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  1. I wasn't aware there is more than one, but yes that is what I'm asking about. Is it fairly flat or uphill? 50 feet is doable - My DH can't walk long distances or up hills. Thanks.
  2. We travel with our own pillows and bring a container for hot water so we can make real iced tea in our cabin.
  3. I have to agree with you. My guess that many people who are first time cruisers and families with children on closed loop cruises who only take a vacation every few years probably don't have a passport, but this is only my opinion and certainly not based on any research.
  4. How far is the walk from where the bus drops people off to the dining area?
  5. I hope this happens - we have always gone to Alaska when it never really gets dark and we were above the Arctic Circle in Norway on the Summer Solstice. It would really be a treat to see them.
  6. So it's $20 more for a crab souvenir and a photo opp? LOL. I'd rather walk and have another crab leg for that! Actually, I'd rather just have 2 crab legs and skip the bisque and crab cakes.
  7. I noticed this is offered on our upcoming Grand cruise next month. I don't understand why anyone would book an excursion - been there and Tracy's is easy to get to and I have never experienced a crowd. Kinda of like the salmon bake - very easy to book at the dock.
  8. Cool - thanks. Middle of the night isn't a problem for me.
  9. I wonder if Princess will call at night if there is activity? I will have to ask when I board.
  10. Thanks for that link - interesting about the rotation of the sun impacting the activity - something I didn't know.
  11. Has anyone had a good experience viewing the Aurora mid- late September? We are on the Sept 13th Grand sailing and have never been to Alaska this late. This is the 10 night RT from San Francisco, so we won't be as far north as Anchorage. Keeping fingers crossed that we just might get lucky.
  12. We are on the 9/13 sailing - will be following your posts.
  13. LOL - I learned long ago to just wear flame retardant clothing and not be overly concerned about people who have nothing better to do with their time to be less than helpful.
  14. Thanks - this is the kind of information I was looking for.
  15. Sigh - you think after all these years I don't know how to search a subject? I really wanted to know what the current situation is which someone addressed.
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