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  1. Good plan - traveling right now is not stress free, so do whatever is necessary to end your vacation in relaxation mode.
  2. Absolutely agree with doing the ship's excursion for this. We were on one and our bus missed the last ferry back to Cozumel. They had to send the ferry back from Cozumel and we didn't get to the ship until about 9 pm, which was 4 hours after the scheduled departure time. Once we were back on board, they arranged for our large group to have dinner in the MDR. Other than waiting on the dock for the ferry to return, no worries.
  3. Same here - we cruise the end of January and I got my Pfizer booster 3 weeks ago and my husband is getting his Moderna booster next week. I don't think it's going to matter, but guess I'll find out in January.
  4. Oh - didn't know that. I must not have been paying attention, but couldn't have done it this year anyhow. Thanks for the update.
  5. Good news for me - I've wanted to take a trip to the Canadian Rockies for years.
  6. I'm afraid "running out of time", isn't going to fly - and you probably won't get much sympathy here trying to use that as an excuse because most people are busy right before departure. When does your cruise leave?
  7. Edit - I checked and it is offered for my sailing - the menu sounds delish. When I was on Allure I did the sushi class and was considering doing that again, but this is different and that's always a good thing.
  8. Well that sounds like fun. I'm on Oasis in January and will have to check to see if it's available.
  9. We took a 13 year old granddaughter along with her 14 year old brother on a cruise and it was the worst experience ever. Thank heavens we had adjoining rooms so we had some idea where she was. The boy was fine, but she should have been put on a a leash. Good luck.
  10. Agree - I see testing continuing well into 2022 and then it just depends on the state of Covid. If spikes continue or a new variant pops up, then it could be long time before testing goes away.
  11. After reading further responses, I now understand your question.
  12. I have always tipped $1 per drink when using vouchers or for free drinks.
  13. Thats good to know. We don't sail until January, but I think I'm going to like the new system. My husband takes meds and he can only have an occasional drink, so I can use his to get a couple of sodas to make back to the room. 4 drinks a day works for me.
  14. If I want a more expensive drink can I use the voucher and pay the difference?
  15. Even better idea - don't book any cruises as long as there is a possibility of Covid related cancellations.
  16. But if we don't, hopefully we can still cancel and get a full refund.
  17. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I called my TA this morning and they confirmed final is due 30 days out. I'm not 100% sure they would have notified me, so not very happy about that, but bottom line is I don't have to make final payment for my January cruise until December and that gives me more time to see how Covid progresses into the winter and if protocols change.
  18. Our cruise is January 23rd and final payment was originally due 10/8. We haven't received any notice yet, but great news. Will be calling my TA tomorrow.
  19. Not sure what the "good stuff" is because some of what you ask for is simply speculation. They weren't debating anything, just asking a question.
  20. Nope - I reluctantly only have one cruise booked for January that is a L&S from last November, booked in the fall of 2019. No way am I so wrapped up in cruising that I let it control my life and I'm not booking another cruise until things get back to normal - or at least close to it. I realize that may be 6 months, a year, or even never and I'm perfectly fine with that. As much as I love cruising, my life can go on without it.
  21. This is where a lot of CC members go for insurance. You can compare prices/benefits. EZ to use. https://www.insuremytrip.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIh47tp73g8gIVNmpvBB2JFAKiEAAYASAAEgKMUvD_BwE
  22. Can you post that? I still don't see why hospitals and clinics allow a longer window than cruise ships for testing. I recently had a colonoscopy and my test was on Monday for a Friday procedure.
  23. I use a Mac - has anyone used the Abbott test with something other than a PC?
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