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  1. I turned 70 in July and I fully expect to be able to sail next November w/o any age restrictions. The bigger question is , "will cruising still offer a product that I'm interested in?"
  2. Funny that you mentioned getting tired of the food because I'm the same. I used to think I would love to do a world cruise and now I'm not sure I could eat cruise food for that long.
  3. I love Alfredo's - delish and nice that it's a sit down venue.
  4. That was at the very beginning of Covid and people were packed into the stadium. It probably was a spreader event, but I think outdoor events can be attended and safely.
  5. I don't think 15,000 spectators at the Super Bowl spread out in an outdoor stadium that has a capacity of just under 70,000 is a health risk. Any outdoors activities where people can practice distancing should be encouraged.
  6. I did a L&S on Oasis for November. I originally booked a balcony guarantee and when I made the changes I was immediately assigned a cabin, which really surprised me as I did this back in August, so 14 months out. I realize they could change my cabin again, but at this point I'm not concerned - I will be happy to be on the ship next year and I hope by then things might be back to something close to normal, but only time will tell about that.
  7. I always wear a mask indoors but I think it's complete overkill outdoors unless you are in a crowd, which is something I would avoid right now. I simply don't think it's possible to contain the virus. People need to be as careful as possible and avoid situations they consider questionable, but mental health is just as important to me as physical health and it's not a good thing to be cooped up indoors =-away from everyone.
  8. My husband and I have eaten out once or twice every week since the end of May - always outside with him and I have gone inside a few times. Inside the restaurants have been almost empty, but it's not something I want to do frequently. Now that the weather is turning cold and patio dining is over, I suppose we will have to settle for carry-out.
  9. Wishing you the best for your surgery. I've had all 3 kinds of skin cancers and was lucky to catch a very early melanoma in 2004 before it became a problem. Too much iodine and baby oil when I was a teenager and too many Caribbean cruises with no sun protection.
  10. People sitting together probably were from the same household or bubble. Maybe not, but my guess is they somehow were. The stadium may have a roof, but I don't believe the area was completely sealed shut - lots of ventilation from entrances, and even if that is not the case almost all baseball this summer was played outdoors - ridiculous that spectators weren't allowed. College football is outdoors and many NFL stadiums are still outdoors. It is good for people to get out.
  11. Couldn't disagree more. As long as they are spread out and wear masks I believe limited spectators should be allowed in outdoor venues.
  12. We were invited to sit with the captain once long ago on the defunct Dolphin Cruise line it was on the Seabreeze, which is now at the bottom of the sea.. I was a very nice experience
  13. Exactly - I either cruise on Royal for the itinerary, (and that does not include the Caribbean), or because I love the entertainment options on the Oasis class ships. I don't cruise on Royal for the food and in the case of Oasis class ships - the itinerary doesn't matter to me. You are right about Princess - we sailed Alaska Sept. 2019 and while the food in the MDR was good, I was really disappointed with the buffet - so scaled back from what it used to be. NCL food is terrible with the exception of the specialty restaurants, which are quite good. X - while food is nothing like it used to be, they still do some things well. We are Elite, and love the perks.
  14. You are putting WAY too much importance on those reviews. I've been on CC since the mid 90's when it was AOL and trust me, people were constantly complaining about all of the cutbacks starting in the early 2000's, (and even the late 90's in some cases.) So you don't like Royal - that's OK, but let it rest. It's not going to change - cruise lines have way too much on their plates right now - all they want to do is get their ships back up and running. BTW - why do you list Princess and X as favorite lines? I was under the impression you had only sailed on Royal.
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