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  1. I'm on the same cruise - leaving for Vancouver this afternoon.
  2. LOL - I'm Platinum on Carnival also, but stopped sailing on them about 5 years ago - primarily because I hate the entertainment - don't care for Hasbro game shows as only evening entertainment option and I think Playlist productions are lacking, but I think they have good food , I LOVE guys burgers, and I always have fun on a Carnival cruise. My son was recently on the new Carnival Horizon and he thought it was as nice as Princess. I'm not saying Carnival offers the same cruise experience as X, or HAL, (which I think are both really low keyed), but they're all mass, just different and they all basically cater to the same demographic.
  3. Where did you come up with this premium mass category? Mass is mass IMHO. I've sailed on all of them except MSC and they are all more similar than not - and I know this will make some people cringe, but that includes Carnival - especially the newer ships. I'm not saying the lines aren't different, because they are, but one line will do something really well in one area and another will do it in something else. Variety is fun. In a million years I would never sail exclusively on one cruise line. I don't care about the new pricing structure because I don't book a year or more out. I can wait to book after the final payment deadline . I like most cruise lines and go by itinerary and price. I'm not loyal to any one brand, but I do have Elite status on most mass lines because I have cruised so much. And for goodness sake, if you don't like the new pricing structure, then don't book with X - if bookings drop then so will the prices.
  4. They would have to be really bad for me not to tip and if I had a problem I would address it with their supervisor. I personally don't care about their personalities as long as they get the job done.
  5. It reminds me of the horrible fire at St George's Hall. That was able to be restored, so let's hope something similar can be done with ND.
  6. Such a tragedy! We have been there and it's so beautiful. My condolences to the French people.
  7. I live in Cincinnati and very near the Bourbon Trail - lot's of fun to do if you love bourbon. It's good to do with a small group and over a couple of days so people can take turns being the designated driver. I'll be on Eclipse in a couple of days, so I'll have to check it out and see if their selection has improved.
  8. Last year on Eclipse, I asked about Blantons, Bookers, etc. and was told they don't carry them on X. I had to laugh because one of the "events' was bourbon tasting - kind of hard to do without higher end, single barrel bourbons.
  9. And you don't think gross things happen in the dining room? Germs are all over the menus and if you reach under your chair to pull it up closer to the table, just imagine all of the other people who have done the same thing, possibly with not so clean hands. What other things do you touch that others have? If I would see something specific, then I would avoid touching it, but if I worried about what other people possibly do then I would probably never eat out anywhere.
  10. mek


    I pack my suitcases very tightly and use a rolling garment bag for things that need to be on hangers. Everything shakes out fine once it's unpacked. I avoid things that wrinkle easily like linen when traveling
  11. I know, it drives me crazy. People are doing much more harm with all of the antibacterial products than good, but you can't convince them otherwise.
  12. I think "make me happy" is different depending on the person. People who book this far out usually care much more about their cabin than someone like me who tends to book closer to sailing and can generally be happy with what's available. Besides getting their original cabin back, I have no idea what or if anything would be satisfactory compensation.
  13. I would be really ticked off at my TA and a little less with X, but still very unhappy with them. I think the TA is the one that owes you big time and I would probably start with them and tell them they really need to make you happy. Is this an on line TA or brick and motor? Can't you just change cabins and have the same one for both legs? I know you like the one you had, so this is where the "make me happy" part comes in with the TA.
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