question over there better than here.
  11. If it means I don't have protocols to follow that the unvaxxed do, then I'm all for it.
  12. I'm cruising on Oasis - 11/28/21. It was a L&S with a NRD that I booked in October, 2019 - long before any hint of Covid. My husband and I are fully vaccinated and are willing to cruise this one time with Royal even if we don't especially like or agree with the protocols. But, we will not book any future cruises with them or any other cruise line until we see exactly how cruising is going.
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